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Ashore App

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Owing to continuous and constant evolutions, the DMS industry is no longer confined to storage and enabling access to document management and storage. Currently, the industry has evolved to provide unique solutions and services to problems associated with document management and storage such as software solutions for document sharing, tracking document access, securing documents, and many more.

Leveraging software-incorporated assets, Ashore App provides a plethora of reformed document management services. The platform was established with the goal to be the fastest and easiest way to share project deliverables online and work collaboratively on those assets. The software is not weighed down by unnecessary features which contribute to bloating the system—making Ashore a more agile and nimble DMS than others on the market while giving users the ability to hit the ground running.

A Profound Establishment

Ashore was incorporated as a result of the team’s experience as a creative agency—managing and sharing documents online with their clients. Since its inception, the team at the core of Ashore has been consistent with its roles and responsibilities, Although the team includes a limited number of people, it adapts to changes on a quicker note—firmly believing that in a technology niche, agility is a necessary component of success. The team’s search for a tool to automate and scale client proofing efforts revealed a myriad of options. As most of the available options came with catches such as limited storage space or forcing clients to create login credentials for an account, the team discovered that most software options use bait-and-switch tactics to gain users. As a result, the team of Ashore was determined to build its own tool, Ashore, which is also currently used by hundreds of creative agencies.

A Plethora of DMS Services

Ashore offers a fully white-labeled platform to its users for sharing files of varied formats, such as images, documents, and PDFs, with others including those within their organization as well as the external clients. To accomplish this, the platform offers a host of features. These include automated workflow staging, automatic reminders, contextual commenting directly on files, sharable review links, a detailed audit timeline of actions taken for each document, and a dynamic tagging system for organizing files.

An Array of Distinctive Features

Ashore stands out from the crowd owing to various factors. The platform’s ability to fully white-label the platform for its users; reusable email templates and robust automated workflow staging makes it unique among its competitors.

Moreover, additional functionalities offered by the platform make it distinctive. These include the ability to BCC colleagues to a workflow and customize reminder preferences for individuals, making it flexible for almost any company structure.

Standing Out in the DMS Landscape

Ashore stands out in the DMS landscape due to its usability and affordability. Most DMS platforms offer steep learning curves. Although these systems can help eliminate inefficiencies, companies end up investing prolonged hours learning the various aspects of these platforms. This, as a result, counteracts the very goal which was meant to be accomplished in the first place.

Moreover, Ashore is intuitive. The vast array of features and ease of use that is necessary to build a strong workflow are hard to acquire elsewhere. However, when it is acquired, it tends to come with a hefty price tag. Ashore is the only software of its kind which not only possesses these capabilities but also makes them affordable.

Responsive Customer Support Systems

While updating customers regarding new updates, Ashore communicates with them through several channels and mediums. For instance, it sends a newsletter to its users detailing new features and their utilization, while also posting updates regarding the same on its social media platforms.

Additionally, the platform offers a dedicated support team to address and respond to unexpected issues arising after a new release. The support team can be contacted through an in-app support chat or via call. The company’s customer success managers also provide support via email.

Adhering to Latest Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic eventuated a transition to a remote working environment. This transition necessitated the adoption of a document management system that enabled organized storage of all assets of a company’s workforce and could be accounted for and managed effectively. The transition to remote work also caused most companies to reckon with their need for a DMS in case they had not leveraged one.

As employees preferred remote work, and with the availability of the right tools, it resulted in more cost-effectiveness for companies while still promoting efficiency and productivity. These underlying factors contributed to the elevation of the DMS industry during the pandemic, in comparison to other industries, and the requirement of solutions such as Ashore was highlighted more than before.

Employing the Trend of Digitization

As a company offering software solutions designed to digitize document management, the trend of emerging advanced technologies makes users more open to adopting such solutions. Moreover, companies are becoming more comfortable in leveraging digitization to address age-old problems. In such a scenario, the development of a platform that is user-friendly enhances ease-of-use while offering faster completion of jobs, the adoption of digitization is further encouraged.

Recognizing Strengths and Strategizing Future

Ashore recognizes collaboration automation as the future of document management. With the increase in remote work, employees tend to continue working together while being physically distant. This sheds light on a new and growing need for the modern workplace.

Companies not only require the ability to access and share documents but also need the ability to work on them together from all around the world. This ability is supported by automation, which enables companies to work on document management efficiently. Ashore’s upcoming features aim to continue addressing the evolving business landscape by advancing remote collaboration, while further streamlining the review and approval process, and removing any barriers on the way.

Ashore App

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