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In the automotive industry, dealers have strict marketing and advertising standards to abide by that are handed down from the OEM (the manufacturer). One of the best solutions for this is Dealer Teamwork. They don’t just focus on the rules of one OEM, but rather, they consider all brands and all co-op advertising rules to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and service. The company is constantly modifying and updating its product so that all OEM compliance rules can be met.

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, Dealer Teamwork services an international customer base from offices in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York and Texas.

Starting with a few guys in a basement engineering the MPOP™ technology, Dealer Teamwork has grown into a 50+ employee strong organization with plans to grow even more before the end of the year.

As one of the fastest growing, privately-held companies in the US, Dealer Teamwork dedicates its success to its marvelous team. As per the company, it couldn’t have grown and progressed at such a speed without a team of dedicated and hard-working Automotive and Digital Marketing Experts.

Best Automotive and Digital Marketing Solutions

Dealer Teamwork is a SaaS Company responsible for creating world-class solutions for the retail automotive industry. Dealer Teamwork created the automotive industry’s first MPOP™, a patented Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. The Platform creates a significant competitive advantage for Dealers by distributing their transactional data to more in-market shoppers effectively and efficiently.

Here are the solutions offered:

The MPOP™ is a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform currently used by over 400 Automotive Dealers to become more efficient and effective with digital marketing.

This patented technology, engineered by Dealer Teamwork, is used to manage the client’s specials, incentives and offers. An inventory data feed from the dealer powers the MPOP™, which gives them a competitive advantage. Once their data feed is linked to their MPOP™ account, the client can merchandise their inventory. The merchandising and offers can be updated anytime, anywhere because the MPOP™ works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Any updates in the MPOP™ are pushed to all linked marketing channels in real-time.

Dealer Teamwork is also website platform and CRM agnostic, so any automotive dealer can use their platform and services. This centralized content distribution nature of the platform allows dealers to control their online marketing with one convenient tool.

Paid Search Service – the MPOP™ feeds the client’s paid search campaigns by bringing in rich offer content specific to each make and model that they sell. This allows MPOP™ ads to stand extremely tall in comparison to other current providers. The company has Search Managers who build the campaigns and monitor the accounts on a daily basis.

Account Management and Reporting – all clients are assigned a Google and Bing Certified account manager who makes weekly touches with their clients. The company also offers eight convenient reporting options so that they can accommodate any client’s individual reporting needs. This ensures the highest level of transparency and allows clients to maintain their internal reporting standards.

Dealer Teamwork, the First Choice of the Client

Being on top of client’s favorite vendor list is not always easy, but for Dealer Teamwork, it is an essential part of the job. The company has a dedicated support staff available M-F, with after-hours Saturday support as well. The support staff helps customers with questions and fields user feedback so that they can upgrade and further develop the company’s products and services. As previously stated, each client also has a dedicated account manager who makes weekly connections with their customers to learn about any new/updated needs, to review how the client is pacing and to provide any recommendations for improvement that they see. The company constantly takes feedback directly from customers to implement it into their product. Customers frequently comment about how they can see that the company makes changes and uses their input to improve the MPOP™.

With the plans to expand to at least 10-12 additional industry verticals in the near future, Dealer Teamwork will be adapted to meet the needs of the different industries and the individuals within those industries.

Growth Enabler of Dealer Teamwork

Sean Stapleton is the Co-founder & CEO of Dealer Teamwork, an award-winning company that creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers with their impressive lineup of first-class solutions.

Sean’s storied experience in the automotive industry (IMS, Who’s Calling, VinSolutions) coupled with his extraordinary leadership skills and successful track record make him a revered consultant and an esteemed mentor to many. He is widely regarded as an extraordinary sales leader and is also admired for his fresh insights and brilliant contributions to several top automotive trade magazines.  Sean is a popular speaker at numerous automotive events and is a highly respected member of the automotive community.

While talking about Dealer Teamwork, Sean asserts, “We got to where we are today because of our staff. This team of forward-thinking individuals and distinguished automotive professionals laid the groundwork for a strong future.  The founding team engineered the product to solve the biggest digital marketing problems that automotive dealers face today, and they allowed users to leverage Google tools to the fullest with one platform. Our team knew the problems and how to solve them.”

Future Beyond Challenges

Like every entity on the way towards its glorious future, Dealer Teamwork defeats every challenge coming its way. Current challenges include: proving that they are more than just an automotive digital marketing company, maintaining a great company culture and monitoring the client-to-employee balance. Dealer Teamwork works hard every day to overcome these challenges.

The people at Dealer Teamwork are the strength of the company and are supporting it on the road to a glorious future. Because they put such high value on the people, Dealer Teamwork works hard to continue to hire team members with great Attitudes, Ethics and Effort.  “We are like a family here at Dealer Teamwork, and we work hard to protect our culture,” adds Sean.

“As the company grew, we continued to hire experienced automotive professionals and we required all employees to get Google and Bing Certified.  This ensured that all of our staff understood the digital marketing problems that we solve for dealers, and it ensured that they fully understood our product and how to use it.  If our employees don’t understand the industry or our product, how do we expect our clients to understand how to use it?  Experience and quality training were key,” Sean asserts.

Sean’s Advice to the Next Generation of Industry Professionals

Follow your passion and work hard.

Having the right attitude, ethics and effort can help you achieve goals you never thought possible and can help you get your foot in the door when “on-paper” you may not look as qualified as others.

Some of Sean’s favorite quotes to live by…

  • “To be number one, you have to be odd.”
  • “Don’t skate to where the puck is, skate to where the puck is going to be.”
  • “Good things come to those who wait – Great things come to those who make things happen.”

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