Diginix AI IT Solutions: Providing Exclusive IT and Software Solutions with Unique Approaches

Diginix AI IT Solutions

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The recent global pandemic pushed the stature of the IT industry to greater heights. It further caused a global transition from practicing traditional business methods to adopting and incorporating digitization in everyday business practices. Currently, every business industrial aspires to carve an online presence to expand its exposure to a wider audience and generate higher revenues. As a result, the growing demand for the IT sector has boosted the emergence of numerous companies offering IT and software solutions and help businesses generate enhanced revenue.

Providing designing and development of the latest software solutions for the industry, Diginix AI IT Solutions has been leading within the industry with its comprehensive set of IT and software solutions. The company was established by Priyanshu Joshi (CEO and Co-Founder) and Nishant Pandey (CTO and Co-Founder) in 2009. Initially, the company commenced under the name ‘smart e-touch propriety’ firm. In 2013, Diginix Technologies India Pvt Ltd was launched. Before the onset of the global pandemic—in Feb 2020—the company was launched in Dubai as ‘Diginix AI’ to provide financial and contractual security to Gulf customers. Currently, Diginix AI executes its operations worldwide under the name Diginix AI and is operative in 6 countries.

Recognized Set of Services

In terms of developing and designing the latest software solutions for the industry, Diginix AI is well recognized as one of the industry-toppers and leading organizations. The company caters to a plethora of services concerning IT and software solutions. These include e-commerce solutions, web development, web designing, software development, software consulting, digital marketing, mobile app development, and other IT solutions.

Diginix AI has been bestowed with several prestigious awards for its distinct services and solutions. The company has been recognized as the Ficci homeland security winner and the Skoch Award winner by entities of the government of India.

Unique Customer Approach

Diginix AI has a unique way to approach the customers:

  • Provides free 1-year technical consulting as the company’s CSR initiative
  • Offers three categories of inhouse teams under the company—5 teams in each category; teams are divided based on their experience and different cost options are provided to customers per team
  • Provides 1-year of Maintenance support for free per project, and ensures customers do not face any problem with the project during execution

Process-Oriented Company Culture

As the leader and one of the founding fathers of the company, Priyanshu and Nishant are responsible for several roles and responsibilities. These include business growth with direct involvement in sales, marketing, branding, business tie-ups, project reviews, future strategy development, and developing new revenue streams.

Diginix AI is a process-oriented company with six Sigma leaders—Priyanshu being a Six Sigma black belt certified. Further commenting on the company’s work environment and culture, Priyanshu quotes, “Each action has a process associated with it and which is reviewed every month.” Every team member has accountability set within a specific timeline. Moreover, every member is provided with the liberty to think and do the job which boosts the creativity and efficiency among the employees.

Adhering to Current Scenario

Priyanshu mentions that the current scenario of COVID-19 has been very beneficial for the IT industry. Moreover, the pandemic has created a good scenario, particularly for the mobile app development sector. He adds, “Every business wants to have an app or an online operative presence which has increased the order intake exponentially in last 1 year.”

Concerning the accelerating demand, the advancement of hybrid platforms has also helped customers make wise decisions. While native apps are generally expensive, hybrids are cheap and affordable. However, there is a vast difference between the hybrid and the native platforms in terms of performance and scalability. Presently, hybrid platforms have been made very advanced. For instance, Priyanshu states, Flutter 2.0 is a powerful tool to develop apps and is the most preferred hybrid platform which can compete with native platforms at every scale of development. Moreover, it has also helped customers to get quality products in less time.

The COVID-19 induced pandemic boosted the adoption of technology and its inculcation in everyday business practices. With respect to the triggered technological adaptation, Diginix AI witnessed an exponential increase in its order intakes. As a result, the company shifted its operations to work from home with a software which monitored the day-to-day work.

Embracing an Expansive Future

The IT and software industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in and around the world. In the upcoming days, the IT sector is predicted to grow further at an exponential rate. Moreover, the sector also encompasses the possibility to harness some of the fast-emerging business potentials in the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies.

Furthermore, with the advent of high speed and smartphones, several other segments of the industry such as mobile application development will witness enhanced growth and higher demand. Concerning the ever-evolving landscape of the IT and software industry, Priyanshu asserts that presently people are inclined towards e-commerce and service apps. However, in the upcoming days, they will upgrade and shift to advance data analytics systems. Priyanshu and Nishant envision an expansive and prolific future for Diginix AI in the upcoming days. The company is coming up with two in-house products and a 100-app portfolio sales service for other IT companies. Additionally, since the company is unable to undertake small value projects due to huge order requirements, it is planning to introduce another team who will take care of low-value projects dedicatedly.

Diginix AI IT Solutions

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