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Every company defines its success distinctly. These definitions signify the vision and moral values of is a technology partnerwho illustrates its success in two parameters – whether it has crafted a relationship of trust that its clients can solely depend on it, and whether it has put its clients in the position to receive ROI for the investment and thetime they have committed with

Founded in 2009, Chop Dawg has helped create over 225+ web and mobile apps for startups, Fortune 500s, enterprises, growing businesses, and non-profits from around the globe. Chop Dawg helps its clients to transform their vision into a fully actualized mobile apps, web apps, and software by leveraging itsdecade of expertise.

The company offers services such as:

Mobile App Development: The dedicated team at ChopDawg.combuilds the latest app indexing-compliant products for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. With the goal to apps that can havea commanding presence on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, the company is continuously empowering its clients.

Web App Development: builds web apps with a front-end that excites users and functions properly on all devices. Furthermore,to make web appsdurable over long terms, they focus on a user-friendly and reliable back-end that clients can use to manage and scale.

Non-Functional Prototypes For Mobile/Web Apps: Not every business can afford the initial investment required for a market-ready app. To help such businesses,the top-notch professionals at offersdevelopment of non-functioning prototypes. Prototyping can demonstrate idea’s potential to investors, customers, crowd-funders.

Minimum Viable Products For Mobile/Web Apps: MVPs are a complete, entry-level (but market-ready) product to the audience that lets companies earn real revenue from the get-go. All design services are carried over from prototyping.

A Thought Leader Helping Entrepreneurs to Grow

The initiator and driver of, CEO & FounderJoshua H. Davidsonis an entrepreneur, speaker, startup advisor and soon to be published author. He has been founding companies since he was in high school at the age of sixteen.

In a nutshell, Joshua spends most of his days building products and growing companies. He has been personally featured in major publications such as MSNBC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Technically, AOL, Mashable, Startup Grind,, Startup Digest, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS and the Examiner.

Since founding the company Chop Dawg back in 2009, Joshua has been on a mission with his team at (Chop Dawg) to make a difference and impact as many entrepreneurs as possible. Joshua and his team are doing this by helping their clients turn their brilliant ideas into beautiful products and powerful brands. Joshua and his team strongly believe that by providing both an incredible range of services together with their knowledge and expertise in building startups, they can help those who are most passionate about their ideas to enter their respective markets and generate the type of traction necessary to make their venture a success. Joshua and his team also help clients raise capital, monetize, build traction, grab media attention and scale all under one roof.

A Team with Client-First Approach

Clients love working with of the prominent reasons behind this is the team’s aspiration tomake their clients feel informed, confident, and comfortable throughout the entire development process. “Our clients should always consider themselves a part of our team,” shares Joshua.The developers of the company have built a fine-tuned agile process that encourages fast, quality delivery. The team’s biggest strength is its deep understanding of current technological standards. The management at hires developers based on not just technical skill, but passion and creativity too. Referring to their team efforts, Joshua asserts,“We’ll work together to challenge ourselves on how we can use the technology at our disposal to make something that will create an actual impact for our clients.”

Furthermore, is known for the procedures it follows for better Project Management and Quality Assurance (QA). Theprofessionals have created the perfect template for writing clean code on time and within budget. A Project Manager (PM) is employed for each client, who keeps his/her respective client updated with the processes and stages of the project. The PM also coordinates with the development team to make sure that everything is progressing based on the written project plan. As well, he/she makes sure that continuous QA testing is occurring in tandem. In addition to an extensive QA process during the project, the award-winning team also offersits clients with a complimentary 90-day maintenance window and 180-day bug warranty post-launch.

A Complete Technology Partner

Over the last ten years, the team has learned a lot of valuable things from the experiences with their clients. Through these working relationships, they have been able to package their experiences into a process that leads to a supportive and productive working relationship,which eventually results into successful, profitable results for their customers. “From the planning the proposal, to project management and customer service, it’s working relationship that starts from day one well before we sign a contract,” asserts Joshua.

When asked about the future plans of the company, Joshua shares, “We consider ourselves a technology company, not an app development agency. We believe that we can provide our clients an alternative to having a CTO and technical team in-house. As we continue to grow, we’re investing in building our marketing team’s presence and production team; so that eventually, everything from the app development process, design process, marketing process, and production process is all under one roof, one team for our clients to leverage.”

Quote: “Think Of Us Not As Your Agency, But As Your Technical Partner + Team”

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