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It’s easy to be happy when you land a big job or meet the perfect client. It’s easy to be happy when things are going well. You need to practice controlling your emotions when things aren’t perfect,” says Nick-Anthony Zamucen, the CEO and Founder at Bio-One.

Fearing the uncertainties people tend to chase the normal and settle for job security, however, there are few risk-takers who aim for extraordinary goals. Nick is one of those risk-takers who did not settle for less and created the world’s first multi-million dollar crime and trauma scene franchise—Bio-One. Established in 2008, Bio-One is the most recognized Biohazard Company in the world. The company started franchising in 2010 and soon had a presence with over 130+ locations around the world.

However, Nick entered the industry by sheer fate. While in his early 20s he visited a hazard scene and offered to help. It was then that he realized that after a suicide or homicide, officials walk away with the bodies leaving the mess behind. A question crossed his mind what happens throughout the country when a suicide happens and the coroner takes the body? Do the families have to clean the mess themselves? Acting upon this thought, Nick laid the foundation of Bio-One. Unlike other businesses, leading in the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry is exigent. Whenever there is a suicide, homicide, or any undiscovered dead body, there are several officials who get called to the homicide scene, one of which is companies like Bio-One.

Unique Approach Towards Hazard Scenes

Bio-One franchisees remediate the crime scenes and other hazard scenes including mold remediation, meth labs, and fentanyl cleanup. The team of Bio-One is prepared 24*7 to deal with situations that arise from unexpected events. The team is quick to act on all the necessary arrangements to begin the healing process. They strive to help people in their greatest time of need adhering to the company motto ‘Help First, Business Second’. Nick adds, “We not only teach every franchise to have the empathy of the surviving families but to approach each scene as a unique way to help someone’s life for the better.”

The experts at Bio-One strictly abide by OSHA regulations to clean the perilous scenes and offer a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning services which include:

  • Crime and traumatic scene clean up
  • Hoarding Clean Up
  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Emergency vehicle decontamination
  • Odor Removal
  • Teargas Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Rodent Droppings

Recently, in the wake of the pandemic, Bio-One has added COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection to its portfolio. Being a trusted leader in the decontamination industry, it employs certified technicians who provide expert cleanup services for coronavirus disinfection, and regularly disinfects for bloodborne pathogens, viruses, and bacteria such as HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA, and many others.

Unmatchable Attributes and Virtues

COVID-19 has caused chaos for the companies providing stagnant services. However, for Bio-One, the business doubled with the rise of COVID-19 across the nation as the need for disinfection increased. This demand has increased the need for cleaning services, and as a result, several companies are budding in the industry. Nick is affirmative that the services that Bio-One offers are unmatched in comparison to its competitors.

Being in the industry for a long time, Nick has witnessed several companies come and go. He believes that thriving in this industry is far more complex than it seems. Often companies fail to understand that without the success of the franchisees, the brand cannot be termed successful. “Success is only one part of it; you need people skills, the love of the industry, and integrity. Not all companies promote those attributes and virtues,” said Nick.

Experimenting with Entrepreneurship

Nick-Anthony Zamucen has been monitoring the operations of Bio-One and has ventured into another franchise. He is an expert at starting a franchise, building the model, creating the brand, and supporting new potential franchises. As an entrepreneur, Nick has learned to experiment with his ideas and take calculated risks. “You have to know when it’s time to walk away and do something more or just different in business,” said Nick. He has a zeal for innovations and thus aims to create more. Venturing into different businesses will also provide more opportunities for business owners.

Nick’s business approach is different from other entrepreneurs. After 30-35 franchises, he employs an exceptional management team that can take care of the business further while he is exploring other businesses. Being a proficient entrepreneur, he has managed to have a track record of success. Nick has followed the same approach for years and has maintained his streak of success. Consequently, he has also been bestowed with several franchising awards. He further asserts, “Building a solid franchise company and providing outstanding opportunities is what I like to do.”

Always the Right Thing

Nick has been successful in building a successful brand such as Bio-One. Moreover, inspired by Bio-One, several other companies tried to replicate its services but failed. He reasons Bio-One’s success to commitment towards helping and servicing others. For instance, currently, Bio-One is the go-to company for COVID-19 disinfection and gets called a dozen times a day for cleanup. Keeping up with the demand for services, the team had to switch chemicals and adhere to new CDC guidelines. Furthermore, there have been changes in how they store records of the scenes and the method of disposals too. Nevertheless, the team of Bio-One did not cut expenses or incorporate shortcuts in the method of disposal and ensured quality in its services.

Nick asserts, “We’re all about doing things by the book. There’s no reason to cut corners or do things halfway just because no one is watching.” Always offering quality services without exception has been one of its core values. He and his team aim to keep helping people across the country and are looking forward to expanding the services globally. Being optimistic about company growth, Nick affirms, “2020 and 2021 has been and will be fantastic years.”


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