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Recognized as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Clairvoyant is indeed a front runner in the tech race. Incepted in December 2012, Clairvoyant is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. The company assists organizations to build innovative products and solutions using Big Data, Cloud, Design Thinking and Lean Architectures. Initially, Clairvoyant began its journey  as an analytics product and machine learning company focused on the higher education sector, working with universities to understand student recruitment and retention, especially as universities moved to an online learning model, which provides rich signals generated from student involvement and engagement in virtual learning environments.

Today, the leading tech solution providing company specializes in building Big Data solutions for enterprises along with technology consulting and services globally. With deep vertical knowledge combined with expertise on multiple, enterprise-grade big data platforms, the Clairvoyant team creates and supports a range of purpose built solutions that address problems unique to specific industries such as financial services and healthcare.

Recently, leveraging the core competency of solution engineering, Clairvoyant expanded its footprint in the data security space and launched Kogni, an advanced data security product. Apart from Kogni, the core services Clairvoyant offers are solution engineering, managed services, product design, application & product development and system integration across multiple big data platforms and the leading Hadoop distributions.

Guiding Star of Clairvoyant

Chandra Ambadipudi is the CEO & Co-founder of Clairvoyant. Chandra has a lineage and extensive experience in the higher education space, and has worked on technology innovation across the entire student life cycle. Before starting Clairvoyant, he was the Vice President of Engineering at Apollo Education Group, which is the parent company of the University of Phoenix. He has also Co-founded BlueCanary Data. At Clairvoyant, Chandra has been instrumental in driving the company to become a leading Big Data player with multiple Fortune 500 customers today. He is a highly motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record.

The founding team of Clairvoyant has numerous years of experience in enterprise IT, Big Data and data engineering space along with Chandra. They started the technology consulting company with a vision to be a leader in building predictive analytics products and delivering a cutting edge through Big Data technology. Given the team’s deep experience and expertise in software engineering, Big Data and technology, this was a natural choice for the founders and a seamless move from higher education  to the technology space.

Exclusive Array of Cloud Solutions

Clairvoyant has developed Kogni that enables companies to discover sensitive data in enterprise data sources, to secure data as it is ingested, and to continuously monitor data sources for possible breach and policy violations. Kogni is built upon following three core functionalities and supporting capabilities.

  • Discover: Kogni scans enterprise data sources, leveraging machine learning and computer vision to identify sensitive data stored in text and images. It uses purpose-built classifiers to identify a variety of sensitive data such as credit card, social security numbers, etc.
  • Secure: It transparently secures data as it is ingested into Hadoop with zero code change and little performance overhead. The platform supports masking, encryption, redaction, and tokenization of sensitive data based on simple configuration and plugins for Sqoop, Spark, Kylo, Nifi, Streamsets, and many more.
  • Monitor: The advanced data security product continuously monitors data sources and user behavior for anomalies and triggers detailed alerts on sensitive data proliferation and policy violations.

Additionally, Clairvoyant provides a comprehensive set of Hadoop administration and support services, so clients can skip the expensive learning curve, reduce ramp up time, ensure high availability and reliability of their mission critical solutions.

Delivering Excellent Customer Services

Clairvoyant’s mission is to become the most reliable and efficient analytics partner in the Big Data ecosystem, since there is a great opportunity for dedicated and specialty engineering consulting and services. Their focus around the Hadoop eco-system for services and solutions, along with their product formulating heritage has helped to distinguish Clairvoyant from other companies.

The Cloud solution providing company has successfully managed  to retain its first two customers since its inception days. From doing small projects during in the beginning, today, Clairvoyant is working with some of the largest companies in the world  by managing their critical data platforms and creating solutions that are impacting their core business. The leading consulting company, has supreme technology capabilities and engineering excellence along with a strong customer focus. This has led them to cater strong customer satisfaction, which in turn, has fuelled its significant growth in business over the years.

Future Challenges & Counter Strategies to Overcome Them

Clairvoyant has a vision to become a leading customer outcome focused company, driven by engineering excellence in the Big Data space. To achieve this, the team will be focusing its services on the Hadoop ecosystem, AI and Cloud. The upcoming product roadmap will include Big Data vertical industry solutions built on the Kogni platform that will drive data science, along with data security in specific domains. The team is also planning to deepen its domain offerings with a key focus on the financial services and healthcare sectors.  In terms of global expansion, Clairvoyant plans to continue its growth in the new targeted European & Asian markets.

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