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The SAP HANA business data platform is unrivaled, combining a robust database with services for creating innovative applications. It enables real-time business by converging transactions and analytics on one in-memory platform. SAP HANA untangles IT complexity, bringing huge savings in data management and empowering decision-makers everywhere with new insight and predictive power. This game-changing solution helping the SAP ecosystem to grow rapidly, with more and more companies moving to the platform in the cloud.

Approyo makes it easy to manage SAP applications and migrate to the Cloud. With a team of experienced professionals, Approyo helps companies of all sizes to implement new and exciting SAP solutions. In addition to its expertise, Approyo can help customers develop a fully operational SAP HANA solution in the cloud within a few days compared to the weeks taken by other providers.

Implementing SAP HANA since the Beginning

Chris Carter, the CEO, and Founder of Approyo having more than three decades of experience in SAP established the company in 2012. It was the time when SAP HANA solutions were just getting started. Chris’s years of experience helped him to identify the bright future of SAP HANA and cloud computing. After meeting various colleagues at SAP and discussing SAP HANA, the CEO realized that SAP HANA would be a major game changer. His future vision encouraged him to establish Approyo. Chris and his team started working with the goal of helping clients understand the benefits of deploying SAP HANA and the impact it can have on business right now and in the future.

Presently, SAP solutions by Approyo help businesses to unlock the full potential of SAP technologies. Further, since its inception, the US-based company has grown to become a leader in cloud-centric SAP solutions. Its “design thinking” approach with customers was the major driver behind these achievements. First, the team of Approyo starts with understanding the business needs of customers and their end goals. They, then consider the economic and technical feasibility to deliver the best possible solution for their customers. Even after the complete deployment, Approyo further provides ongoing support and services to the clients.

Offering SAP Solutions Powered by Approyo

To develop the right solution for customers, Approyo offers a full SAP service technology utilizing its extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, hosting, and managed services. In addition, the leading SAP provider has over 300 cloud environments around the world and supports businesses from production landscapes to live SAP environments. With the major focus on customers, Approyo’s cloud environments are designed and tailored to successfully achieve their business goals.

Enabling Effective use of SAPA HANA

Approyo always aims at bringing data and information to the customer’s business as fast as possible through an affordable and effective solution. Ignite, which encapsulates various HANA components into a single, easy-to-use package. Additionally, clients have the full freedom to either use the entire package or only the components which fit their requirements. Ignite delivers the solution and services to enable continuous and effective use of SAP HANA to meet the strategic and daily needs of business operations. It also enables them to minimize the cost and risk associated with HANA systems up and running.

Approyo SuccessBuilding Future-forward Technology

SAP Leonardo is another SAP solution powered by Approyo that enhance business outcome with the right mix of intelligent technologies. It is a holistic digital innovation system that seamlessly innovates, scales new models, and continually redefines the business. This helps customers to add value along with their digital journeys. An additional advantage of SAP Leonardo is that it is built on SAP HANA to support real-time business needs. It also works with other SAP applications like SAP Ariba and SAP S/4HANA and assists them to be more intelligent, powerful, and capable.

Approyo Starting at the Top

As the CEO of Approyo, Chris contributes his knowledge and expertise in every aspect of work. He works with technical, sales, and marketing teams to ensure the best outputs from their work. Moreover, on the customer side, Chris respects his clients and partners. He personally meets them and lets them contact him on his personal phone whenever they need it. Chris’s dedication and work in SAP earned him national recognition by the American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World, and Cloud Expo.

To provide the best solutions to the growing demands from clients, Chris has recently expanded Approyo’s team and hired multiple positions for his SAP technical team in the Milwaukee area. It’s worth mentioning that, under the leadership of Chris, Approyo was named by Inc. 5000 three years in a row from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, Chris was also awarded One of the 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders by Mirror Review, the Gamechanger of the Year by ACQ5, and one of the Rising Entrepreneurs of the Year by The Technology Headlines.

“Just do it without hoping for something to happen…” says Chris

Chris is a highly experienced professional and therefore knows what it takes to make a business successful. When asked for his thoughts and secret recipe of successfully running a company, Chris stated, “GO FOR IT! Don’t sit around hoping to do something, just do it as the old commercials said. If you are not willing to try or to stick your neck out and put it on the line, why would you expect your staff to do the same?”

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