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Charles Anderson

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Digital Marketing has become an essential marketing tactic for any business to thrive in the market. Contrary to traditional marketing, digital marketing promotes brand development, helps maintain efficiency in operations, provides increased customer satisfaction, and allows businesses to reach a global audience. Numerous entrepreneurs are utilizing their knowledge in this field to help other businesses grow and prosper. One such leader providing digital marketing services to enhance and help other businesses to grow is Charles Anderson (CEO and founder of GAT Marketing).

Charles is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing and is known for his outside-the-box thinking and unique approach to problem-solving. His effort to support a community motivated him to pursue a career in firearms marketing. Over the years, Charles has worked with numerous startups including Private Investment Firms and Venture Capital Groups. He has also assisted in the launch of various startup firms.

Throughout his career, Charles has been recognized with several prestigious awards including the exceptional workplace award, national and regional INC 5000 listings, and many others. He became a series 7 licensed broker just at the age of 19. In addition to these, Charles has also led multiple companies that have been bought out and merged with household names.  

Mirror Review recently had the opportunity to participate in a conversation with Charles Anderson where he shared his views on leadership along with the associated roles and responsibilities and the challenging journey of the establishment of the company.

Below are some excerpts from our fascinating conversation.

When was GAT Marketing established? What are the various services and solutions offered by the company?

GAT Marketing was established in 2014. It is a cutting-edge disruptive digital marketing agency that thrives on chasing down the highest returns on our client’s investments. Our team of experts has professional experience in the fields of advertising, fine arts, brand and digital management, venture capital, and data analysis. They work towards handling every part of a business’s potential advertising needs. Our company deals in identifying consumer bases, ad concepts & creations, media planning, ad-buying, and ROI tracking.

In your opinion, how has technology and digitalization influenced the future of the business sector? Also, how did you implement these changes in the company?

Since the 1990s, there has been a rapid shift in the industry due to technological advancements and digitalization. Throughout my career, I’ve worked hard on learning, adapting, and utilizing new technologies to find new ways to market and achieve success for clients. GAT Marketing does not just adapt to these changes but is at the forefront of them. This allows us to offer services and technology to our clients that other firms cannot due to their hesitancy and speed of adopting new technologies.

We have worked hard to transition into SMS, email, social sentiment tracking, intention-driven analytics, and other emerging technologies to better reach potential customers for our clients. My experience of working with bootstrap-funded businesses enabled me to maximize every potential part of the client’s budget.  

According to you, what essential traits are required for modern business leaders to survive in the market landscape? Also, how do you respond to criticism and tackle demotivation within the workspace?

In my opinion, being light-hearted, approachable, and respectable are the most essential values that a leader should possess. Moreover, I feel that modern business leaders need to be open to a lot of constructive criticism. Another and the most important trait is treating employees with respect, kindness, and valuing their opinion. Employee satisfaction plays a great role in the efficiency and growth of the business.

As for criticism, I usually respond to it with a joke and then a serious explanation. In addition, I ensure that the person posing the criticism understands that they are heard and I will either adapt their idea or work with them to find an appropriate solution. GAT Marketing constantly strives to build harmony and respect within the workplace that has significantly boosted the morale of the employees. Also, all the members of the team support and motivate each other as a family and help those who are demotivated to get back on track.

Being at the helm of the company, what are your primary roles and responsibilities?  How do you ensure to efficiently delegate your responsibilities?

As the leader of GAT Marketing, I oversee all department heads. We are blessed with some of the best employees. The company makes sure to hire the right people and find a place for them instead of finding a person to fill a spot. Delegating is something that I take full advantage of. I am proud of leading a team of exceptional professionals where every member is productive and driven towards executing our collective vision.

What role do collaboration and creativity play in successful business leadership?

The three most important factors that are responsible for the success and growth of GAT Marketing. These include believing in my employees and their abilities, working side by side with them instead of looking over their shoulders, and expecting them to bring me what I want. The team works collaboratively and generates ideas and perspectives that are the major factors responsible for the growth and success of the company.

How do you maintain work-life balance? What are your favorite hobbies or past-time activities?

I work to keep my life balanced which is how I maintain work-life equilibrium. Also, I love spending time with my family and friends. I devote a lot of my spare time to collecting and learning about guns. I am also a member of the competitive shooting team ‘Team Tuff’ where I pursue my hobby in my spare time.

What are the upcoming solutions/services we can anticipate from GAT Marketing?

The shift to digital publications is one of our biggest driving focuses. In addition to this, our prime focus over the next few years involves developing new tools including SMS, retargeting, and creating a wider ability to reach potential customers who may not read traditional firearms editorial.

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