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In today’s digital world, cloud technology is one of the most dominant and impactful technologies among the others. It offers new opportunities to organizations to compete and scale their businesses on a global level. Right from reduced costs, enhanced flexibility, secured data, effective collaboration to greater integration, cloud-based business solutions are proving to be the game-changers of the IT world.

Incepted in 2006, Corent Technology was founded to help close the missing gap in the cloud computing market and that was effective migration, modernization and optimization of existing software to the Cloud, and the ability to rapidly SaaSify legacy or new software on the Cloud. Today it is one of the most scalable cloud solution providers that offers customers with a complete solution covering all major OS platforms, technology stacks,   supporting most major clouds.

SurPaaS Platform: A Complete End to End Platform

Over the years, Corent has developed SurPaaS, a disruptive innovation that has the potential to revolutionize the software industry through democratizing SaaS. From the bouquet of its offerings, it provides SurPaaS, a complete end-to-end platform for an IT organization’s cloud journey.  It offers a class-leading discovery, analysis, and automated migration of application workloads to the cloud. And the migration is just the beginning. SurPaaS Smart Shift will then get to work to re-topologize and optimize applications for the Cloud, upgrade or change OS platforms and even migrate to cloud PaaS services or containerize the desired application components.

Corent Technology

The next step after migration of applications and data is operational monitoring and continuous optimization of the workloads to ensure that customers are actually getting the benefits of the cloud in terms of cost efficiency, performance and scalability. Corent’s SurPaaS platform can also automatically SaaSify the applications for those who want to go ahead and offer newly migrated and optimized application “as a service.”

A Maverick Team of Industry Veterans Dedicated to Disruptive Innovation

Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent Technology, was trained as a computer scientist and software architect. He started his corporate journey by working with HP in Silicon Valley. In his initial days, Feyzi worked as a member of a small team that successfully invented the first real time database, something very similar to what is known today as SAP HANA. After finishing business school while working full time, Feyzi started managing regional and later global businesses at HP. Then he undertook a few entrepreneurial leadership roles at different Cloud and SaaS focused start-ups that eventually led him to Corent Technology.

Feyzi who is immensely proud of Corent’s ‘exponential’ team, including its power advisory board, believes everyone in the company should be considered a leader and has to lead in their area of focus to take the company closer to its strategic goals and objectives on a day-to-day basis. Commenting on this leadership mandate, Feyzi says, “A leader is the one who is genuinely grounded and clear about his / her vision and values and have the strength and skills to act accordingly.”

Working in Partnership to Address the Market Potential and Scalability

Since the beginning, Corent Technology has believed in working with its partners to provide support or in a turnkey migration factory model. For this, Corent works closely with its SI (Systems Integrator) and MSP (Managed Systems Provider) partners who are using Corent’s SurPaaS platform to serve the needs of their customers, greatly augmenting the capacity, as well as the geographic and industry reach for its platform. to match its business reach scalability through effective partnerships, Corent architected its SurPaaS platform so that it is able to take advantage of the inherent scalability of the cloud to address different size customers and migration projects, which might include from hundreds all the way to many thousands of servers.

Recognizing the Need for Innovation

Corent’s SurPaaS was developed by recognizing the missing gap in the cloud computing market. Due to its unique functionalities and benefits, Corent Technology’s SurPaaS was named amongthe “ Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers” As well as among “The Most Disruptive Private Companies” in 2018.

For Corent’s unique ability to rapidly deliver any software application as scalable and cost- effective SaaS, and for their invention of “Software Defined SaaS®” platform, it was recognized as the “PaaS for SaaS” platform by the Gartner Group

Training and R&D Understanding the Current Market Requirements

To work with the leading-edge companies and provide dynamic solutions, Corent believes in developing the grass root level of the company. It facilities in-house cross training and closely works with the cloud partners to develop the cutting-edge solutions that can be incorporated into the platform. After years of investing in R&D and understanding the technology, a lot of training is given to the team at Corent Technology.

Furthermore, Corent believes in taking full advantage of the training programs and opportunities provided by the partners like Microsoft and AWS and allowing the company employee to get trained and certified. This, among many other required credentials, would allow the company to achieve partnership status recognitions such as AWS Advanced Technology Partner and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner.

Top Prerequisite Skills for Building a Successful Career in Cloud Computing

Predicting the future with relative certainty comes with years of experience and knowledge about the industry. Similarly, knowing which skills are needed to build a successful career in this ever-advancing industry comes through leadership. According to Feyzi, good communications skills are essential for any career; be it cloud or any other industry. Cloud computing is evolving so rapidly that the ability to learn and absorb new information and techniques is a key skill. And so is the ability to conceptualize the essential characteristics of the cloud, its virtuality and scalability, so that they can be leveraged effectively.

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