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Alike every industry, the design, and manufacturing sectors also underwent tremendous changes in 2020. As a result, numerous product development companies pushed themselves to be more agile. Amidst the chaos, and challenges of the outbreak, the need to be agile is constant for all businesses of all sizes. Moreover, the solutions these product developers offered must be more rapid considering the swiftly changing landscape.

Due to the global emergency, we did witness the huge adoption of all types of Additive Manufacturing. This popularity resulted in more people stepping in to start 3D Printing PPE along with DiveDesign. DiveDesign managed to sustain the rapid changes and thrive in the pandemic.

DiveDesign, a company located in Boonton, NJ—a place you might not have heard of—but is catering to clients throughout the United States. Founded in 2018, DiveDesign is on a mission to strategically develop meaningful products and brands that transform industries while keeping customers at the forefront. Its unique approach allows it to interact with customers early and often, utilizing and continually building its expansive network of experts, and always searching for and integrating the latest in tech. Alex Tholl (Co-founder) and Adam Hecht (Co-founder) are the team of experts you will find always in the studio working on a creative strategy for its clients. Both the leaders tackle many facets of the company. Alex is responsible for the business strategy and growth, while Adam oversees the design team along with the application of new tech to client projects.

Unique Strategies and Products

DiveDesign has built its reputation on word of mouth and client satisfaction. To achieve this, the team never jumps on the project and just designs something based on prior experience, but prides on surveying the target market and understanding the wants and needs of the potential consumer. This gathered information is then used to create easily adaptable products. This why not just the strategy but the developed products too are unique and state-of-art.

As DiveDesign quotes—empowering people and ideas through Damn Good Design! The team strategically develops meaningful products and brands that transform industries while keeping its customers at the forefront of the process. DiveDesign’s unique capabilities include:

  • Design Research & Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand Development

The unique set of capabilities allows the DiveDesign team to work with diverse industries. The team and network specialists make it easy to work with an eclectic mix of industries. Many of these industries fall under the consumer product realm. “While many consultancies serve the consumer market, very few help them understand the opportunities in the area they are looking to introduce a product to,” explains Alex.

Changing the Perception

DiveDesign prides itself as unique in the industry and its vision is to change the perception of how products get developed by leveraging new technologies and manufacturing methods. One of the main challenges for DiveDesign has been to change the perception of how a product development firm is supposed to help the clients. The team understands that creating unique products means there is no single clear path to success for each product, as a result, the team continually strives to become experts in the required fields to best serves the customers and their potential customers.

In order to tackle the client uncertainties, the team maintains transparency and outlines the game plan and how that will lead to the next opportunity or best step. The key is to stay nimble to the process which allows DiveDesign to do the best for the products that ultimately are the best for clients.

Among the several successful projects, one of them has been the development of animal prosthetics for its partner Bionic Pets (BP). DiveDesign staying true to its mission worked with BP to revolutionize the way full-limb canine prosthetics were built. The team skipped the time-consuming process of Plaster of Paris and thermoformed plastic, rather they developed a digital tool to 3D Print the prosthetics out of flexible TPU.

Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

With many successful projects completed using Additive Manufacturing, DiveDesign is continuing to help it’s clients understand how additive manufacturing can be a great intermediary step in the design process. With the use of additive manufacturing, clients will not only have a cost-effective alternative but can quickly validate a direction and make changes if needed. Although, very few firms are partaking in this tech, and taking advantage of it for their clients. With the pandemic, the adoption of digital tools has increased rapidly and it is indicating towards better adoption rates for additive manufacturing.

2020 was a year of huge uncertainty and even greater opportunity. Due to the outbreak, new needs became apparent that the individuals and companies took advantage of to keep themselves afloat. For 2021, DiveDesign is expecting a fair share of ups and downs but the team is optimistic about the adoption of Additive in a variety of sectors.

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