Dr. Husam Mohamed Alameri: The 10 Most Prominent Real Estate Leaders of 2023

Dr. Husam Mohamed Alameri

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In the context of global economies, the real estate business holds a vital role in development and growth. This sector significantly contributes to employment, demanding a combination of engineering skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Husam Mohamed Alameri embodies these attributes as a dedicated advocate of “building for betterment.” He actively serves as General Manager and Co-Founder of Baraka Real Estate Development, channeling his forward-thinking mindset into shaping a brighter future.

An engineer by profession, Dr. Husam also holds a master’s degree in strategic business and a Ph.D. in project management. His journey spans over 25 years, during which he has established thriving businesses from the ground up, resulting in impressive sales figures and substantial venture capital investment.

Dr. Husam’s journey traces back to his early years when he developed a keen interest in business, particularly real estate. He navigates his path forward with innovative ideas, forward-thinking perspectives, bold strategies, and an unwavering commitment to transparency. Motivated by an unyielding drive for success, he actively leads the way for progress in the field.

Baraka Real Estate: Crafting Luxury and Innovation

Baraka Real Estate Development stands as a consistent presence in the real estate industry. Their goal is straightforward: to lead the luxury residential market with meticulously executed projects and offerings tailored for millennials. Their distinct approach revolves around crafting vibrant communities with a range of price options.

Dr. Husam highlighted that at Baraka, their business model revolves around ensuring positive client experiences and providing expertise. Their vision extends beyond local markets, aiming to create a regional impact. This ambition is fueled by sustainable and affordable luxury projects, all supported by a resilient business model poised for growth.

A noteworthy accomplishment for Baraka is the introduction of the Bay Residence project on Yas Island. This venture redefines engineering excellence and community living. Yas Island offers an array of residential options, from high-rise apartments to modern villas. Beyond housing, Yas Island is a hub of entertainment, featuring theme parks, a skate park, the renowned Yas Marina Circuit, and one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular malls. Every corner of Yas Island promises enjoyment and fulfillment.

Client Satisfaction: A Core Commitment

Dr. Husam specified that client satisfaction takes center stage at Baraka Real Estate. The company’s approach is grounded in a set of principles that closely align with their client’s needs and values:

  • Embracing Fresh Ideas and Forward Thinking: Baraka fosters innovative thinking and a future-oriented mindset, allowing them to explore new possibilities and avenues.
  • Being Real and Transparent: Honesty and transparency form the foundation of client interactions. Baraka forges relationships based on authenticity and trust.
  • Being Responsive and Available: The company’s unwavering commitment to being available and responsive means they prioritize being there for their clients whenever needed.
  • Obsessing About the details: Baraka’s dedication to detail shines through in every project. Their meticulous approach ensures careful consideration and execution of every aspect.
  • Long-Term Integrity: Above all, Baraka remains devoted to making ethical choices that yield lasting benefits. Their integrity guides their decisions and actions.

These guiding principles have significantly contributed to Baraka Real Estate’s impact on the market.

Fostering Team Excellence: The Baraka Approach

Dr. Husam believes that leadership involves more than just achieving results; it entails fostering an environment where each team member can thrive. Each member of the Baraka Real Estate team plays a crucial role. The company’s success rests on core values such as hard work, accountability, delivering exceptional results, promoting teamwork, demonstrating leadership, and embracing humility. These values not only define the team’s accomplishments but also guide decision-making when evaluating partnerships and investments.

Baraka collaborates with like-minded individuals who share their dedication to diligent work and community involvement. Their focus extends beyond personal achievements; they strive to empower customers, agents, and employees to generate wealth.

Revolutionizing real estate practices, the company has established sustainable and predictable systems for high-performing team members to advance their careers. Baraka offers an appealing opportunity for those with goal-oriented mindsets, emphasizing innovation, profitability, and hard work driven by a passion for success. Their ultimate goal is to become a leading real estate development company through superior talent, proven systems and models, and revolutionary technology.

Pioneering Progress: Crafting a Sustainable Future in Real Estate

Dr. Husam elaborated that in the changing times after the pandemic, more people want larger homes with outdoor amenities due to remote work and online learning. The government has made it easier for expats to invest in the market. Abu Dhabi, the center of the UAE, attracts people from over 200 countries, making it a diverse hub for business and culture. The real estate market here is growing with family-friendly projects. However, there’s concern about the industry’s impact on the environment. It’s clear that sustainability is important for both the planet and the industry’s success.

Under the leadership of Dr. Husam, Baraka Real Estate is taking the lead in this direction. They are committed to always checking how they do things, what they offer, and where they get things from to make sure it’s sustainable. They are focusing on designs, construction, and how they manage things to lessen harm to the environment, make things better for people, and fight climate change. Technology will play a big role in reducing carbon emissions.

As things change, Dr. Husam is looking ahead with a plan. He is working hard to guide the company as it changes and also thinks about how the whole real estate industry can change in a good way. With resolute determination, he set forth a roadmap for the company’s evolution, while envisioning the transformative landscape of the real estate industry.

  • Resilient Business Model with Strong Growth Potential.
  • Development of sustainable and affordable luxury base real estate projects.
  • Establishing footprints in local and regional markets.
  • Strong Revenue Visibility and higher shareholder dividends.

Guidance for Investors: Navigating Real Estate Investment

Dr. Husam offers straightforward guidance for individuals stepping into the world of real estate investment. He underscores the importance of considering several key factors that can significantly impact the success of real estate investments:

1. Better ROI: Return on Investment (ROI) matters. Focusing on properties with the potential for higher returns ensures a fruitful investment journey.

2. Cash Flow from Rentals: Rental income is fundamental. Properties generating consistent cash flow from rentals contribute to a stable investment portfolio.

3. Security: Investment security is pivotal. Exploring properties and markets that offer stability and protection for investors’ capital is essential.

4. Leverage: Borrowed funds can boost investment potential. Dr. Husam suggests considering opportunities where leveraging can amplify returns.

5. Price Appreciation: The potential for property value appreciation over time should be evaluated. Markets with a history of appreciating property values can offer long-term benefits.

These investment factors are closely tied to broader Real Estate Market dynamics:

1. Demographics of the Country: Understand demographic trends to identify regions with growing demand for real estate.

2. Interest Rates on Loans and Property: Interest rates influence investment attractiveness. Lower rates can make investments more viable.

3. The Economy: A stable and growing economy supports real estate investment. Favorable economic conditions often lead to increased property demand.

4. Employment Opportunities: Vibrant job markets drive property demand, particularly in areas with expanding industries.

5. Trust in the Market: A reliable real estate market boosts investor confidence. Transparent regulations and trustworthy transactions are appealing.

6. Budget of the Country: A country’s budget allocation to development impacts the real estate landscape.

Practical Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Leaders

Dr. Husam offers practical advice for those aspiring to make their mark in real estate development. For future leaders entering this dynamic field, focusing on achieving project success is paramount. This success not only drives thriving real estate organizations but also lays the foundation for long-term growth. Dr. Husam’s insights shed light on strategies for success.

  • Prioritize Project Success: Aspiring leaders must put project success at the forefront of their endeavors. It forms the bedrock of effective real estate management and sets the stage for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Analyze Key Success Factors: Delving into the factors contributing to project success is vital. This analysis aids in selecting strategies that yield optimal results and foster a competitive edge.
  • Embrace a Comprehensive Framework: Beyond the traditional project success metrics of time, cost, and schedule, a more holistic, four-dimensional framework should be embraced. This approach ensures alignment with both short-term and long-term project objectives.

According to Dr. Husam, genuine project success encompasses four essential pillars:

  • Efficiency: Meeting schedules and budget targets is central. Ensuring streamlined execution leads to timely and budget-friendly project completion.
  • Customer Impact: Aligning end-product performance with customer objectives enhances overall customer satisfaction.
  • Business Growth: Projects should contribute to commercial value and market share, playing a pivotal role in driving overall business success.
  • Future Readiness: Forward-thinking projects go beyond immediate goals, creating new technological and operational infrastructures that set the stage for future market opportunities.


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