Mastering Online Privacy: A Guide to Private Proxies and Common Types
It seems obvious you shouldn’t go around showing your ID to everyone you meet. It could have severe consequences. Your data could be used to ...
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Safeguarding SAP: Access Control & Data Privacy Guidelines
The volume of online data is increasing exponentially on a global scale every day. Due to technological advancements, businesses worldwide are more connected than ever, ...
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Top Security Guard Safety Tips You Need to Know in 2023
As the demand for security guards continues to rise, ensuring they stay safe while on duty is paramount. Being a security guard can be a ...
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Top Challenges in Managing User Identities and How Organizations Can Streamline the Process
In today’s digital world, user identities play an important role in enterprise IT management. As organizations continue to grow and evolve, the need for proper ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Device Security: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Data Safe
‍Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives, from checking emails to online shopping and even banking. However, as we increasingly rely ...
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Personally Identifiable Information the Hurdles, the Uses and the Pitfalls
Personally Identifiable Information: the Hurdles, the Uses and the Pitfalls
The modern world is one where information is a commodity that out-values silver, gold or diamonds by an extremely wide margin. The exchange of up-to-the-second ...
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Apple's revised privacy policy
Apple’s new privacy policy can hamper Facebook ad business
Key Highlights  Facebook’s net profit for the first quarter in 2021 is $ 9.5 with an increase of 6.5 percent in extended trading.  Apple’s upgrade ...
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DoD IP addresses
‘Enigmatic’ company in Florida made in charge of DoD IP addresses
Key Highlights: The company, Global Resource Systems’ has no web presence. The company did not come to existence until September 2020. The military aims at ...
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File Transfer Application
All you need to know about the increasing Accellion FTA Attacks
In recent times, several data breaches from unpatched vulnerabilities in Accellion’s File Transfer Application have been revealed. Here are some important insights about these much-talked-about ...
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Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine
Why Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Distributors?
The World is still having a tough time due to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic, causing more than 5 lakh deaths in the US alone and ...
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Ransomware Attacks
Why the Manufacturing Sector is becoming the Hot Spot of Ransomware Attacks?
Today, increasing ransomware attacks is a widespread problem that has the potential to cause millions in damage. The ever-growing issue has affected numerous organizations in ...
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Data Protection Cases against Google
Why Countries are filing Security and Data Protection Cases against Google?
In today’s tech-savvy world, the number of internet users is growing exponentially day by day. While the internet provides us with numerous advantages, its increasing ...
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