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The rampant transition to virtuality and digitalization has accelerated the demand for e-learning platforms. The majority of working professionals are also relying on e-learning platforms to upgrade their learning skills. Presently, e-learning has become one of the widely adopted forms of education and learning. This rapid demand has resulted in the emergence of numerous e-learning platforms offering a plethora of curated and personalized courses on various subject matters. 

Amongst such e-learning platforms, Bigger Brains has dominated the market with its sheer experience and quality services. Utilizing its unique e-learning platform, Bigger Brains offers a wide range of courses to its various customers. The extensive and concurrent research has allowed the company to create effective and engaging courses for its learners. 

The story of its establishment goes back to the date when the concept of e-learning was obscure. Chip Reaves (Founder and President) established Bigger Brains in 2012 as he could sense the inferiority of e-learning over instructor-led learning. It was regarded as a concept possibly opted by a company when budget or other circumstances were not favorable. Chip also noticed the unavailability of ample options for training of small and mid-sized employees and the poor reputation of e-learning. Leveraging his years of vast experience in the IT service industry, the idea of Bigger Brain came into existence.  

Convenient Knowledge Platform

Bigger Brains is a platform for IT consultants with huge demand and can be availed 24/7. It enables learners to access their concerned courses according to their convenience and desired pace. 

Bigger Brains allows the learners to go back to their previous lessons as per their needs. With no standard deadlines for the courses, one does not have to wait on the platform for a course to start or for the next lesson. 

Accessible and Unique Learning Formats 

In a video-centric format, the courses involve the participation of two people on camera. These include an expert to instruct and a learner to ask questions and give examples of tasks. As a result, the interaction becomes more engaging and is psychologically more interactive. To provide a complete learning experience, several courses include facilities such as practice sheets, handouts, and knowledge checks. 

Bigger Brains’ “Uniquely Engaging™” Teacher/Learner style was established by deriving techniques from popular mediums such as television and social media videos. It was developed using video, conversation, practical examples, and instinctive elaboration to create outcome-oriented lessons which are effective and enjoyable.

Addressing Knowledge Retention

Knowledge retention is a common problem for all learners. To address the issue, a retention chatbox—BrainBot—is oriented on the platform which offers the following features:

  • Can be used by trainers to provide periodical retest and reminders to learners to keep them updated with the gained knowledge;
  • Trainers, as well as companies, can program the chatbox according to their own training needs; and 
  • Can be availed by teachers, trainers, and companies to program their unique courses

Spearheaded by a Prodigious Leader

Being at the helm of the company, Chip tends to several roles and responsibilities. He ensures that the customer service provided by the company is available to both the individual users of the courses as well as the reseller partners and company users. Chip’s vision of entertaining and ideating unique courses keeps him involved in every step—from conceptualizing to being on the camera. 

Under his stewardship, Bigger Brains has been the recipient of several e-learning awards. These include the Craig Weiss Best Content Award for 2020, Training Industry’s Top 20 Companies to Watch for 2020 and 2021, and e-learning Magazine’s Best of Awards in IT Training and Soft Skills for 2015-2020. Moreover, Chip is dedicated to being a fair employer and running a responsible and ethical company. 

Chip holds a comprehensive career. He is the founder of the Computer Troubleshooters USA franchise system alongside Wilson & Suzanne McOrist—the world’s largest computer service franchise. He has also been bestowed with various awards from Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review, and Moreover, he has been interviewed on TV and other major media on topics related to small business technology and entrepreneurship.

Adhering to Changes in Learning Environment

As an experienced leader, Chip feels that the present technological advancements have transformed personal learning, allowing learners to learn at any remote location and under the best possible environments. This has allowed learners to easily grasp the concepts and perform better during the particular learning program. Moreover, it has also been the constant motivation for Chip to work even more diligently towards a more comprehensive hybrid model of learning where learners can learn as per their free will.

Under the leadership of Chip, Bigger Brains is continuously evolving to provide the best learning environments for its learners. “Any learning environment is determined by two factors. Firstly, it should be relevant. Secondly, it should be engaging. This will require different formats and a variety of topics”, states Chip. In adherence to the changing times, Bigger Brains continues to partner with other companies that strive to enhance the learning experience while offering courses for various learners. 

Wider Accessibility and Availability 

E-learning can bring technology and business skills to emerging areas around the world—building their economies for the 21st century. Bigger Brains is working with customers from across the globe offering more multi-lingual courses. Currently, its library includes thousands of lesson transcripts in several languages such as German, Thai, Spanish, French, French Canadian, and Chinese.  This extensive collection ensures that learning Serbian, English, Japanese, or any language you choose is readily accessible, empowering you to embark on your language-learning journey easily and confidently. However, the most popular courses are dubbed in Spanish and the Spanish language library continues to be a priority. 

Chip anticipates that several trends will continue and thrive in the coming years, and English language courses will continue to be an accouterment to learning the language. He further adds, “Since business is global, a type of standardization in IT and soft skills is bound to assist in global interaction. Courses will continue to evolve with more localization for better international understanding.”

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