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The evolution of technology is transforming the way the healthcare industry operates and delivers care. The current system is more effective, efficient, and flexible than ever before. However, there are a few challenges that healthcare stakeholders are currently trying to overcome with the help of technology and innovation.

The rapid surge in the cost of primary care, lack of access due to the financial burden of physical proximity, poor shared understanding of health resulting in low adherence rates, and unnecessary readmissions are some of the complicated issues that need to be given great thought.

Moreover, it is no secret that the administrative burden is mounting on healthcare practitioners and payers, and the disconnected loop is creating hindrances for everyone to communicate. Conversa Health is helping healthcare organizations overcome these challenges by providing them a conversational platform to communicate with and monitor their patients. They offer an artificially intelligent (AI) conversation-based Virtual Health Assistant (VHA) in order to solve complications by enabling seamless communication between patients and care providers.

The company focuses on eliminating tangled issues arising due to the current visit-centric mode of treatment, which is being operated majorly through static portals and telephonic approach. With these traditional practices, patients are unable to experience the ongoing and personalized support and guidance they need to make better decisions to self-manage their care. Believing that better conversation leads to better care, Conversa transforms this inconvenient, expensive, and unsatisfactory user experience into a smart and convenient relationship.

Benefitting all the Facets of Healthcare

With the Conversa Conversation Platform™, the company aims at benefitting all the parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Consumers and patients can reduce the cost of unnecessary face-to-face visits and acquire a better understanding of their treatment and health plans, while communication with their caretakers helps to achieve shared decision-making. Furthermore, the increase in access to appropriate services and scope for self-management can be achieved by this solution.

Care providers on the other hand typically rely on the information collected during infrequent and episodic interactions to manage the health of their patient populations. Using Conversa, providers can deliver care while reducing in-person visits, capture and analyze valuable patient-generated health data, handle continuous risk stratification, reduce administrative burden, and simplify in-hospital communication.

For pharma organizations, Conversa helps to increase clinical trial participant engagement and retention, encourages medication adherence, provide patient support, and promotes ongoing symptom management.

Lastly, payers can enjoy the benefits such as personalized health plan assistance, smart triage of queries, augmented consumer engagement and retention, consistency of claims and transparency all of which help in scaling care management capabilities.

The Team and Their Achievements

Market success is almost guaranteed when a well-thought solution is backed up by a well-versed team. The talented team of Conversa is dedicated to transform the healthcare industry and is led by the Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman, West Shell III. West is a 5-time startup CEO having excellent skills in business strategy, product management, e-commerce, mobile devices, and enterprise software. West and his team promote a vibrant culture that is fun, compassionate, and strives to deliver a solution that truly makes a difference in healthcare.

Prior to Conversa Health, West led several successful companies including Pacific Marketing Group (PMG), Netcentives, Sapias, and Healthline Networks.

Under his leadership, Conversa has been a recipient of several prestigious awards including Top Patient Relationship Management Solution by Chilmark, and Top Patient Engagement Solution by IDC Research. West, his co-founder Dr. Philip Marshall, and the Conversa team are enabling better care by making patient-provider communication meaningful and transforming healthcare from reactive and episodic to a new relationship that is proactive, continuous, collaborative, and personalized.

Delivering Personalized Care

Knowing that every patient is different and has a different set of healthcare requirements, the team of Conversa has built a platform that satisfies every patient’s distinct healthcare requirements. The conversational platform includes a taxonomy-driven patient profile, that automatically calibrates the timing, priority, and sequencing of modules of the conversation content delivered. As no two patients are alike, the AI Conversational-powered platform intelligently learns and identifies profile-based patterns. While learning, the platform dynamically adjusts and improves what is asked and said and which data is to be collected from each patient during each conversation.

Conversa’s Conversation Platform™ is meeting each individual’s needs with automated and personalized conversation experiences that lead to more meaningful patient relationships, effective population management, and ultimately, better clinical and financial outcomes. The company has an extensive library of over 700 “clinically-intelligent” conversation programs including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more.

This conversation platform enables patients to stay in touch with their doctor or healthcare provider with personalized conversations regarding their medical plan or history. Additionally, it also integrates biometric data from wearable devices into EHR systems and other enterprise applications. With Conversa Health’s Conversation Platform™, healthcare providers receive data in real-time, allowing more informed allocation of resources and ongoing adjustments to care and treatment plans as needed.

Crafting the Future of the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving the way healthcare services are offered to customers. According to West, personalized, consumer-friendly and automated patient experiences are also transforming the patient-provider relationship. Through this redefined relationship, Conversa believes the healthcare industry will reach an unprecedented level of continuous and collaborative healthcare, which will ultimately deliver better care at a lower cost.

Conversa is contributing majorly to this transformation. Leveraging its Conversation Platform™, the team is in a strong position to engage massive patient populations on a personal level. In addition to providers, the company has received an incredible response from interested pharma and payer organizations that are looking to engage directly with patient users.

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