Carson Barker: A Veteran Exploring the Potentials of Psychedelics Medication

Carson Barker

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The media industry is a dynamic sector that has witnessed a plethora of changes over the past few decades. The advancements in technology, emergence of new digital platforms, changing customer preferences, etc. have fueled these changes. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has significantly transformed the media industry over the past couple of years. Businesses and individuals are working remotely and digesting media strictly online through mobile devices at a significant rate.

These changes have brought a myriad of opportunities as well as challenges for companies in the media industry. Hence, the role of leadership in the media sector today has become vital. In the rigorously competitive media industry, leaders like Carson Barker (Founder and CEO of Icaro Connect and have set a prime example of ardent and visionary leadership. Carson is a decorated leader who has been leveraging his avid experience in the industry to steer the company towards unprecedented growth.

Backing the Instincts

Carson completed his Bachelor’s in Journalism from St. Edward’s University, and he has a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies. Carson worked for several companies where he played different roles such as a reporter, marketing writer, content writer, social media strategist, etc.

Carson’s motivation to step into the media industry came in 2008 when he was pursuing his master’s degree. He recognized how social media marketing, apps, and online marketing were about to be the next big wave. “My instincts told me that this new frontier of marketing and advertising would have the ability to drive targeted results to a finite point, and build personal relationships between consumers and businesses,” he asserts.

Motivation behind the Establishment

Through networking in various international medical industries, Carson and his partner realized the importance and potential of psychedelic plant medication. The primary benefits they noticed were the data-proven positive outcomes of psychedelics medication over traditional pharmaceuticals, the extensive scientific and government supported research, and the passionate advocacy of the doctors and patients. Then, they noticed the problem—doctors, clinics, and manufacturers were only connecting with a limited percentage of their potential clients. Thus, Icaro Connect was established in 2019.

Bouquet of Leading-edge Services

Icaro Connect is a premier marketing, advertising, design, and resource agency that is specifically dedicated to the psychedelic medicine community. It connects clinics and doctors with patients, manufacturers with industry leaders, and knowledge of the psychedelic medicine possibilities to the public.

The primary service offered by Icaro Connect is Business Growth Lifecycles. The company analyzes a client’s business potential and client base, and strategizes a plan on connecting with that potential. Some of the other services provided by the company include,

  • Marketing and Advertising: Icaro Connect is committed to help its clients grow their communities and engagement from root to leaf. Leveraging forward-thinking strategies and data-driven research, the company provides passionate work including Brand Strategy & Messaging, Marketing Communications, Digital Media, and Brand Stewardship.
  • Social Media Marketing: Icaro Connect provides the highest-quality Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Marketing services to assist their clients with navigating through the legalities and restrictions of pharmaceutical plant medicine marketing.
  • Web Design: Icaro Connect ensures that the client’s website matches their business image and goals to help them stand out from the competitors. It creates smooth designs free of clutter, perfectly balancing empty space and content.
  • Branding Services: Similar to web design, Icaro Connect helps building and enhancing the clients’ brand image with its bespoke branding services. These services include creative brand design, design consistency, and multi-platform branding.
  • Video Production: Icaro Connect has an award-winning video team—camera, lighting, directing, etc. that uses the best equipment to produce high quality videos. Its team can also expertly edit videos for an overall high quality, smooth look.
  • Content Creation: Exploring the different potentials of outreach, Icaro Connect creates content that drives community engagement.

A Robust Team

Despite the technological advancements and innovations, there is still a ton of data, science, and evidence that is not known publicly. As the CEO of Icaro Connect, Carson’s primary role is spreading awareness about this untapped data. He manages an award-winning design and video team, award-winning PR team, and the best management. “Our team members are excited enough on their own about this new industry and its potential to heal worldwide communities,” adds Carson.

Navigating the Change

With the legalities of psychedelic plant medicine on the cusp of change, Carson and his team are on the forefront of In the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic as well as online privacy rights conundrum has disrupted the internet as a whole. “Online privacy rights have shaken up the social media and internet information sharing industry for all the right reasons,” mentions Carson. As social media continues to dominate the industry for leadership through trends and updates, Carson adds, “Authenticity and transparency all lies within your messaging and image, and all these things are important now more than ever.”

A Worldly Perspective

Carson and Icaro Connect believe in working with clients who have a worldly perspective. “At the end of the day, we do more than generate sales, crowd growth, and fanbase interaction; our clients are doing positive work for the world as a whole,” mentions Carson. Besides psychedelic medication industry, Icaro Connect’s clientele includes local civil rights offices, TV Networks for disabled communities, and other brands that inspire motivation and positivity.


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