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Cantech India

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The brainchild of Devarsh Pandya, Cantech India is a leading host solution provider that missionizes to support its clients by delivering high-end technology as services. Thrice the winner of “Readers’ Choice Award”, as the best hosting company, Cantech India was incepted in 2009 with initial operations limited to Gujarat, India. Today, its products, associated services, and in-house one-to-one services have made established it as a renowned entity in its field allowing reach worldwide. Moreover, recently it was recognized as “The Most Promising Web Hosting Provider in India” by “Silicon India Magazine.”

The Founder and CEO, of Cantech India, Devarsh is a Computer Science graduate and Master of Business Administration with rich expertise in sales and product development, who claims that “Service” is the simplest strategy to capture the huge market.

A Customer-Friendly Array Deliverables

Pinpointing the fact that most of the business’s focus on revenue generation, Cantech India’s prime priority is to provide a digital solution with simplified services. Its core offerings include Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, VPS Hosting, Email Hosting, and SSL Certificates. Apart from that, it also deals with Video Streaming Servers and Digital Marketing. Moreover, leveraging the rising trend of media streaming, currently, Cantech is focusing on-demand streaming and live webcasting with its best dedicated server solution, which is applicable in hosting live events, training seminars, webinars etc.

Delivering Value to a Huge Client Base

Exceeding customer expectations for almost 10 years, Cantech India serves numerous clients including small scale to large scale companies involved in web development, SEO. Moreover, it also deals with the co-operative banking sector, semi-government organizations, digital media houses, and NGOs.

Some of its clients are Mantavya News, ModasaNagarik Bank., Dev Information Technology, Webphase Digital, Valley Telegence, Dreams Pro Events & Entertainments, Power Tech, Prime Technomed Solutions, Vera Synthetic, Phonate Technologies, 9A Mart, CADCAM Guru, Bhavnagar District Co-operative Bank, and Miss India Intercontinental 2018 – Celebrity Anchor—SumanChellani.

The secret of Cantech India’s Success

For a management, it is always beneficial to have a principle; it is a broad and general guideline that helps regulate decision-making and behavior within a group. Since the day one of planning to start Cantech India, its team agreed on three basic principles namely discount prices, instant service, and the customer is king, which they have been applying consistently and uncompromisingly to this very day.

With a goal to provide an attractive web space package and cutting-edge servers at an attractive price and creative approach, Cantech India drew parallels with well-known discount chains, which prove that a high-quality product could be delivered at a reasonable price when logistics and manpower are optimized. Moreover, its team has adopted the same business model on their whole product range and services. Furthermore, noticing the convenience of e-commerce and customers’ buying patterns, they decided to replicate the same pattern in theirown business model too. Proceeding with that, they provided several avenues of communication for their customers and visitors to contact them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Providing such easy, convenient, and valuable services, the customer-centric organization has never ever have blocked any clients’ domain, hosting account without a financial reason, and that is what manifests the customer-oriented attitude of Cantech India.

An Employee Centric Organization Culture Helping Thrive

According to Devarsh, “The growth of every organization depends upon hard work, dedication, and abilities of each and every employee of it.” In the case of Cantech India, its employee’s active participation in projects, technology updates, and solutions makes it stand apart. While elaborating the hardworking nature and dedication of his team, Devarsh says, “My team does not think of their working hours, in fact, they work 24×7 for the customer support and services.”

With an intention to enhance employee satisfaction, Devarsh tries to maintain a friendly working environment rather than practicing a hierarchy based culture. He knows the fact that everyone is special and has some uniqueness, so he seeks ways to foster their good qualities. Moreover, together with his colleagues, he paves the way for success through teamwork, by means of internal communication and mutual understanding. Remarkably, he has trained every member of his team to micromanage things and play every role throughout the organization, which helps when any member is unavailable, other colleagues can handle the work.

Cantech IndiaDefeating Challenges by Expertise

For Cantech India, the most challenging part of its operations is to run the hosting infrastructure 24×7 without any downtime to the client’s application. As systems facing downtime really creates a bad impression of a service provider, Devarsh’s topmost priorities are the best hardware, network, and a skilled technical support team to overcome such challenges. Moreover, he always tends to prefer reliable, fully powered, and equipped data center to run Cantech India’s servers smoothly without any interruptions. Further, data security and backup are also the prime factors that he keeps working on as being responsible for hosting clients’ data on his network.

Having experienced all the highs and lows in the fields of hosting, to anybody thinking to enter in this sector, he suggests that, “Plan well before starting hosting business, because it requires good capital, strong technical support, and skilled team members to serve online requirements.” Further, he adds, “A good service is the key.”

Cantech IndiaFuture of Media and Entertainment Industry

“The future of media and entertainment industry is ‘Digital’ because an average customer’s tendency towards digital platforms is forcing the industry to rethink on old entertainment and revenue generation model.” – Devarsh Pandya

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