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A team that can co-create with you and turn your business ideas into a successful product/solution, Cumulations Technologies is a full-cycle mobile application development company offering comprehensive solutions in the Healthcare, IoT, and Multimedia that empower you to stand apart.

Cumulations is a technology-driven company with a team of talented technical architects, developers, and designers. The management team comes with extensive experience in the services industry and mobility domain and boasts over 25+ years of combined experience.

The technology expertise of Cumulations continued delivery excellence, and passionate team has earned them the recognition as one of the finest mobile app development companies in India.

About Cumulations

One of the leading mobile app development company in India & USA, Cumulations is focusing on providing top-notch Android, iOS, & IoT app development services.

Cumulations have been listed among the top 10 mobile app development companies for giving complete solution to clients from established companies to newborn Startups. The company is having expertise in developing IoT, Android and iOS applications supported by a strong backend infrastructure.

The company is offering the wide range of web and mobile app development services across the globe since 2012, with the mission to develop most user-friendly and quality applications.

Cumulations deliver design, intuitive apps with the purpose of making customers delightful by completing their app development needs. The company has expertise in integrating AI into the products which suits clients’ business needs. Cumulations has delivered mobile and cloud solutions having AI aspect, such as Alexa voice assistance, TensorFlow, Lex conversation engine and many others.

Cumulations, Leveraging the Enormous Talent of its Passionate and Proven Individuals

Madhu V Swamy, Co-Founder and Director of Cumulations Technologies manages the tech team at the company. A true enthusiast towards technology, Madhu always tries to find out innovative ways of solving the problems. Always wanting to be with great people, Madhu is an entrepreneur working towards solving great problems.

When it comes to being ahead on the competitive front, Cumulations has its own ways. “We work on technically challenging projects and provide complete mobility and cloud solutions in IoT, HealthCare, Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence domains,” says Madhu.

Madhu believes that the mobile development service industry has two different types of customers. Customers who are launching B2C apps and customers who launch B2B apps solving a specific purpose. Both fields have different success parameters.

He asserts, “In B2C apps, success is mostly driven by number of downloads and monthly active usage, along with other parameters like revenue per customer, minimizing the number uninstalls etc…In B2B apps, if the app is solving the specific purpose, be it an app launched by a company to streamline a process and improve efficiency or be it a hardware manufacturer who want their customers to control their device then it would be considered a success. More often it should improve efficiency or make the product experience seamless.”

Team Efforts

It is the top notch team of experienced app developers at Cumulations that makes it a successful mobile app service provider of the industry. With a track record of delivering 100% projects under the deadline with a preeminent quality apps give the client reason to love Cumulations more. “We are also proud to say that we are always the first to work on latest technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Flutter and much more,” adds Madhu.

In the project execution, Cumulations don’t look at it as a vendor for a project. Rather, its approach is to be the client’s partner in co-executing the project. This mindset has made Cumulations to be with the client all times and consider client satisfaction at all stages very seriously. At ideation stage, the company wants to make sure that the client is building the right market-fit product without compromising on budget.

During the design phase, Cumulations want to ensure the UI/UX guidelines are followed, keeping the target audience in mind. Madhu says,“While we are working on development, we make the right architecture and technology decisions with strong quality driven development philosophy. Once the product is launched in the market, we take the right steps to make sure our apps are working on all devices in the market and the server resources are used correctly to make sure there is 100% uptime.”

Future Plans of Cumulations

Cumulations as a company has been able to provide valuable Mobile, Cloud and IoT solutions to the customers globally. Over the next few years Cumulations want to improve the solutions meeting the changing demands of the market in terms of optimum development & maintenance cost, faster go-to market, upgrades availability & integration with multiple platforms. Also, Cumulations believes that the market is now ripe for advancement in solutions by using AI and improve the overall offering experience.

Cumulations want to achieve its goals by learning from the experience, customer feedback and keep a constant watch on changing market & technology trends. Along with this the company is investing in research and development of some of the futuristic technologies which it believes will improve overall offerings and hence customers overall product offerings.

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