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Nagesh Kunamneni

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Due to the advancements in the cloud technology, IT professionals around the world are able to provision computing infrastructure on-demand, application developers are able to build solutions faster and creating new experiences that were unthinkable before, and more importantly, it has ushered the era of Innovation and Change like never before. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud service providers that offer exponentially scalable, agile and tailor-made services to numerous organizations. BizCloud Experts is one of the certified advanced partners of AWS, assisting customers with building, deploying/migrating solutions to AWS

As an AWS Advanced solutions partner, BizCloud Experts offers an Agile DevOps model that allows customers a choice of skills, resources and solutions. This wide choice and flexibility allows clients to choose the right strategy/tool for the job. The mission @BizCloud Experts is to unleash the full potential of AWS in building smarter solutions cheaper, better, and faster for the clients.

Flexible Approach with Advanced Solutions

BizCloud Experts is an IT consulting company that helps the clients to understand and maximize their digital transformation. Currently, the change in the approach of the current marketplace can be seen as it is moving from more rigid approaches to doing things in smaller micro-services. BizCloud Experts provides these micro-services by partnering with the renowned companies and continues to build the relationship around it.

Using expert knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the market, the AWS provider helps customers to achieve their goals. The services provided by the company can be mainly categorized into four different services.

  • Architecture and Advisory Services: BizCloud Experts provides architecture and advisory services developed by the team of certified architects and engineers. These certified engineers and architect assess the problem and then provide cloud-based architectural solutions.
  • Agile Devops and Serverless Solutions: Early Adopters of Serverless Technologies and and introducing agile practices to devops projects has created an unique delivery model that delivers a smooth converged application delivery model. Fortune 500 companies can break down the silos and deliver agile services at the speed of Business.
  • Smart Contact Center Services: Architect, develop and deploy Contact Center Solutions on Amazon Connect and relevant adjunct technologies. Build out better customer experiences. Our solution offers get you started with little or no cost at all.
  • AWS Cloud Reseller: As a qualified partner to resell AWS cloud services, it has license rights to sell AWS to end customers.

Other than these aforementioned services, BizCloud Experts also provides expertise for healthcare, consulting, migration services, and application development. As a part of solution offering, it provides field manager solution, smart office assistant, Cargo Logistics, Agile PM – Project/Issue Management, and Smart telephony/voice.

Understanding the Viewpoints of the Humble Leader

Nagesh Kunamneni, Founder and CTO of BizCloud Experts realized very early in his career that creating high-performance teams is the key to organizational success. Throughout his career, he has helped introduce and operationalize disruptive technologies like RF scanners into Cargo Operations, Kiosks into Airline Operations, Web Services to power e-commerce sites, Converged Infrastructure into Data Centers, and Cloud Services to transform legacy IT applications and infrastructure.

BizCloud Experts

Nagesh completed his MBA from McCombs School of Business and MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Central Florida. As the founder and CTO of the company, he engages with small, medium and large enterprise clients to deploy leading-edge cloud computing solutions. He also helps IT executives strategically enable “DevOps” teams to foster continuous automation of technology and business operations. Nagesh says, “We create and build smart solutions that allow for faster, more positive outcomes––one project, one initiative at a time.”

Investing in People and Relationships

Nagesh believes that a team moves from being just a team to a high-performance team if the team embraces diverse skills. Additionally, the team bond is increased by understanding each individual’s strengths and weaknesses in the team. Nagesh says, “No one walks into work thinking I want to perform poorly today.”He believes in investing in people and relationships.

Hustling with the Changes

Over the years, BizCloud Experts has faced a lot of challenges because of the nature of the business. One of the major challenges faced by the company was keeping up with the continuous changes in technology happening in and around the industry and also updating the same at regular interval of time. Bizcloud Expert is also known for the diversity of the services and solutions offered by it. The other major challenge faced by the company is of building a highly skilled team with all the current market understanding.

A $100 Million Company

Presently, BizCloud Experts aims to help the customers in understanding the power of technology and their choices. The company is working on many exciting new projects like Connected Car, Field Manager, and Smart Business solutions. And in the coming years, BizCloud Experts plans to be a $100 Million Company that is recognized for building smart solutions for enterprises.

Sponsoring for the Future

BizCloud Experts believes that culture is the key to everything they do. As a company, it follows “Work Hard, Think Deeply, Give Freely, Laugh a Lot, Speak Gently, and Love Much,” philosophy.  These series of thoughts embodies everything it believes in. Moreover, Nagesh and the company focuses on self-improvement and development as these are the two most important things for organization as whole to continuously improve. BizCloud Experts sponsors sporting events, conducts tech talks, support sandwich drives, and pay for certifying newer solutions as part of its little bit contribution towards a brighter future for everyone in our value network.

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