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“The best service providers are the ones that can listen well and then bring a high degree of attention to the relationship. Bixlabs has done a great job with that. Bixlabs has done a nice job of listening, putting a lot of energy into it, and they also take real pride in their work.” These words from Robb Smith, CEO & Founder at Chrysallis, one of the clients of Bixlabs, speaks about one of the prominent reasons why businesses around the globe strive to work with Bixlabs.

Bixlabs is a mobile and web development company and develops software for startups and forward-thinking companies, taking on each project with passion and commitment. Developing the relationship with the customers is as important as product development for the team at Bixlabs as they believe that communication is fundamental in the project’s success. While leveraging Latin American talent and latest technologies the company builds successful digital products that sustain through this ever-changing technology scenario.

The highly qualified team at Bixlabs endeavors to leverage cutting edge technologies. They have been successful in developing applications that are Swift, Kotlin, React Native and Hybrid Apps, that looks like the native ones but tend to take less time to develop. Although it depends on respective client and project, Bixlabs chooses the technology that suits best for the proper development and later success of it.

A Motivational Leader in Pursue of Excellence

Alfredo Levy, CEO of the company is responsible for Bixlabs’s growth through the fierce competition of the software industry. Alfredo has a degree in Computer Science and more than 10 years of experience in programing and developing. The leader is not only the guide for the company, but also the daily dose of inspiration for the whole team. “He is active in every part of the process, accompanying the team, suggesting technologies that we can use, teaching us about new ones, talking to clients, and even bringing us pizza every Friday so we can share together a great team lunch,” shares a team member.

Alfredo is a very important piece of this puzzle, not only because he is the company’s CEO but mostly because he is patient, joyful and takes the time needed to help the developers with their coding. Furthermore, he helps the Project Managers with their meetings, the sales and marketing department with their new strategies and constantly invests in researching new techs so that the company can continue to provide its services while excelling it every day.

A Methodology that Ensures Quality

The methodology that Bixlabs follows ensures that the company is on the track towards the pinnacle. They work using Scrum. The company’s approach to Project Management is very inclusive and transparent. They engage the whole team as well as a team leader and/or Project Manager in as many aspects as possible in order to ensure that they maintain the motivation and engagement of everyone, and to increase the ownership of the product in each member.

Efforts Taken for Client Satifaction

For Bixlabs, their clients are the most important asset, with that being said, the team gives their best performance to exceed the expectations of their clients. Based in Uruguay, the company consists of 16 talented and experienced designers and developers from different parts of Latin America. The company has more than 7 years of experience working with startups located in the United States and Europe. The determined team utilizes agile methods, where they divide their work into weekly (or 2 weeks at most) sprints. Constant communication with the clients helps Alfredo and his team to deliver what has been promised.

With each proposal the team analyzes every detail in order to give the most accurate estimate for the project. The best available developer or developers that fit the requirements are employed to each respective project. The developer that starts the project are involved throughout the whole process, and the whole team provides the support as they take pride in working together, making suggestions and fixing issues as a team.

“As a company we like to promote a culture based on quality with continuous learning, organizing tech talks, assuming new challenges, always improving the quality of the code and our processes. We like to focus on projects that will have a social impact and make the future a better place,” shares Alfredo referring to the culture of the company.

Success for a Mobile Solution Provider

The team at Bixlabs has a very unique definition for success. They believe that success of a mobile solutions provider company depends on what clients are looking for with their products. They further share that success can be measured from a lot of perspectives. For some the objective is to have a lot of users, for others is to generate a huge revenue, for some, is only a matter of branding and get the voice spread, for others is client retention and usually, for enterprises is more about improving internal processes. “So in order to properly answer this question, we need to know the client objective,” Alfredo asserts.

Continuously working for the clients’ benefits and leveraging most advanced technologies, the company wants to triple their team over the next five years. Bixlabs wants to triple  the impact they are generating on their partners’ businesses.

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