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Marketing agencies have redefined marketing traditions with their unique approaches. In addition to catering to marketing requirements, they create captivating stories for brands and organizations to pitch and establish themselves amongst their targeted audience. Using impactful narratives, they boost profitable engagement and set a benchmark within the industrial domain. A leading example of this is embodied by Bold Entity.

Since its inception, Bold Entity has been helping companies rediscover their unique elements and institute the best ways to communicate with current and potential clients. Over the past decade, Bold Entity has focused on leveling the playing field for small and mid-size companies. The company has been creating efficient marketing tools and processes which allow them to approach marketing the same way a Fortune 100 would—with strategic focus, insights-driven tactics, and quantifiable results.

A Prodigious Innovator

Bold Entity is the brainchild of Valerie Jimenez (CEO and Founder), who established the company in 2010 after realizing her passion for assisting small businesses to succeed through strategic marketing. Valerie experienced several challenges throughout her entrepreneurial journey—especially while learning to manage and achieve scale effectively. However, her strong command of the marketing industry and ability to creatively solve problems tremendously helped Bold Entity to provide value to its clients.

Although Valerie found it easy to run a one-person business, she was hitting a wall when it came to scaling her business. Embracing the challenge, she decided to participate in several business management training programs which helped her understand how to build profitability.

Result-Driven Offerings

A one-stop B2B marketing agency, Bold Entity is committed to helping companies expand their business and increase revenue. Its marketing, branding, and public relations services combine traditional approaches with digital solutions backed by proprietary data-based research.

Approaching clients’ marketing campaigns as enterprise-level campaigns, Bold Entity begins with industry and competitive research by collecting data from various touchpoints such as analytics, testimonials and visible results. Subsequent to data collection, the company sets efficient systems allowing the clients to measure their marketing ROI accurately.

Bold Entity’s thorough research methodology and data-gathering process yield valuable information—helping shorten the sales process. It also enables the company to perceive marketing and sales as one entity- an ecosystem that provides continuous feedback for ongoing results. The entire process results in campaigns that continue adapting instead of withering over time.

Diverse Team of Marketing Professionals

At the helm of the company, Valerie oversees the daily operations and business development while leading continuous brand-building efforts. However, she has built a diverse team of marketing professionals of different ages, experience levels, and backgrounds- the team includes industry veterans as well as fresh college graduates.

The diversity of perspectives enables Bold Entity to combine the expertise of its seasoned team members with the energetic momentum and fresh ideas of its young professionals to  better serve the company’s clients and prospects.

Constant Reassessments for Better Results

In order to exceed standard expectations of clients through continuous reassessments, Bold Entity focuses on collecting feedback during every campaign launch. Every member is empowered to make result-oriented decisions by positioning the company’s mission, vision and core values at the front and center while serving clients. The company introduced an HR consultant last year to help moderate a session where the Bold Entity team collaborated to evaluate and create the company’s core values to further success of the clients. This helped build accountability and create a high sense of responsibility for the team members involved.

As a leader, Valerie often reminds herself that the only way to ensure a satisfactory client experience is by ensuring that the team feels good about their jobs. She elaborates that the members endure challenges while keeping stress at bay, and continuously grow—personally and professionally— while feeling appreciated for their contributions. “If you want to ensure your clients are happy, your employees should come first,” Valerie says.

Strategizing Customer-Beneficial Plans

Bold Entity is closely monitoring strategies to effectively bridge marketing and sales. Valerie mentions that small and even mid-sized companies with small sales teams rely on marketing agencies to assist them with tedious and time-consuming sales processes such as market research, identifying prospects, and others.

Moreover, to effectively bring in qualified leads, certain work must precedent the capturing of leads, including factors such as understanding the ideal audience and the value proposition and many more—generally existing with marketing agencies working closely with these companies. As a marketing agency, these factors enable an advantage and opportunity for Bold Entity to grow continuously in the appropriate direction.

When the pandemic hit, several businesses reinvented their offerings and swiftly transitioned to digital marketing for quick and effective promotion. Companies that had adopted digital marketing pre-pandemic witnessed increased website traffic throughout lockdowns and higher growth in brand awareness than the previous years.

As COVID-19 disrupted industries and created the requirement to pivot value propositions, rebranding services emerged as the latest trend. While some companies focused on culture, various small and mid-size companies invested in rebranding for internal marketing purposes first. Valerie says that there is an increased demand for the adoption of video storytelling. Several companies are seeking high-quality video services for internal training, advertising, and credibility-enhancing tools.

Anticipating AI Domination

Anticipating AI domination in the future, Valerie believes that AI will be adopted as a content-building tool for analyzing data—AI, automation, and robotics will become common tools which will help teams become more efficient marketers. “I predict that although some AI marketing tools are now available to the small and mid-size business sector, they will be widely adopted within the next five years,” mentions Valerie. However, she also emphasizes that these tools will not preside over marketing but will help professionals make better decisions by providing data and helping optimize tedious and repetitive activities.

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