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The advent of digitalization and globalization has brought great technological advancements in every sector; the legal services industry being no exception to this. In order to enhance their practices, law firms and in-house legal departments have to keep a close eye on the latest trends and go with the flow of digital transformation and tech tools. However, people from the law sector are still doubtful about using services/solutions provided by legal tech companies. Other key factors fuelling this suspicion are data security and privacy issues.

Dubai-based, App4Legal DWC, LLC., is always aiming to bridge the gap between legal practices and technology. The company’s mission is to break silos between legal practitioners from the same team and improve mutual collaborations. At the same time, it eases tracking of legal data in one single place which can be accessible from web browsers or mobile app with full security and data privacy.

Bridging the Gap between Technology and Law Practices 

Established in 2012, App4Legal is a legal tech company that offers unique law practice management solution which allows lawyers to focus on their work while taking care of all of the time-consuming workloads. Through this solution, lawyers and legal practitioners can view, check, and track their data on the go. The expert team of App4Legal are committed to providing a complete and comprehensive solution that covers the daily work of legal practitioners working in both law-firms and in-house legal departments. The company understands that trust is the cornerstone to all customer experiences. Since inception, App4Legal has been able to build a trustworthy brand because it has put customers as its top priority. The team does this by focusing on customer orientation and listening carefully to customers’ feedbacks with agility in getting things done. As a result, lawyers around the world rely on App4Legal to dig deeper into their data, thereby providing unprecedented insights and clarity across their contracts.

A Solution for Every Law Practice Professional

The trustworthy legal tech company has designed and developed solutions for lawyers along with modules created to enhance the performance of other law practice professionals such as paralegals, legal assistants, and law office managers. App4Legal is very intuitive and comes loaded with features that simplify tracking data, matters work flow management, and data access. With the userfriendly interface and a system that has a fast learning curve, the law practice professionals can maximize the software immediately and feel the results almost instantly. Through it, they can also manage their matters & litigation cases, organize documents, track their time logs, perform followups on clients, manage their expenses, bills & invoices, create and keep schedules, meeting deadlines, and much more. This results in a more organized, cohesive, and fully functional legal team apt for the law office.


Leveraging AI to Streamline Workflow and Gain Benefits

Although the legal sector was not the first to adopt AI technology, it has a lot of scope to benefit from this technology. However, slowly and steadily, law firms are now embracing machine intelligence to work efficiently and devote less time on tedious duties. The CEO of App4Legal, Feras EL HAJJAR thinks that the most benefited areas of legal service/solution leveraging AI are matters management and contract drafting.

A Trusted Partner for Lawyers and Legal Practitioners

Through App4Legal, Feras is helping legal teams and lawyers to practice law with innovation. The dynamic CEO holds a master’s degree in Networks, Security in Internet and Information Technology from ENST Telecom Paris Tech. Following this, he got a second master’s degree in e-Management from Université Paris-Dauphine. After completing his education in 2003, the versatile leader started working at Murex, a multi-national software editing leader in Paris office. While working at Murex, he played several managerial roles between Paris, Dublin, Singapore, and Beirut. He also earned various skills such as program management, product development, cross-functional team leadership, cost, time, budget and risk management, clients training and knowledge, business process re-engineering, workflow management systems, legal practice management systems among others.

In 2012, by using his prior knowledge and experience, Feras established Infosysta, a customer-oriented software & enterprise services company that offers world-class and tailor made solutions in corporate organizations. Today, App4Legal is a part of Infosysta Group, offering the best of breed framework for legal practice management, working with both in-house legal departments & law firms worldwide.

Overcoming Challenges with Team Work and Efforts 

Every leader has to face numerous challenges while building his company and delivering best-in-the-class solutions/services. Similarly, Feras also went through lots of twists and turns along the way to take App4Legal where it is positioned today. According to him, his toughest professional challenge was putting a solution on the market to become one of the top 5 solutions in Gartner Capterra trusted by thousands of users since day 1. The security specialist CEO believes that he conquered this challenge through team members’ support. His team puts every effort and dedicate their time by working day and night to achieve results in less than 4 years.

A Valuable Piece of Advice for Lawyers

Being an experienced entrepreneur, Feras is recommending lawyers to make their practices competitive. He further advises lawyers to start investing in their practice management solutions. This solution coupled with their CRM and marketing channels will get more in-bound leads and customers. In the present market, there are numerous resources available for them to leverage and seek the best customer experiences.

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