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The life of professionals has been made easier through various applications that leverage advanced technologies and top-notch innovations. The mobility solutions provided by software companies allow personnel, teams, and organizations around the world to efficiently carry their operations. Document Management Systems (DMS) is one of the technological applications that can allow companies to streamline their functioning and increase their overall productivity.

CoreData Solutions is one of the finest organizations that offer Document Management Systems (DMS) to its clients for easy access to all the important files and documents at a much-centralized location to overcome challenges like out-of-control document storage locations, team inefficiency, communication gaps, and informal collaboration.

Endorsing Efficient Processes & Business Data Security

Organizations have already identified the drawbacks that existed in traditional methods of paper documentation. However, they find it difficult to seamlessly transit from the traditional tools to contemporary applications that are more secure, integrated, and user-friendly. Due to their unawareness of centralized solutions like DMS, they generally rely on emails for document collaboration, which increases their security concerns while tracking changes and referencing previous versions of the documents. CoreData Solutions provides a single central social space that eliminates all these challenges.

CoreData Solutions’ clients can leverage the other two software variations and connect to the Digital workplace. One of them is the Application Portal to modernize and digitalize the entire process of submitting forms, applications, and uploading documents. The other software variation relates to archiving the documents by the requirements of the National archive of Iceland and the Nordic countries.

Here are the three factors that make CoreData thrive in the market:

  1. CoreData is a 3in1 solution that hits the sweet spot between document management, task management, and case management capabilities, enabling organizations to digitally transform their business more efficiently and securely than ever before.
  2. CoreData offers a flexible API that gives the solution advantages in the marketplace with integrations to 3rd party solutions as well as eSignatures and authentications, which saves time and resources for users.
  3. The solution can be implemented in less time and at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions offering flexible pricing that scales with its user’s business, reduce cost, and complexity that enable them to serve their clients better.

Helping Companies Entrapped Due to the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic had forced the enterprises around the globe to work remotely, without any prior preparations. This created innumerable hindrances in daily operations and organizational functioning. Nonetheless, with the help of CoreData Solutions, numerous companies were able to overcome challenges like continuing the business operation, signing the documents, suffering from delays in contracting, collaboration, and office visits to deliver paper files, signing and printing them out, etc.

During the pandemic, CoreData Solutions was able to gain more clients and help them operate even in the most difficult situations. Although it is important to support big industry players that provide critical infrastructure (telecoms, media, transportation, and utilities) the company believes that it’s important to support SMBs as well because they are a vital part of the local economy. CoreData takes pride that even if they are serving big enterprises, they have been supporting various art galleries, NGOs, small manufacturers, and real estate agencies, with their solutions.

Adaptability, Persistence, and Hard-Work

Despite the disruption around, CoreData has managed to expand the market reach because of its extraordinary and supportive services. It has continually supported all their clients for smooth functioning during difficult times and not only to survive but to flourish in these challenging situations.

CoreData has a team of passionate professionals with a background in different verticals and digital transformation. Kjartan Hrafn Kjartansson (CFO) is an experienced IT leader and has been in the financial sector for many years continually striving for customer success. Likewise, Gunnar Ingi Traustason (CEO) is a veteran in the financial sector. He is a Computer Engineer and also helms expertise in business management. Helga Guðrún Lárusdóttir (Director of Customer Success and Sales) is proficient in banking and corporate finance. Prior to CoreData, she worked as a specialist at the Central Bank of Iceland for 8 years. These leaders’ trinity is very instrumental in the development of the company because of the efficiency in communication and decision making. They share the same motto of succeeding in the industry while helping their clients.

The well-versed management believes that the most important ability that helped them in overcoming the pandemic was adaptability. They shared that the same adaptability has helped them to grow in the ever-changing technological landscape and allowed them to stay competitive in the industry.

Furthermore, the two important traits put forth by these successful entrepreneurs are persistence and hard work. They have advised aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs to rely on hard-work for being successful and be persistent with their goals.

Innovative Ventures

With customers coming from finance, legal, education, health, and many other sectors, CoreData Solutions understands the importance of demonstrating compliance with the most rigorous information security standards. They have gained the ISO/IEC 27001 certification which is a reputable, internationally recognized standard on how to manage information security. With this certificate, CoreData now inspires consumer confidence even more and ensures on-going compliance and improvement. Furthermore, CoreData Solutions is launching two new versions, supporting cross-boarding electronic login and electronic signing of documents and contracts in Europe. CoreData Solutions feels lucky to have an active user group with Record managers and with their support, they strive to develop parts that are useful for all users of CoreData.

Looking at the future, the management of CoreData is keen on using the capabilities of AI and machine learning to optimize business performance. They also acknowledge that along with emphasizing organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction it would be very important for organizations to address the user experience and employee satisfaction, which CoreData Solutions always keeps on their priority.

Core data

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