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Mobile technology will continue to be aakey innovation driverfor almost everyorganizations in the coming years. It communicates with all aspects of business, from improving the customer experience to creating a modern workplace where employees can access work from anywhere, at any time. Securing this modern, digital workplace is a critical task that no company should overlook.The U.S-based digital solution provider,Catapult helps their clients to incorporate mobility across their entire business, while helping them drive growth and increase profitability. What draws these companies to Catapult? The fact that they take a cloud-centric, mobile-first approach that is focused on providing the best possible service in all that they do.

Modern Digital Solutions and Services Company

Catapult, an innovator of modern digital solutions, is supporting this new business imperative.Not only are they working to drive innovation on behalf of their clients, they are looking for ways in which they can solve their customers’ most complex business challenges, using technology to deliver exceptional value to the clients based on their priorities and timeframes.

In today’s digital climate, companies must keep up with the rapid pace of change. Catapult ensures customers create a connected experience across all facets of their business,whether clients need to create customer-facing mobile applications or they need technology solutions that better support their employees’ efforts,providing them with the ability to work securely from any location, on any device.

One way that Catapult supports their customers in mobile strategy is by looking at their businesses holistically. At the beginning of each engagement, Catapult conductsa “discovery session,” in which they closely examine the client’s needs and goals. From there, Catapult creates a solution specific to the unique needs of that client.

Mobility remains at the heart of each Catapult solution—from custom software and user experience design to securing a customers’ mobile workforce.For example, Catapult’s intranet solution Fuse helps connect a company’s people to information. Fuse goes beyond a traditional intranet portal by giving employees the tools they need to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. The solution builds upon Microsoft Enterprise technologies, including Office 365, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Yammer to deliver a highly customizable intranet solution in as little as one week.

Service Provided by Catapult

Catapult provides multiple services to transform enterprises digitally. These services include:

  • Mobile Strategy
  • Digital Workplace Strategy and Solutions
  • User Experience and Creative Design
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Security/Mobile Device Management

Efforts for Client Satisfaction

The Catapult team is passionate about delivering on their commitments and doing what is right for customers. Woven into all aspect of their business, Catapult is committed to this core value: Do what you commit to and do so with passion. Even when circumstances change, Catapult does what it takes to make it right for the customer.

Catapult incorporates a layer of service into each of their technology solutions. Not only does Catapult deliver service on an ongoing basis, but they provide above-and-beyond support, making continual improvements that map back to clients’ key business strategies. Each customeris assigned a success manager who proactively helps drive user adoption and engagement, improves analytics tracking,and offers maintenance and feature support, to name a few.

Standing Unique among the Competitors

Catapult stands out against competitors for two key reasons:

1. Catapult has developed three suites of IP-led solutions using Microsoft’s cloud offerings. Adding their unique IP onto Microsoft’s already robust platforms, they wrap them in subscription services to manage and improve environments, providing Catapult with a unique way to support their customers’ challenges. Catapult’s services include Fuse, Intranet as a Service; Launch IT Lifecycle Management: User Management as a Service, Windows 10 as a Service, and Server Management as a Service; and Spyglass, IT Security and Compliance as a Service. Catapult focuses first on understanding the customer’s business challenges, and then customizes the suite to match their clients’ business needs.

2. The mobility solution provider’s brand promise rings true in all that they do. It always delivers by doing what they say they are going to do. They are easy to work with, and are committed to being flexible as changes arise. Catapult customers benefit from collective expertise, as they bring the whole team when a client engages with them.

Management Leader Driving Innovations

Where there is leading innovation, there is great leadership. At the helm of Catapult, CEO David Fuess brings 25 years of leadership and management experience, including 18 years of experience in the IT professional services industry. He has organically started three offices for Catapult, including Dallas, Denver and Phoenix business units, while serving as the Group Vice President and President. Prior to Catapult, David was the Dallas General Manager for BORN, and previous to BORN, he served in the role of National Director of Sales for Avanade.

One ofDavid’s priorities includes accelerating the growth and expansion of Catapult’s business to the U.S. and global markets. He also sets the vision and strategy for the organization, fosters Catapult’s strong relationship with its business partners, including Microsoft, and will continue refining the company’s business model to provide a broader range and greater value of services and solutions.

Goals to Expand the Global Footprints

In 2018, Catapult announced a global expansion with the formation of Catapult Worldwide. This new division of Catapult’s business will focus on the rise in demand for cloud expertise, specifically in architecting, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions on a global scale.

Many of Catapult’scustomers have an international presence and are undergoing a fundamental business transformation with cloud-based technologies, such as IOT and big data. The company’s expertise with digital transformation, along with their dynamic cloud-based solutions,has created a unique opportunity for Catapult to expand their services globally.

Catapult has US offices in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Tampa, and Washington, D.C, as well as offices in China, Malaysia, India, Mexico and Western Europe. The multinational corporation has been awarded as 2017 Partner of the Year Finalist in Cloud Productivity and the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year (U.S.).

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