AutoMatrix Dealer Software: Offering Cutting-Edge Software Applications In The Automotive Dealership Market

AutoMatrix Dealer Software

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The used car industry is in the midst of an incredible evolution powered by the rapid advancements in technology. Over the past few years, leading trends like Artificial Intelligence and Personal Data Connection are shaping the way people live, shop, and conduct business.

Florida-based, AutoMatrix Dealer Software has been aware of these changes in technology and realized that the automotive industry was lacking solutions and operating tools. With no up-to-date solutions available at the time, this leading automotive dealer solutions provider company started creating its own database to manage used car business efficiently. It is also committed to lead the industry by learning and continuously collaborating with the automotive marketplace. Real-life feedback, best practices, and partnership with the successful independent dealerships are the core practices of AutoMatrix Dealer Software’s continuous development.

Offering Comprehensive Dealer Management Solutions

Keeping a prominent position in the automotive marketplace, AutoMatrix Dealer Software offers a full suite of software solutions that are designed exclusively for the independent, used car dealers. Most importantly, they are real-life solutions for today’s automotive dealership problems. Therefore, these solutions allow dealerships to operate more efficiently while saving time, money, and improving the consumer showroom experience. Instead of using the usual fragmented data points, the AutoMatrix Insights solution takes a complete data sampling from multiple systems and positions clients to make better strategic decisions, taking next step in building and growing their businesses. Using vast years of dealership experience and merging it with Java, iOS, Android, ASP.NET, and PHP-based technologies, AutoMatrix Dealer Software has developed the most innovative software applications in the dealership market till date. With AutoMatrix Deals, one can handle up to 5 employee commission types per deal and organize the process in 5 stages. The reports in this module give the management tools needed to reduce policing on employees. It also funnels deals through the process until the deal is funded.

AutoMatrix Buy Here Pay Here Solution

Today, the fastest growing segment in the automotive space is Buy Here Pay Here. Backed by the advanced technology, the “AutoMatrix Buy Here Pay Here” software is the best-selling solution to help clients in controlling accounting, inventory, collections, and finance. Additionally, AutoMatrix Dealer Software provides a wide variety of software solutions, including modules for DMS, CRM, Inventory, Accounting, Floor Traffic Log, Desking, F&I Menu, Service & Parts, HR, Payroll, and Websites. Keeping customer at the top of its priority, the leading automotive dealer solutions provider company consultative customize its product mix according to clients’ needs.

Matching the Technological Shifts with Inventive Approach

As market shifts and demand continues to change, business operators need to improve their processes to remain competitive in the market. Understanding the changing demands of the industry, AutoMatrix Dealer Software developed its own database solutions to manage the business efficiently. The Florida-based company focused on streamlining its processes in order to have the same information available throughout the entire company. Moreover, it provides extraordinary benefits to the users such as single data entry of vehicles, ad description and picture upload, scan VIN with mobile app to populate vehicle data, apply watermark to vehicle photos by simply choosing it, view, input or edit data from anywhere and on the go, track vehicle location and keys from the moment of purchase, track reconditioning stages and know exactly where time is being wasted, track floor-plan curtailments and sold floored vehicles, know what to buy using the sold inventory profit and turn reports, and ability to transfer vehicles between rooftops.

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, AutoMatrix Dealer Software leadership has handcrafted its exclusive solution, tested it in-house, and ultimately shared it with other independent operators. As a result, it turned out as the best-in-market solution in the used car industry. Established in 2010, AutoMatrix Dealer Software is following its mission to put the control of clients’ business in their hands and provide insights from any of their electronic devices anywhere, anytime. This mission is the key to the continued success of AutoMatrix Dealer Software.

Founder and CEO Duo Leading AutoMatrix Dealer Software to Massive Success

The Founder of AutoMatrix Dealer Software, Ramin Farahmand, and the CEO, Sia Anasseri are the two powerful pillars helping the Florida-based company to achieve enourmous success. Having more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Ramin has built extraordinary and complete software for the automotive sector. Additionally, Ramin is the Co-founder of Florida Fine Cars Inc. since 1993. With his immense knowledge and experience, the dynamic Founder of AutoMatrix Dealer Software continues to lead the analytical, creative and innovative side of AutoMatrix Dealer Software.

The CEO of AutoMatrix Dealer Software, Sia Anasseri has an extensive management and entrepreneurial experience of over 15 years. Anasseri led his previous company, Showroom Logic from a startup to a prominent SEM technology platform provider and earned the Google Premier SMB Partner in a few short years of strong growth. Currently, he is leading around 50 professionals including software developers, sales, marketing, and customer support teams.

AutoMatrix Dealer SoftwareFlying Ahead of Competitors with Cutting-Edge Technology

In today’s business world, consolidation on the franchise level is rampant and independent used car dealerships are at a crossroad. In addition, the small dealers that are operating in the old fashioned way are struggling. The middle to larger dealerships that are technologically savvy, need the solutions to push them to the next level to compete with the large, franchise dealerships. With years of customizations and improvements, AutoMatrix Dealer Software has designed its solutions to be user-friendly, robust, and functional. The leading automotive solutions provider company understands its clients’ needs and empowers them to make well-informed decisions, enabling them to have strong business growth. Additionally, AutoMatrix Dealer Software designs real-life applications to save dealer’s time and increase operational excellence.

Following the purpose to keep customers steps ahead of the competition, AutoMatrix Dealer Software goes beyond providing conventional reports; it also provides insights to make data-driven decisions.

AutoMatrix Dealer Software Quote1Long-Term Strategy of AutoMatrix Dealer Software to Fulfill Customer Requirements

AutoMatrix Dealer Software believes that the market response and customer input plays an important role in building a successful business. The leading automotive dealer solutions provider company has developed a long-term strategy that will positively impact the lives of hard-working, underappreciated used car dealers. Moreover, such plans leave a positive legacy within the industry and AutoMatrix Dealer Software considers these solutions as the key motive to its innovative approach. The Florida-based company will continue to innovate and develop the finest products in the market to best serve forward thinking independent automotive dealerships. In the ever-changing, fast-paced technology sector, a strong, customer-focused product roadmap is essential to maintain relevance. Today, AutoMatrix Dealer Software knows that it is all about the needs of the dealer customer. By understanding the current scenario, the leading automotive solutions provider company is keeping core clients ahead of the curve. AutoMatrix Dealer Software partners and integrates with the automotive industry’s leading companies and its commitment to clients provides a high-quality dealer management system. Likewise, the leading automotive dealer solutions provider company works with the industry’s reputable products and services to better serve clients’ dealership needs. In the coming future, AutoMatrix Dealer Software aims to continually maintain and grow its market share across the world.

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