CMIC, Inc.: Performing Bioanalysis To Optimize Drug Development With Uncompromising Precision

CMIC, Inc.

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In today’s healthcare industry, medicine is becoming more and more personalized with patient-focused approach. To drive such a personalized medicine avenue, Biomarker is a good example anda leading contract research organizations (CRO) like CMIC, Inc. have a responsibility to provide bioanalytical data meaningful enough for advanced medicines.

CMIC, Inc. is a leading CRO and a provider specialized in bioanalytical services in support of toxicokinetics (TK) as well as pharmacokinetics (PK) studies for both pre-clinical and clinical developments, along with pharmacodynamics (PD) biomarkers. Located near Chicago, CMIC provides cutting-edge capabilities and sophisticated expertise in bioanalytical method development, method validation/qualification, and study sample analysis for small and large molecules as well as oligonucleotides. As a strategic drug development partner, CMIC helps sponsors to overcome challenges in bioanalysis with expertise, rapid turn-around-time, and high-quality services.

History of Reputation and Continued Success

CMIC has over 30 years of experience in bioanalytical analysis with a reputation for excellence and a strong commitment to helping improve lives of people around the world. With dedication to the drug development market and continued success, CMIC has become a leading CRO in Japan and North America. Today, CMIC continues to grow and expand its facility and capabilities to meet the needs of clients and the changing drug development environment.

Growing Worldwide with its Services and Acquisitions

Founded in 1992, CMIC Group became the first company to provide Contract Research Organization (CRO) services that are essential for conducting clinical trials in Japan. Today, CMIC employs more than 6,000 employees worldwide with nearly $700M in sales revenue reported in 2018. Initially, CMIC grew in Asia Pacific countries and most recently, it expanded in the United States. Furthermore, CMIC Group acquired a Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) in Cranbury, New Jersey, and JCL Bioassay, the bioanalytical test facility in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, which is currently known as CMIC, Inc.

After the acquisition, CMIC, Inc.’s laboratory in Hoffman Estates completed construction of an additional 5,000 sq. ft. of dedicated laboratory space, bringing its current footprint to 27,000 sq. ft. on over 5 acres of buildable land. Currently, it houses nearly 20 LC-MS/MS instruments, bringing the CMIC global count to approximately 50 LC-MS/MS instruments. This addition provides with extensive testing capabilities and sample storage space to support increasing study demands.

Managing High Volume Projects with World Class Facility

Its Japan oriented-high quality, quick turn-around-time, and flexibility differentiates CMIC from its competitors. Following theses Japanese quality norms, CMIC’s GLP-compliant state-of-the-art facility has grown to accommodate quick turnaround and high volume projects from around the country. Conveniently located in Hoffman Estates only 20 minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, CMIC’s location in the Midwest helps the leading CRO to conveniently serve pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the country.

Purpose-built in 2008 to maximize efficiencies and provide scientists with a world-class quality environment, CMIC is equipped with features like on-site emergency back-up power supply,Biosafety Level 2 lab, UV-free lab, controlled substance license (schedule III-V),temperature and humidity monitoring systems, video security and restricted entry, on site or off site archives, building management systems, and state-of-the-art sample monitoring system (24/7).

CMIC Inc.Friendly CEO Leading CMIC towards new Opportunities

“Personalized medicine is out there and it is on us by leading in bioanalytical services that clients can trust to deliver high-quality data, rapid turnaround, and unparalleled customer service”, says Mike Suga, the President and CEO of CMIC, Inc.,when asked about the utilization of bioanalytical services to enhance personalized medicine.

Mike likes to engage with his team members by motivating them to maintain a healthy work environment. At CMIC, Mike engages with both scientific and supporting teams throughout the company’s strategy and operation as well as delivers revenues and profits sustainable for shareholders, employees, clients, and societies.

Mike earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural biosciences from University of Tokyo. Today, he is based in Chicago, where he serves as the Senior Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., reporting directly into the CMIC Group’s Tokyo Headquarters.

CMIC Inc.Highly Skilled Staff at CMIC

CMIC researchers are committed to the advancement of medicine. With every project, they provide unsurpassed excellence and innovative solutions driven by CMIC’s core values of trust, teamwork, dedication, respect, and integrity. These highly educated and experienced scientists work directly with clients’ R&D scientists to ensure the best output from investments. CMIC’s project team is comprised of two technical experts for each assay performed to provide continuous verification of the assay conducted.

Technical expertise is shared and developed through extensive cross-training between CMIC’s international laboratories. As testing methods and technology continue to improve at a rapid rate, researchers at CMIC are committed to staying at the forefront of progress with on-going education and training. Such regular external training from vendors and industry experts and regular attendance at industry conferences keeps researchers of CMIC up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques.

CMIC Inc.Providing Best-In-Class Results with CMIC’s Quality Commitment

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) at CMIC was established to provide data quality and study integrity in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. With more than 20 years of combined experience of inspecting and auditing studies designed to comply with the US FDA and EPA as well as international regulations such as OECD and JMHW GLPs, CMIC QAU staff members are long-experienced Quality Assurance Professionals in Good Laboratory Practice (RQAP-GLP). To assure high-quality, each QAU staff member at CMIC receives on-going training and education in Quality Assurance.

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