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In the modern business world, CRM is relatively mature in countries such as Europe and the United States as compared to its nascent standing in China. However, in recent years, the management concept of CRM has gradually been accepted and used by Chinese domestic enterprises. After all, the Chinese market is huge and possesses numerous possibilities for cultivation. Nonetheless, when CRM reaches a certain region, it needs to be modified according to local characteristics, so that it can better meet with the needs of enterprises as well as maximize its potential and effectiveness through the comprehensive range of optimal solutions.

Established in Beijing in 2012, Celnet Technology Co., Ltd is a native enterprise of internet, mobile, and Cloud Computing, providing information management solutions for businesses. At present, it is also the only platinum partner of Salesforce in China. Since its inception, it has served more than 300 enterprise customers and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In order to meet the goal of zero distance contact between enterprises and customers, Celnet calculates three major products and three service routes namely Salesforce SaaS products, Veevlink SaaS products and PaaS products.

Visionary & Transformational Leader behind Celnet Technology

Panda Liu is the Founder & CEO of Celnet Technology Co., Ltd. Liu graduated from the Shandong University of Technology and has been committed to the software industry since then. In 2007, he got interested in the Cloud Computing software industry and became China’s first group of people who were aware of operations and management of Cloud Computing. Today, Liu holds nearly 10 years of experience in Cloud Computing software implementation and management. In 2012, he incepted Celnet and within four years developed the company’s three new board listing, thereby emerging as Greater China’s largest partner of Salesforce.

Sharing his fascination about the CRM industry, the Founder & CEO of Celnet Technology says, “I have an innate obsession over doing things that others don’t like to do, along with doing things that others can’t do. At the beginning of my business, the field of CRM was a virgin land in China and took a lot of energy to bring new ideas for its local companies. I took up this challenge when people were not willing to attempt it and also refused to take risks due to lack of domestic success in the past. I feel that doing CRM in China was a very challenging and fulfilling thing which inspired me to start Celnet Technology.”

Back in the days, many companies were still using the old management theories and had no genes for customer relationship management. Therefore, it was very difficult to implement the CRM platform across the Chinese enterprises. Additionally, there was also a scarcity of new talent as the CRM industry was relatively new, while the senior talents were expensive to hire. In terms of policy, as the CRM was an imported product and service, some domestic policies in China remained inexperienced with CRM, causing hindrances in many places. Inspite of facing the above mentioned challenges, Liu hopes that CRM will continue to shine in China.

Recruitment Essentials For Aspiring Employees

While hiring a new employee, Liu looks at the three major strengths i.e. brain power, self-motivation and execution. Further, Liu feels that brain power is the foundation, thereby making smart people good at learning new things and effectively leading team innovation. Likewise, self-driving force is the source of power for a person to escape from the comfort zone and break through the cognitive barrier. Only a strong driving force can promote the team’s progress and open up new horizons. The importance of execution is self-evident without which everything becomes a blabber.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Services

Celnet has served more than 300 companies and is the prime CRM team recognized by most customers in Greater China. The value of customers to the leading Chinese CRM solution provider is actually multi-dimensional. Celnet Technology actually considers their cherished clientele base as friends & mentors and seeks their suggestions and recommendations from time to time. In turn, the loyal customers offer significant advantages to Celnet, consequently spurring its rapid progression and growth.

Daring to be Different

Over the coming years, Celnet Technology plans to further prosper and technically evolve from its competitors. According to Liu, Celnet’s existing competition is more about talent acquisition instead of technicality. Owing to this, Celnet technology majorly focuses on cultivating people through a complete talent training system, which not only introduces the top technical talents in the industry, but also willingly recruits college graduates and ultimately turns them into pillars that will support the coming future. At the same time, Celnet organizes collective learning programs on a regular basis to research and share new technologies so that they can be implemented in its core operational ecosystem.

Roadmap to a Bigger & Brighter Future

Celnet has been in existence for six years where its team is constantly innovating, breaking the stereotypical thinking of the masses, and currently is at a stage of steady growth. In terms of technology applications, the leading CRM solutions provider company focuses on the iterative optimization of the original technology, making its foundation more solid and firm. Moreover, the team of Celnet Technology is also exploring modern technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence in CRM.

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