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Currently, the world is witnessing a ground breaking technological evolution. Cloverleaf Analytics is one such prominent company, using the most advanced technologies in the marketplace. As business intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics continue to change, Cloverleaf Analytics has stayed on the forefront by taking advantage of the ever changing technologies to provide value added services to its target customers. With Cloverleaf Analytics’ end-to-end insurance BI solution, it improves an insurance company’s profitability and reduces risk by consolidating data across the enterprise for real-time analysis and cutting edge visualizations. Along with using revolutionary technologies, the insurtech service provider company has also created one of the most robust insurance data models using industry standards like the Acord Reference Framework.

In addition, the leading financial solutions provider company has created a dynamic process for insurance companies to extend its system with additional insurance attributes without any programming or changes to the Cloverleaf Analytics solution. This allows companies to customize their analytics while the insurtech company continues to provide new capabilities that do not interfere with their customization. Acknowledging earlier that there are enormous amounts of data available besides just the insurance policy and claim data, Cloverleaf Analytics has implemented data mashups. Mashups present a visual way for insurance companies, to join outside data sources and providers with their insurance data for additional analysis. Numerous customers have mashed up NOAA weather data for storms, census data for understanding the demographics of insureds and their locations, along with a host of other data that has enriched their analysis.

Cloverleaf sets itself apart from other horizontal BI vendors by their extraordinary tooling and functionality along with deep insurance specific content to have an out of the box reporting and analytics environment. Cloverleaf Analytics is the premier provider of BI and Analytics solutions exclusively for the P&C insurance industry. As data and information are becoming more available with further development of AI and analytics, Cloverleaf’s comprehensive solution is positioned to take advantage of these new capabilities. Over the coming years, insurers will use information for better pricing, exposure analysis and serving policyholders like never before with future market predictions and loss prevention.

Innovative & Impactful Leader

Robert Clark, the CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics, has been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years. He had recognized the power and future potential of data analytics earlier in his career and its use within insurance companies for elevating profitability and minimizing exposures. Robert has created successful insurance software companies in the past and with his latest company, Cloverleaf Analytics, he is raising the bar with some of the most advanced analytics and machine learning applications for the insurance industry.

Upcoming Projects

Cloverleaf is currently assisting insurance carriers with many different objectives and requirements. The Cloverleaf tooling and processes, combined with their rich data model are easily enabled to map and create ETL processes to efficiently load insurance information from multiple and varied source systems into its solutions. The speed and efficiency of these processes, reduce the time and cost for a carrier to get up and live with their solution.

Another carrier has implemented the solution because they had 23 disparate source systems that needed to be brought together and balanced for reporting and analytics. The Cloverleaf data model was able to pull and standardize this data in an efficient manner to assist the carrier in reporting all financial information from their solution.

Further, there are carriers using Cloverleaf across the entire organization. The solution has deep subject area expertise for all business executives to explore, ranging from underwriting, claim, actuarial, marketing, finance to the executive branch and operation management. These robust capabilities serve to have one solution that provides all management information to help a carrier run their entire operation.

Robust Team behind Cloverleaf Analytics

The Cloverleaf team is comprised of insurance industry’s seasoned professionals. As the insurtech company has been working in the insurance industry for decades, they have identified strong individuals who understand the P&C insurance from the inside and out. They not only understand the insurance business, but know how data can be turned into information consequently assist companies in meeting their business needs.

Looking Forward to a Bright Future

Cloverleaf Analytics continues to grow and is enjoying success with each and every satisfied customer. The experienced leader along with his team, continuously monitors their growth so that they maintain a balance between ongoing and upcoming business projects.  The team guards their strong reputation and know that it means everything to them in their long-term success.

Words of Wisdom

The well-versed and accomplished CEO lends advice to the young entrepreneurs to be ready to give everything that one can contribute in building their company into a major success.  Robert further adds, “Having a passion is great, but having high energy and a willingness to listen to others is important. Surround yourself with experienced individuals that you can leverage to meet the many challenges of young companies. In the beginning, control your spending and don’t try to grow too quickly. Always watch your cash and plan accordingly.  Lastly, those who succeed are the ones who continue and push through where others have given up.

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