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In the fast-paced market, the most successful websites/applications are those that respond quickly and efficiently. Design and software are now heavily based around user experience because as all businesses are becoming more and more consumer-centric. If the website takes a few seconds longer to find a specific product as compared to a competitor’s site, the customer tends to search the next product again on the competitor’s site. Oftentimes, users simply visit websites for browsing, it is up to the UI/UX designers to help visitors navigate and increase the conversion rate. The UI/UX and technology developer company Cleveroad deals smartly with the situation, and helps its clients to transform into brands.

About the Company

Cleveroad is a full-stack development company focusing on delivering world class mobile and web development services. The company cooperates mostly with startups and medium-sized companies. Cleveroad has successfully delivered a large number of software solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Wearable platforms. The technology development company provides custom web solutions for a wide range of businesses including e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, etc. The team has expertise to develop the website from scratch or be built CMS-based sites, depending on the customers’ requirements.

The fully-fledged development company has around 100 professionals working towards building top-notch products and has completed more than 120 projects from diverse industries.

Inception of Cleveroad

When Evgeniy Altynpara, CEO and Founder of Cleveroad finished his Computer Science Masters degree in 2010, he wanted to put his passion for sustainable development and technological entrepreneurship into practice. Evgeniy sensed the demand for a technology company that could fulfill the increasing expectations of the clients. Furthermore, the Ukrainian tech market was developing rapidly, and companies that could offer top quality products were scarce.

“We saw new IT outsourcing companies appearing almost monthly,” recalls Evgeniy “These were, in general, small, with poor management and unfortunately not very good results. I thought: ‘I just have to gather the best minds around me, who are already working as freelancers, and jointly concentrate on the quality of products that we delivered.’ And so I did. Steadily, we developed from a start-up to a fully-fledged development company. That’s how Cleveroad was born. Today we have around 100 people working at Cleveroad, around the world. ”

Adding Value to the Clients’ Businesses

While working with clients, the Cleveroad innovative team tries to contribute to the project not only by building an app, but also by adding value to the client’s business idea. In general, the company offers marketing research services, planning, wireframing, UI/UX design, MVP creation, testing, release and post-release support. Moreover, during development, Cleveroad focuses on project management and ensures the level of flexibility a customer requires.

Although the company is just seven years old, Cleveroad understands that the key to success is transparent collaboration and communication. That’s why the company creates a working atmosphere where everyone’s contribution is valued and every team member’s opinion is considered.

Furthermore, the team at Cleveroad has learned very valuable lessons through working with numerous projects since its inception. “They are all different and provided us with valuable experience. Some of the projects, like Uber for teaching or corporate HR management app, were rather challenging and required deep involvement of the whole team, which we enjoy the most,” shares Evgeniy.

Services Offered by Clevreoad

The technology development team is focused on mobile development and web development:

Mobile development – Cleveroad has delivered a broad range of mobile development services, including mobile game development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company has also built games using the proven game development engines, such as Unity, and the rich expertise in 3D, 2D and Virtual reality design, GUI, animation, frontend and backend development.

Web development – Cleveroad provides services connected with the development using Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal. The main benefit of the CMS is that users can manage the website content and overlook without calling or disturbing the programmer. The development team not only creates and develops; they help in optimizing the user’s websites.

Apart from the development of websites and mobile apps the company also aimed at local usage, the Cleveroad team makes sure that the company could help the clients to improve the client business processes.

Aggressive Approach towards Expansion

Having experience in bringing ideas into reality, Cleveroad enjoys dealing with technically complex solutions such as live streaming, fintech, face recognition, cryptocurrencies and AR/VR elements. The company has a significant experience in creating farming apps for fishery and agriculture, which requires a comprehensive understanding of the technology in use and the industry itself.

The innovative grownup company is on its mark to expand its business all over the globe. Evgeniy and his team want to be a fast-growing company in the field of technology development. However, Evgeniy shares that it’s hard to find the ingenious team. Nonetheless, he is positive that the company can overcome its challenges with the strategic planning and good management systems.

Advise to Young Entrepreneurs

Founding and leading a technology based company has allowed Evgeniy to gain significant entrepreneurial experience. Pointing towards the struggles young technologists are facing, Evgeniy shares that it’s not that difficult to build a technological business. Evgeniy knows a lot of cases when startups failed and companies were shut down and all of them claim that doing business is hard. He said “If you enjoy what you do, if challenges look attractive to you and you aren’t afraid of them, you will never feel tired and it is the truth for me. So love what you are doing. Think what your goal is and what steps you should undertake to achieve it. And the main thing is never stopping learning: talk to those who have achieved more than you, attend events, read a lot and keep trying.”

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