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The year 2020 shifted the public relations landscape unpredictably. The rise of the digital age has redrawn the boundaries of PR, expanding beyond the traditional medium and widening the customer base. Today, the increased use of digital platforms has led to a more integrated approach that works in coalition with both PR and other marketing techniques. However, the direct impact of PR on the audience and the subtle nature of communication are still continually enabling practitioners to distinguish themselves from the latter.

The need for public relations exists to influence, build trust, and broaden reach. To do so successfully under the current industry scenario, individual and personalized outreach holds key importance. Various organizations in the industry are using data to determine audience relevance, which allows them to target relevant media outlets, journalists, and writers with a sharper focus on customers and reachability. Additionally, recent developments in the PR industry have devised advanced approaches to targeting the right audience using techniques that are based on behavioral sciences.

Data-driven companies like BoostYourCampaign are standing out by successfully reaching the intended audience, getting higher returns on publications, and return on investment with the help of advanced crowd-funding tools.

Bringing Ideas to Life

BoostYourCampaign was started as a Conversion Rate Optimization agency (CRO) in 2010 by co-founders, Giovanni Brees and Thomas Landers. Later, the company stepped into crowd funding and began running successful product launch campaigns. Its reputation immediately started to build and BoostYourCampaign began receiving requests to support companies and individuals on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with its crowd funding solutions.

As a result, the company implemented its crowd funding techniques for the product launch platform and quickly grew to become one of the leading PR agencies in the world. Over the years, the company has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Mashable, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, and many more.

In terms of the number of projects and reach, BoostYourCampaign has been recognized as one of the top PR agencies in the US and the most prominent agency in Europe. The company has assembled a team of extensively experienced individuals—capable of managing crowd funding campaigns alongside creating valuable relationships across various industries.

The Bond of Service

BoostYourCampaign has a data-driven approach for campaigning. It readily partners with customers and offers unique marketing solutions through creative strategizing. The company offers a ‘skin in the game’ approach with every project it works on, which is unique in the crowd funding market space. Meanwhile, BoostYourCampaign can offer complete crowd funding services as well as e-commerce services. In addition to a long history and experience from PR services to paid ads, it works closely together with some leading brands and businesses. This gives it better insights and contacts in the market than other crowd funding marketing agencies.

Presently, BoostYourCampaign offers services that cover various aspects of crowd funding marketing, including Landing Page Design, Press Releases, Email Newsletters, Return Backer Database, Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads, Kickstarter and Indiegogo Page Design, Amazon and Shopify, CRO and Growth, and several more. For e-commerce, the company is an expert in growth hacking and conversion optimization for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It also provides e-commerce services for crowd funding campaigns—it has previously worked with—as per the client’s request. Additionally, the BoostYourCampaign office located in Lisbon offers chatbot, referral campaign, and native app services.

“Our extensive experience and teamwork enable us to provide excellent services that help drive more traffic to the clients’ campaigns,” added Giovanni.

Committed to the Customer

BoostYourCampaign is an open structure as a company. Over the years, the founders Giovanni and Thomas have created a spectacular work culture. Every employee is involved in the day-to-day activities, each within their own field of expertise. The company works together as a team to make every customer’s campaign a success. The co-founder, Giovanni personally manages the clients—talking to most of the customers from the initial introduction call to the launch of their crowd funding agency. Further, he manages their product launch on Amazon, their website, or through the distributors. BoostYourCampaign has worked with some of the best-known brands around the world, as well as startups that have reached millions of customers to date. “The main focus in my career has always been on product launches or new market introductions,” says Giovanni.

As a team, BoostYourCampaign engages directly with its clients and works in a coalition from start to finish providing exceptional services. The company uses its data-driven strategy to run high conversion-oriented PR or Paid ad campaigns internally—by tracking results, email flows, and success rates. Additionally, every team member communicates transparently with the clients. BoostYourCampaign uses a project management tool allowing the customer to follow the progress on each step along the way. Moreover, the team stays in constant touch with its network of PR and influencers.

“We actually care about the campaigns we work with. Instead of trying to sell as many services as possible, we focus on delivering the best possible result for each of our clients,” mentions Giovanni.

Ceasing Opportunities

BoostYourCampaign generates most of its revenue from crowd funding and e-commerce projects, which include several lifestyles and fashion brands. Moreover, an increasing number of gadget and tech startups are also working with the company for their marketing strategies. As BoostYourCampaign has a high rate of success for ad campaigns, the company aims to recruit more employees to enhance its paid ads capabilities in the future.

The company already has a PR and influencer database for its commerce-based clients. Presently, it aims to enhance its offerings and such a database to all its future crowd funding customers. This will allow business and campaign owners with a smaller budget, to reach a relevant amount of contacts in their industry, without a hefty price tag.

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