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Cleverus Consulting: Outstanding Digital Marketing Agency of Malaysia

Cleverus Consulting

The technologically dominated world is constantly advancing. It has become an absolute norm for businesses and industries to create a solid presence of their brand on the world wide web. Owing to the progression of the e-era, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the marketing industry today. Right from small bread and breakfast lodges to fashion and MNCs, everyone has started adopting digital marketing strategies in order to lead and succeed in the competitive race.

Established in 2013, Cleverus Consulting is a leading Malaysian e-marketing agency assists businesses to establish a solid online presence. Over the course of 5 years, Cleverus has successfully set themselves as one of the top SEO experts in Malaysia. Being one of the pivotal Google Partner, the digital marketing agency has developed a proven framework to help its clients to quickly rise to the top of major search engines in the world.

Notable Leader & Leading Light

Lawmence Wong is the CEO of Cleverus Consulting. Prior to starting Cleverus, Lawmence had owned 3 established businesses. Having built all of his business ventures using the know-how of online marketing, Lawmence realized the importance of online marketing and started spending more time on online marketing than the day to day operations of his business. Thankfully, he had a competent team to handle the business operation and sales as he played the main role in driving leads to the business.

At the peak of his career in 2013, Lawmence decided to start Cleverus from scratch as he felt committed to helping both small and large scale businesses with their online marketing campaign. Fast forward a few years, Cleverus Consulting has now grown to a strong team of 21 people, with offices in Malaysia, Philippines, and Phoenix. From day one, Lawmence had instilled basic core values that act as the backbone and culture of the company. Every new employee that enters the company is briefed on these values before they begin work. Over the years, these values had become the foundation of Cleverus’ success in delivering top-notch services to its clients and retaining key employees.

Remarkable Range Of Google Solutions

In this digital age, everyone is actively searching on Google. As an explorer is already looking for a solution on Google, it will most likely result in a sale for companies, displayed directly in the search results. Google solutions provide a high conversion rate with lucrative rewards for businesses, ranking first on the Google webpage. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C company, it is very crucial for the businesses to appear on the front page of Google to generate higher sales and improve brand awareness.

Cleverus provide three main Google technology solutions, namely SEO, SEM, and Online Reputation Management. In terms of SEO services, Cleverus helps businesses to out rank their competitors and dominate the search engine. Having aided companies to rank over 1,000 keywords online, the leading Malaysian agency has developed a proven framework to rank for even the most difficult keyword in the industry. As for SEM, Cleverus is a certified Google Partner and its scope of work includes supporting companies to generate leads and sales through paid Google advertising. Lastly, it also provides online reputation management service and has harnessed the use of the SEO framework to assist major companies in removing any online negative press thereby successfully restoring their company’s brand name.

Fulfilling Consumer Requirements

Cleverus has an on boarding system for every client where they invite the customers to their project management workspace. Every client is sent a unique workspace invitation in order to enable the e-marketing team to share its workflow and timeline for each task. If the client requires additional service, the team easily caters to their needs and update the project management workspace accordingly. This has helped both, the company and its clients in saving plenty of time and ensuring smooth communication with all the clients.

Cleverus is currently ranked number one on Google for one of the most competitive keywords in the digital marketing industry, the SEO Expert of Malaysia. Due to this, the team along with its visionary leader has managed to provide confidence to its customers by showing a fine example of what they are capable of doing and how they can outrank the respective competitors. Also, unlike most of the digital marketing service providers, Cleverus charge its clients based on the results and the performance they deliver. This has provided the digital marketing agency and its clients a win-win situation.

Strategies Down the Road

Lawmence and his team are anticipating a higher competition in the upcoming years for the online advertising space. This has resulted because a large number of companies are shifting their marketing budget from traditional advertising like TV and magazine to an e-advertising platform such as Google. As the online promotional space is getting saturated with numerous competitors entering the fray, Cleverus aims to separate themselves by delivering the best customer experience, thus building a solid brand for themselves. All in all, Lawmence and his team expects Cleverus to be the first name on people’s radar over the coming years, whenever they require online marketing services to grow their business.

Recommendations from the Accomplished CEO

Lawmence Wong advices the younger generation of entrepreneurs to work hard and never be afraid to invest in oneself. Practical experience will always beat theories and any words one reads on a piece of paper. He further adds, “Stop overthinking about the small matters and start hustling when you are young. Your older self will thank you for it!”