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The animation era started with paper (2D Animation) and it was restricted to drawings and cartoons. Most of the animation companies were dependent only on the service work, but the rapid increase in the production of local content, the digitization, and emergence of advanced tools enabled the creators to animate impressive characters with speed and flexibility. The continually advancing technologies are opening new doors for animators. Likewise, the content hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are becoming the ideal stage for animation providers as they allow animators to develop their own content and earn accordingly. Even if a company wants to provide service work in the sector, it needs to offer high-quality service to keep the pace with the cutthroat market needs.

Established in 2009 to offer quality animation services—Digitoonz Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a world-class animation studio is a one-stop for animation services from pre-production to post-production. Assembled from the two words—“Digital”, “Cartoons”, Digitoonz creates 2D and 3D animation and specifically focuses on creating traditional animation. As traditional animation is one of the oldest and one of the most effective animation methods, the team of Digitoonz is proud of utilizing traditional animation with full enthusiasm. Until now, the creative team of Digitoonz has worked on countless TV series and movies including children, entertainment, and edutainment.

The CEO’s thoughts on pushing Digitoonz towards Immense Success

According to Vikas Kumar, the CEO and Founder of Digitoonz, his employees are one of the major factors that are leading Digitoonz’s successful journey. Vikas believes that employee efforts and hard work are the supporting pillars of a company. The dedicated teams at Digitoonz work together to achieve the set goals which further create a feeling of connectivity amongst them. Every team member has the freedom to think big and out-of-the-box to present innovative ideas to drive a positive growth and improve the existing offerings. “We believe when employees are free to work in their own way, they present best out of them,” asserts Vikas.

Tackling Challenges with Expertise and Creativity

On the other side of success, there are continual efforts to fight challenges and commitments to clients to provide best-in-class services. The team of Digitoonz regularly tackles these challenges with their extensive industry expertise. As every animation has its own style and way of working, bringing creativity and working on the newly appointed employees are two of the most challenging aspects for the company.

Likewise, the existing employees always need to adopt the newer style to match with clients’ changing demands. Therefore, exceeding the creativity is one of the best ways for Digitoonz to offer unique styles. Vikas and his well-versed team members positively accept such challenges and turn them into exciting opportunities to get the desired results and output. They learned to do this with the help of their prior working experience on a variety of projects and the adoption of evolving technologies. Similarly, a unique approach that keeps Digitoonz ahead is—the company competes with itself and strives to improve comparatively.

Serving the World with Excellent Creations

Today, Digitoonz has expanded worldwide in animation, media & entertainment, and advertising industry. The content created by Digitoonz for their clients has been publicized as TV series in leading regions like Europe, Middle East, USA, UK, and Latin America. Importantly, Digitoonz’s production team, customer service, extensive experience, and technological expertise enables the company to exceed clients’ expectations. Its comprehensive animation creations and services have made the company as one of the most desired animation companies across the globe. This is the result of appealing work that effectively balances art & technology and audience of every age, culture, or race gets attracted towards Digitoonz creations.

Transparent Services, Promoting Customer Retention

Over the years, Digitoonz has been well appreciated by its clients for its honesty and transparency in services. In terms of uniqueness, elegance, and popularity, the team of Digitoonz excels its creations to be exclusive, remarkable, and eye-catching. The multinational company gives clients a clear idea about the complete work which greatly helps it to identify key focus areas in a particular project. Additionally, working with clients also assists the team to know the pitfalls and where they are lagging behind. Clients also feel content as they have comprehensibility about the end product. This satisfaction and assurance offered by Digitoonz is the prime driver behind the loyal customer base of the company.

Future Focus with New Strategies and Improvements

In the coming years, Vikas and his team are working on strategies to spread the wings of Digitoonz in emerging sectors like gaming. There are also several animation series under production and in the development process. Keeping an eye on future improvements, Digitoonz is following an ambitious vision to become one of the world’s top animation production companies. It aims to give emphasis on using a global delivery model enabled by technology and comprehensive processes. At the same time, it is also focusing on upgrading the team with the latest trends and technologies in the media and entertainment industry.

Vikas knows that there are numerous things which can be improved in the sector and believes that these improvements definitely enhance the industry. Sharing his predictions about the media and entertainment industry, Vikas asserts, “The future of media and entertainment industry is bright and prosperous. It has some exciting new developments in technologies and excellent scope for business as the population of the world is increasing and businesses will have a huge number of audiences to entertain.”

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