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Arviem AG

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Globalization has created both opportunities and risks for businesses as they are exposed to a growing threat of disruption. Today’s supply chain industry is facing complex challenges along with known vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. Some of the pain points of shippers and cargo owners are cargo security, transparency and visibility into the movement of their goods within their global manufacturing network and supply chains. To conquer these pain points, they are looking for a solution that addresses these issues and enhances the overall operations.

The Swiss-based, Arviem AG is the answer to all the above-mentioned issues as it is offering a one-stop solution for shippers and cargo owners. The company provides hassle-free cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility services that depend on sensor data collected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices within the supply chain to deliver valuable business insights to customers.

Supporting the Industry and Clients

Arviem believes that IoT devices are the interface between the digital and physical world, they are vital for supply chain digitalization, automation, optimization, and modernization. The data gathered from IoT devices creates transparency and visibility that sets the foundation for the growth of the supply chain and logistics industry and its transformation. The CEO of Arviem AG, Stefan Reidy foresees about the future of supply chain and logistics chains which will be data-driven, ‘smart’ with inherently better supply chain performance and better risk management. So, the CEO along with his team is supporting the industry and their clients on the journey of this transformation.

Arviem AG

Unique Services for Shippers and Cargo Owners 

To better support shippers and cargo owners, Arviem offers real-time cargo monitoring services that gather sensor data that are transferred to its flagship supply chain visibility platform. This platform allows clients to enhance their organization’s ability to gain visibility on the real-time status of their supply chain network. Moreover, clients receive alerts and notifications that enable them to react quickly to complications precisely when they are happening during cargo transportation. These alerts and notifications are also used for checking the temperature or humidity conditions within the container, they report whether goods within the container have been exposed to significant shocks or if the goods have been re-routed during an unforeseen transshipment. For instance, whenever the security of their containers in-transit is breached, the related stakeholders are informed through an email or text message.

Furthermore, the data gathered by Arviem is analyzed and then offered to clients as business insights on its Cargo Monitoring dashboard in forms of management reports. As a result, strategic decision makers can predict & prevent future disruptions and remove inefficiencies from their supply and logistics chains. Through this data, they can also pinpoint inefficient and insecure shipping routes, optimize shipping methods, measure carbon footprint, improve quality management and compare the performance of logistics service providers. Today, in the market, Arviem is one of kind company offering such services which are unique and different from competitors. It offers supply chain visibility as a service enabling customers to reap the benefits of transparent supply chains without having to invest in buying and maintaining IoT devices. Arviem even takes care of the logistics of IoT sensors to the container loading point before shipments start and collects them after the monitoring mission ends from the shipments destination.

Facing head-on Challenges

In the volatile supply chain market, some companies are eager to enhance their operations and processes by leveraging innovative, technology-enabled services while others are still looking at the supply and logistics chain as a cost center and are immune to change and reluctant to try something new. As a supply chain solution provider, Arviem faces the challenge to deliver the best of breed solutions for its clients that allow them to stay relevant with the industry trends. For industry players to change their business mindset and to embrace IoT’s full potential, they still need to be educated on the business benefits of new technologies. And now, the supply chain solution providing company is aiming to exhibit the business value of IoT enabled supply chain visibility and its vast optimization potential for the entire organization.

Arviem AG

Using Knowledge & Experience to Address the Industry’s Issues 

Being a veteran entrepreneur, Stefan has 20+ years of experience with innovative technologies and business models in the supply chain and logistics area. After studying business and economics (MBA) and political science at Swiss universities, he was able to learn various skills and gain experience by working with both corporations and in the startup environment. Prior to founding Arviem, the industrious leader worked as an innovation leader and consultant managing a global team at one of the world’s biggest multinational information technology companies. Currently, he is using his knowledge and experience to address the challenges faced by supply chain and logistics global professionals by providing agile and transformative services of Arviem.

Current Scenario of the Supply Chain Industry

According to CEO Stefan, the supply chain and logistics industry is on brink of transformation as the level of digitalization varies within businesses. Currently, some companies are still supervising their supply chains by resource and time-intensive administrative processes using traditional methods such as telephone, email communication, and excel sheets. On the other hand, others are digitalizing and automating their supply chain operations by leveraging latest technologies, having information available at their fingertips. Along with this, other factors are pushing companies to reevaluate their networks designing the supply chains of the future that are leaner and more efficient.

Arviem AG

Therefore, the well-versed entrepreneur believes that new technologies such as connected devices, networks of things, Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the way businesses and supply chains operate today. These technologies not only bring additional benefits to businesses through automation, process optimization or elimination of inefficiencies from supply chains but also enable them to build new business models to solve the glitches of today and the issues of the future.

Roadmap for Better Services 

In the upcoming years, Arviem would like to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for supply chain optimization and services. The CEO and his team are working on developing a portfolio of new services addressing numerous aspects of the supply chain. Their main focus is to make sense of the data hidden in global supply chains. Data is the center of Arviem’s product and service development activities. To provide better, more holistic service to supply chain professionals, the company has recently launched its supply chain financing and working capital management services and carbon footprint monitoring capabilities.

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