CereSoft: One of the Most Admired Healthcare Technology Company in 2020


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The dramatic spread of COVID-19 in 2020 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses worldwide. Healthcare organizations around the United States have been put under tremendous financial and resource pressure in performing incredible acts of bravery in taking care of COVID-19 patients. Plus, trying to stay financially and resource stable during one of the most unstable periods in our lifetime.

Organizations around the globe, including CereSoft, are coming together and innovating to minimize the impact on public health and to limit disruptions to economies and supply chains. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff are diligently working to make sure those hospitals are a safe and effective place where people can obtain the treatment they desperately need. But, as COVID-19 has spread, hospitals around the United States have faced unprecedented strain.

Fortunately, CereSoft has created a virtual cloud base architecture that provides healthcare employees to be able to work from home to process payments while protecting themselves and their families from being exposed to COVID-19.  Healthcare organizations that utilize the CereSoft healthcare services are getting their money from insurance and patient posted and reconcile without disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic while not having to exposed employees by forcing them to come into the office or laying them off because of not having income being posted and reconcile.

CereSoft’s RECON 2020 services have allowed healthcare providers to take full control and reconciliation of cash, from the source of truth, the bank, all the way through the revenue cycle process, finally ending into the accounting system balanced. With RECON 2020 allowing fully funded files to be loaded into the billing system without human intervention has allowed up to 90% of all ERA/EOB’s fully funded transactions to be loaded into the billing system, touch-free. This allows for employees to be reallocated to revenue producing positions often remotely.  Case in point a major health system on the east coast was forced to send their entire employees home due to the outbreak.  This multi-billion-dollar health system with the assistance of the CereSoft revenue cycle management services was able to make the overnight transition from office to home without losing one day of posting cash.

Faces behind the Curtains

Dr. Hsing Hen Chen, the Founder, and CEO of CereSoft, is at the helm of its operations. HH is a visionary that created a healthcare platform for revenue cycle management that can quickly adapt to fast paced change. Disaster operating protocols were formatted into CereSoft’s systems, long before they were needed. The adage failing to plan is planning to fail, applies to HH Chen’s mentality when developing an operating system platform and services that prove to be effective and beneficial even under the most difficult circumstances. “Watching our country being put on hold in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no one was aware that CereSoft in early January of 2020 was forward thinking and activated disaster protocols by sending all the employees to work from home when the news of this horrific COVID-19 was potentially coming to America. For over two months, CereSoft was delivering files to our clients without any interruption in service and has continued every day since the shutdown occurred in March 2020,” voiced HH Chen – Founder and CEO of CereSoft, Inc.

While leading CereSoft, he also taught as a Doctor of Physics and Computer Sciences at the University of Maryland for more than 30 years, where he specialized in complex systems analysis. HH handles the company’s day to day operations as well as fosters its future by developing cutting-edge services and integrating new technologies with the latest and upcoming technology architecture found anywhere in the world.

Joe Petruzella is CereSoft executive that oversees all marketing and sales plus business development. He has engineered the sales strategy that has provided double digit revenue growth every year for the past 10 years. With over 35 years in executive level management and consulting, Joe’s empathy mentality toward business and his personal lifestyle has been a key factor to help create CereSoft as the number one healthcare revenue cycle company in the world. HH is known to surround himself with individuals that excel in their area of expertise and Joe is an example of that.

CereSoft is a company that not only provides world-class healthcare services but the core that defines us as a company is that we never stop listening to our customers’ needs and builds solutions to solve problems in the healthcare industry,” voice Joe Petruzella – CereSoft

Expanding the Service Portfolio

As the industry leader, CereSoft’s vision is to complete the full circle in assisting all sizes of healthcare providers with leading-edge services. Soon, the company aims to leverage its innovative services to expand its healthcare portfolio into new sectors in which its clients are currently facing issues. The services includes, RECON 2020 services, AIR Technology,  Virtual Card Automation, Payment Central for both desktop and mobile payments, Outsourcing practice for small providers,  Fully Integrated Denial Management System, Patient Engagement Services, Claims Submission, Practice Management Systems, etc. CereSoft recently completed its 25th anniversary in 2019 and it strives to grow significantly in the next 25 years as well.


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