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PR plays a crucial role in delivering organizational messages to people and helping society understand the motivations of the media industry. It also helps several brands and organizations connect successfully with the audience and give voice to their organizational goals. However, with the onset of technology and the emergence of social media platforms, the PR industry has adopted upgraded mediums of building and connecting to a larger set of audience.

Several factors—such as brand visibility, consumer engagement, compelling content, and much more—determine the successful execution of PR strategies. Creating meaningful engagement, Apples & Oranges Public Relations has been eloquently dedicated to establishing prolific relationships between brands and consumers using compelling messages and engaging PR campaigns. It is the place where businesses come to create compelling messaging and engaging PR campaigns and stories for their companies.

A Robust Foundation

AOPR was founded by Amore Philip (CEO and Founder of AOPR) in 2010 when she was downsized from an administrative position at an architectural glass firm in NYC during the 2008 economic downturn. It took her weeks to comprehend things and move forward. Discarding thoughts of seeking another regular job, Philip wanted to pursue entrepreneurship to stand as an epitome for her family. Following the footsteps of her grandfather and leveraging her profuse experience, she embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and established AOPR.

Philip spearheads the company in all its operations. Being at the helm of the company, she caters to the daily activities and directs all PR and publicity activities for both the company and the clients. She has been leading the company through all odds by leveraging her vast experience in media placement, event planning, and creative consumer engagement. Under her direction, AOPR has flourished as a recognized PR agency.

Throughout the course of her career, Philip has also secured editorial placement and coverage in top-tier media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, NY1, to name a few. She has also been recognized as the recipient of prestigious awards such as the PR World Awards—Achievement of the year 2020 Gold Award, Stevie Awards –Women in Business Achievement Bronze Award, The Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner 2019.

Generating Impactful Results

Since its inception, AOPR has worked with a variety of brands not only to create experiences but also to generate impactful results and acquire significant recognition in the market. Through compelling and engaging consumer-focused campaigns, media placement, and creative messaging, the company adds meaning to its existence by connecting brands and products with people.

AOPR offers an exclusive set of services that are impactful as well as result-oriented. The company provides communications and event publicity services to small/emerging businesses and subject matter experts mostly in NYC. It is highly driven by data and consumer behavior and operates on the goal of positioning clients as leaders within their businesses.

Insightful Philanthropic Approaches

Owing to its array of exclusive services, AOPR is recognized as one of the leading PR agencies. The company not only offers exclusive PR solutions but also beholds meaningful philanthropic approaches. By generating annual revenue and providing employment opportunities, the company contributes to the economic growth of the state of New York. Additionally, the company partners with local universities to provide US and international college students with credit-based internship opportunities.

The Core Members

The mighty team of AOPR constitutes 5 members including Philip. With over 25 years of international experience in PR, Experiential Events, and Consumer Engagement sectors and international acclamations, the team members hold a portfolio of executive positions in prestigious and renowned companies and have worked across 5 continents.

The company’s team members possess a keen understanding of strategic engagement and connection with the audience. To stay on top of projects, weekly meetings are organized. Although remote working was a challenging task as it resulted in limited communications, the team surpassed all the challenges and is getting stronger with time.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Over the years, AOPR has planned and produced a variety of projects. The company has also organized a catalog of events such as virtual and in-person events, press conferences, product launches, digital, PR campaigns, commercials, and video production for government entities, non-profits, fashion brands, food & beverage companies, and fast-moving consumer goods.

AOPR works on understanding each project from the beginning to ensure client satisfaction. It also schedules project meetings to ensure the planned scheduling of projects. While working with various clients, Philip believes to minimize challenges by setting a set of requirements that each potential client has to meet while working with AOPR.

Being a client-centric company, AOPR is specific about its clients as it wishes to work with brands it genuinely wants to get involved with. The company has been highly quoted by its clients for its excellent services. One such client is the reputed NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) who quoted, “I received excellent video editing services. The titling and graphic work were attractive and effective. The work was submitted on time, and the editor and Ms. Philip were easy to work with.” 

Evaluating Strength and Pivoting Business

The COVID-19 pandemic helped the company stay afloat and analyze different industries and its business operations. As sectors such as the tech industry, food and beverage industry, and health and business operated swiftly, AOPR evaluated its strength and plans to pivot to these sectors in the future. Currently, the company is working on several digital products that will service funded startups. AOPR will be announcing its product launch in September 2021. Alongside, Philip is also working on her first book and is anticipating concluding the year in a zealous manner. 

Leveraging Evolutions in the Industry

With the evolution in information consumption in the current age, the success of a PR agency is determined by various underlying factors such as pushing envelopes, undertaking risks, influential capability, and many more. However, the most crucial and determining factor is the company’s ability to connect an audience with the right message which disrupts the period. However, Philip also lists several drawbacks—such as lack of cross-verification, denial of contributor content from publicists and SMEs, and many more—with regard to the evolution. As most outlets are accepting email pitchings, there is less requirement of pitching via phone which affects the latest PR pros that lack knowledge about pitching. Philip adds that the rise of social media has also contributed to the course of change in the PR industry. Philip believes that the PR industry has undergone drastic changes for all good reasons. Currently, it is easier and faster to publish news as most outlets are either completely digital or provide digital components or platforms.

Apples & Oranges Public Relations

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