Cloud4Wi: Assisting Global Retailers To Know And Engage Their Customers

Andrea Calcagno, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Cloud4Wi

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In this hastily growing business economy, satisfying modern customers’ needs has become the toughest nut to crack for companies. As an effect of digital transformation, customers’ choices have extremely diversified and hence today’s biggest challenge for businesses is to acquire, delight, and win customers.

From the retail industry’s standpoint, increased competition for customer attention has become a cardinal driving force and hence retailers are struggling to climb over the other players in the market. As customers of new generation are seeking to interact with retailers in a personalized and consistent way with retailer, it is momentous for retailers to contrive a tenacious engagement strategy through a 360-degree view of each customer. In the case of the online world, it is easy for retailers to unearth some gainful customer insights, while offline retailers with traditional means are incapable of knowing each visitor of the store. Therefore, to overcome this challenge, a few offline retailers are moving towards in-store Wi-Fi that represents powerful means to create unified commerce by aligning offline and online experiences. In-store Wi-Fi allows retailers to collect actionable customer insights, including offline behavioral characteristics.

Though in-store Wi-Fi can be deployed in another greater aspect, many organizations did not notice it. Knowing this less seen role of a Wi-Fi infrastructure, Cloud4Wi was founded to help offline retailers leverage in-store Wi-Fi for trasfiguring the customer experience with fostered customer insights, driving revenue in an unparalleled manner.

A Giant Serving Giants

Based in San Francisco, Cloud4Wi is a market leader with a client base full of business giants including Adidas, Armani, Campari, Carmila, Clarks, MaxMara, OVS, Prada Group, Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino. With a mission to help retailers better understand and engage customers, Cloud4Wi provides an AI-driven application suite for location services globally with its offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Pisa, Rio De Janeiro and Bangkok. The firm’s application suite connects more than 130 million mobile users across 45,000 locations in more than 120 countries, while collecting more than 10 billion of location data per month.

Successfully Transforming The Prada Group

As Cloud4Wi provides its solutions to $1B retailers, many of them are impressed with the results, as the Prada Group. One of the bosses in the luxury goods sector, the Prada Group has deployed Cloud4Wi’s application suite in more than 600 stores worldwide. With simplified internet connectivity in the stores, its sales associates quickly noticed a spectacular lift in customer satisfaction, as the customers were able to share new purchases and shopping experiences with their social media community.

As Cloud4Wi’s application suite provides behavioral insights to gain a panoramic view of customers, the Prada Group personalizes in-store customer experience using both human and digital touch boosting loyalty and building stronger customer relationships. Having seen revolutionized in-store customer experience, Lorenzo Bertelli, Owner and CDO of the Prada Group, commented, “Cloud4Wi’s solution enables us to understand who our customers are and how they behave in the stores while respecting their privacy. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, we will be able to deliver compelling and much more personalized experiences.”

Empowering Clients with Cutting-Edge Solutions

As in this digital era, to stay ahead of their rivals and satisfy the altering customer needs, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with the tech trends. Cloud4Wi leverages mobility and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for producing more authentic, reliable, and futuristic solutions. The firm collects customer insights by leveraging the wireless network already installed in the retailing stores and retailers can collect anonymized customer insights through their in-store Wi-Fi services. Moreover, for customers who sign-in, retailers can create unique customer profiles, which include offline behavioral characteristics, and notably, they do it in compliance with GDPR making it secure. Cloud4Wi’s AI-driven application suite empowers retailers to predict customer behaviors based on the collected customer data and plan & act accordingly.

A Customer-Oriented Leader behind Cloud4Wi

An organization walks the way it is being directed, and hence a leader plays the vital role in shaping his venture. A leader’s perspective, values, focus areas, and beliefs widely affect his/her organization’s culture. In the case of Cloud4Wi, Andrea Calcagno, the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of it, is a tech-savvy personality who considers customer as the center of his activities. With the belief in customer-centricity, his major priority while working is to help Cloud4Wi’s clients succeed. With its team efforts, he strives to make the firm a data-driven SaaS company with a customer success approach that empowers global enterprises to deliver compelling customer experiences by filling the gap between offline and online worlds.

Moreover, with a background in marketing, technology, and economics, Andrea has experience in the media-telco industry with a focus on next-gen networks and services, where he has led more than 50 projects. Apart from that, Andrea has also written many articles and reports about advanced wireless technologies.

“Personalization of the Experiences” to be the No. 1 Trend

As modern customers expect to live a captivating experience in both online and offline worlds, a store is no more just a place where to shop, but it is becoming a place, where customers want to have a joyful shopping experience, be it alone or with their friends and family. Therefore, now retailers are required to re-conceptualize their stores and in this recreational process, Andrea suggests retailers to get inspiration from the Generation Z crowd, as they are tech-innate and can swimmingly fall in with the digital world. Moreover looking at the influence of Gen Z’s over family purchasing decisions and their buying patterns, Andrea recommends retailers to focus on customers’ personalized experience. Further, he predicts personalization to be a groundbreaking trend in the retail sector in near future.

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