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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has severely hit the global markets with many industries such as manufacturing, transport, and tourism being adversely affected. However, this pandemic has created several new opportunities for some industries. The software industry is one such industry that is continuously growing in this critical scenario as clients are looking to leverage new solutions to make their businesses more adaptable. Remote working, data management, and automation are some of the solutions that are in high demand, and clients are looking for easy-to-access and affordable software solution providers to make them a reality.

Established in 2000, Chetu has been complementing this need. It is prominently known for providing superior, cost-effective software solutions for its clients while creating a simple work environment that promotes self-improvement for its employees. Chetu combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and a passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions all over the world.

Extensive Range of Technological Solutions

Chetu is a customer-centric company that focuses on providing end results to its clients with its simple and flexible governance. The company provides an extensive range of technological solutions and offers software development experts with industry-specific knowledge in over 40 different verticals. Chetu’s software experts are well-versed in all the major developing frameworks and are certified by many of the leading technology providers in the industry. They provide services such as Application Development, Infrastructure Support, PLM, Quality Assurance, and much more.

Scalability is a key factor at Chetu where flexible development teams can be easily adjusted to meet the software needs of the client. Teams can either be ramped up or down to provide the greatest value to the clients based on their changing needs. Furthermore, the company has a wide customer base and has offices all around the world. This allows its software experts to work in the same time zones as its clients and offer a true local branch feel for its services.

A Go-Getter leading from the Front

Atal Bansal, the founder, and CEO of the company has been at the helm of Chetu for the past 20 years as it has experienced its incredible growth and success. Having worked for several software development firms before Chetu, he understood the high demand for software solutions for all size businesses and was inspired to create his own unique environment with higher standards of excellence. Prior to joining the industry, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur and was always fascinated about building things and solving problems.

As the CEO of Chetu, he oversees all the aspects of the business from operations and marketing to client acquisition and management. He works with all department heads to discuss the vision of the company and its intended goals. He aims to keep the business at the forefront of the technology space by leveraging the latest in cutting-edge software solutions as well as to maintain Chetu’s industry-specific expertise in over 40 verticals they work in. In his 20 years with the company, he has helped it achieve long-term, sustainable growth. When asked for advice for upcoming entrepreneurs, he said, “Invest in your business’s foundation. If you build your company with strong processes, you can ensure that it is built to last.

Dealing with Frequent Technology Changes

With rapid industrialization and globalization on a large scale, every business confronts new and frequent challenges. This is especially true in the technology field, where newer innovations and advancements ensure things are always changing. Thus, a company has to cope with these challenges by being flexible and adhering to best industry practices. Chetu deals with these challenges by using adaptable processes that allow the company to capitalize on previous successes and comply with its own best practices. In this ever-changing technology field, Chetu is prepared to face and adapt to future challenges whether they be economic or technological.

Boosting Employee Satisfaction and Security

To cope with any type of challenge, the company needs to have an efficient workforce. Chetu emphasizes the fact that employees are its greatest asset and it strives to create the ideal working environment for them. The company encourages its employees to take ownership of their respective roles and also leverage executives for their experience and guidance. While it emphasizes personal satisfaction for employees, it also provides them communal support which ensures that teamwork still permeates individual achievements.

Furthermore, in response to this critical scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic Chetu’s policies have been helpful for its employees. The company has maintained its commitment to not laying off any employees, and providing daily bonuses to more than 80% of the team members. Additionally, the company recently held an initiative named “Closing for a Cause,” where a portion of the proceeds of all sales went to the charities of choice for all its salespeople to help them help give back during these hard times.

Artificial Intelligence: The Driving Force for Future

Modernization and industrialization have been introducing numerous revolutionary concepts over the years. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of them. As years have passed by, the full capabilities of AI are still to be realized. The number of companies adopting solutions like AI, i.e. the adoption rate, is still relatively low, however, from a business perspective, AI has greatly matured over the years and has proved to be highly effective in automating core processes. Presently, AI and process automation are aiding businesses to drastically improve the workflow and automate mundane activities. This has, in turn, reduced the time and optimized the efforts of employees needed to complete their work. These well-developed solutions are saving millions of dollars for companies. In the future, more document-heavy businesses and industries are expected to adopt more AI and RPA solutions to drastically improve and modernize their business.


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