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Brian Briscoe

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In the realm of real estate investing, the prevailing belief often centers on the purchase and management of single-family homes. However, Brian Briscoe, the Founder and Visionary of Streamline Capital Group, is challenging this perception. He offers individuals to invest in apartments without the hassles of day-to-day management. Investors can participate in their ventures, acquire ownership shares commensurate with their investments, and entrust property maintenance and management to seasoned professionals.

Brian’s impressive track record speaks for itself. He has served as a general partner in over 1,400 units, totaling more than $140 million in value. His roles encompass lead sponsorship, asset management, capital raising, and key principal involvement in these properties. His vision for Streamline Capital Group is to provide long-term growth and income for its investors.

Brian Briscoe’s narrative revolves around simplifying real estate investment, ensuring that all participants can enhance their lives through this transformative approach. For people who are curious about this unique investment approach, Brian suggests, Hop on a call with someone from our team and we can explain how the investments work.”

Brian’s Career Journey from Military to Real Estate

Brian’s journey is a tale of transitions—from academia to the military and, ultimately, into the real estate industry. His educational background encompassed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from the University of Utah, followed by a Master’s in International Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School. Initially, it appeared that his career might lead him toward academia.

However, on September 11, a pivotal moment arrived when Brian made a life-changing decision. He chose to forsake his pursuit of a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota and instead enlisted in the U.S. Marines, embarking on a twenty-year journey of active service. This commitment profoundly shaped his life, ending with his retirement on October 31, 2021.

During his military tenure, Brian concurrently embarked on another path—investing in single-family homes. This venture began in 2007 when he acquired his first property. What unfolded over the years surprised him; his real estate investments began to outperform his retirement savings and traditional investment accounts.

By 2017, with his military retirement looming, Brian aspired to broaden his horizons within the real estate field, with a focus on apartment investments. This marked a significant shift in his career trajectory.

Brian spent a year on self-education to prepare for this new venture, immersing himself in the complexities of multifamily property acquisitions. Eventually, he decided to join a paid mentorship program, where he honed his skills not only in purchasing multifamily properties but also in guiding others who wished to invest alongside him. As part of this transition, he strategically chose to sell his single-family home portfolio, redirecting his resources toward multifamily investments.

While stationed near Washington, DC, and fulfilling his duties at the Pentagon, Brian took another leap by co-founding an investment company in 2019. This company specialized in acquiring properties primarily in South Carolina and Georgia, a pursuit that lasted until July 2022, when Brian shifted his investing focus to Utah.

Upon retiring from the Marines, Brian and his family relocated to Idaho Falls, drawing closer to his wife’s family. This change of location prompted him to establish a new venture, Streamline Capital, in the heart of his hometown, Salt Lake City.

In early 2020, Brian leveraged the wealth of knowledge he accumulated through his apartment investments to launch an educational platform known as “The Tribe of Titans.” This subsidiary of Streamline Capital Group now offers subscriptions and coaching to a growing community of over 200 members, including 20 individuals receiving personalized coaching.

In July 2020, Brian expanded his reach even further by launching the “Diary of an Apartment Investor” podcast. What sets this podcast apart is its unique format, pairing aspiring apartment investors with seasoned counterparts in each episode, with the shared goal of assisting newcomers in navigating the industry. Since its inception, Brian has recorded and released over 450 episodes, accumulating an impressive 250,000 downloads, with an average of 550 downloads per episode.

Streamline Capital Group: Real Estate with a Purpose

Streamline Capital Group, led by Brian Briscoe, has an interesting history. Initially, it began as a real estate holding company. However, in July 2022, Brian made a significant move by rebranding it as Streamline Capital and merging it with the “Tribe of Titans.”

So, what sets Streamline Capital apart?

  1. Strategic Investments: The company specializes in acquiring apartments in the Greater Salt Lake City area, showcasing its distinctive approach to real estate investment.
  1. Long-Term Growth: Streamline Capital is committed to holding properties for extended periods, allowing investors to build wealth and generate passive income over time.
  1. Relationship Building: The company prioritizes building strong relationships with investors and partners, creating a collaborative environment.

At the core of Streamline Capital’s mission is the goal of improving people’s lives through a multifaceted approach:

  • Investment Opportunities: They offer investment opportunities in apartment complexes, enabling investors to increase their net worth and passive income.
  • Community Improvement: They actively work on enhancing properties and neighborhoods, ensuring clean and secure living conditions for all residents.
  • Local Engagement: Streamline Capital collaborates with local businesses to provide essential services.

Their clients hail from various backgrounds, including new real estate investors and high-net-worth individuals. Streamline Capital enables clients to diversify their portfolios and earn attractive returns through real estate investments. For residents in Streamline Capital-managed properties, the benefit is evident. They enjoy the assurance of property owners and managers dedicated to maintaining pristine and secure living conditions.

Leading the Charge of Innovation

At Streamline Capital Group, Brian Briscoe serves in multiple key roles: Founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary. In these positions, he shapes the company’s direction and opens doors for his team, with his primary focus being the cultivation of strategic relationships.

Brian’s leadership approach involves striking a balance between the company’s needs and the well-being of its clients. He ensures that the company’s growth aligns with the overarching goal of improving people’s lives. This harmony between business success and client welfare is at the heart of Brian’s leadership at Streamline Capital Group.

Dynamic Team Strategy to Maintain Collaborative Environment

Brian has a clear strategy for motivating and inspiring his team to achieve their goals and objectives. The company operates on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a systematic approach that keeps the team aligned and focused. They conduct quarterly meetings to review their vision and goals. During these sessions, they establish new quarterly objectives, known as “rocks,” which become the team’s immediate focus for achieving the company’s broader objectives.

What distinguishes Streamline Capital is that every leadership team member actively contributes to shaping the company’s vision. Each member also defines their own rocks, aligning them with the company’s goals. Furthermore, the compensation and bonus structure is designed to reward the team for achieving these collective goals.

This collaborative approach not only motivates the team but also ensures that everyone is committed to the company’s success. It reflects Brian’s leadership style, which emphasizes teamwork and inclusivity.

 Navigating Growth and Adapting to Real Estate’s Changes

Streamline Capital Group has a clear vision for the future, aiming to enhance investor satisfaction through hosting local events, ensuring transparency in investment performance, and expanding investment opportunities. Their specific goals include owning and managing over 2,000 units in the Greater Salt Lake City area by 2025, with plans to hire key personnel to support this growth.

Regarding the future of the real estate industry, Brian believes that some aspects will remain constant. People will always need shelter, and that is what Streamline Capital Group provides. However, he acknowledges that the industry is evolving, and they are ready for it. Here’s their approach:

  • Real estate prices will keep going up because of inflation. They’re getting ready to benefit from this trend.
  • With the increasing use of electric vehicles (EVs), they will install EV chargers at their larger properties.
  • They are embracing smart technology to enhance residents’ lives and conserve resources.
  • They are also committed to using less water in their landscaping to prioritize environmental sustainability.

Brian Briscoe and Streamline Capital Group are ready to manage growth and adapt to the evolving real estate industry while ensuring investor satisfaction and promoting sustainability.

Composing Professional and Personal Life Balance

The real estate profession demands a significant amount of time to reach a certain level of success, making it challenging to maintain a balanced life. Brian sheds light on this issue, stating, “One of our core focuses is to build relationships with our investors and partners, so in many ways, there’s no real dividing line between personal and professional life.” It is a demanding sector to be in; nevertheless, he manages to allocate time for his children. He mentions, “My wife and I have five kids, and we make sure we’re scheduling time to be with them.” This is how he strives to maintain a stable personal life without compromising his professional pursuits.


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