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The rise of 3D printing or additive manufacturing has highly simplified the creation of extremely complex geometries and structures that are impossible to create using traditional manufacturing methods. Initially used for fast prototyping and research purposes, 3D printing brings great freedom to design highly customized products complementing the need of modern customers. Today, as various business entities are harnessing additive manufacturing to unfold its unseen sides, this technology is rapidly being evolved in terms of printing speed, accuracy, materials, and cost-effectiveness. Having seen the huge potential of 3D printing, Shenzhen ANYCUBIC Technology Co. Ltd. was born with the slogan—“Born to create, created to imagine.” ANYCUBIC always seeks the development step-by-step, and as a startup, its team has spent all of their efforts on R&D, products optimization, and customer service.

Justifying Self-presence with Successful Offerings

Since the inception of ANYCUBIC in 2015, its team has noticed the explicit growth in the market size of consumer 3D printers. Presently, it is serving a vast client base ranging from the big manufacturing plants to individual small businesses and hobbyists. Therefore, its team believes that 3D printing at its full potential can be used in various fields such as industrial manufacturing, medicine, architecture, education, art design, and household application.

As for a product-maker, it is momentous to understand the client need and fulfill them; the customer-centric firm focuses on products and user experience, keeping the scenario of this dynamic global market in the mind. Moreover, while designing a new product, its team considers many factors including cost, logistics, safety, etc. In recent times, the innovative solution provider’s most popular offerings—ANYCUBIC I3 MEGA and ANYCUBIC PHOTON series have won customers’ trust and are widely being used amongst hobbyists, dentists, prop-makers, jewelers, and architects out there.

A Comprehensive Range of 3D Printing Solutions

ANYCUBIC, the firm with a major focus on desktop 3D printers serves a wide range of solutions. In addition to its supreme 3D printer offerings, it also deals with materials and accessories. Its 3D printer range includes LCD Photon, a fully Integrated high-resolution desktop resin 3D printer, I3 Mega—a full metal frame & colorful industrial grade printer with high precision, and Large size Chiron, which is a larger build size 3D printer that provides more space for creation.

Moreover, the firm’s material offerings are Polylactic Acid (PLA), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), and UV Resin, which come in different portion sizes. In addition, ANYCUBIC also provides its clients with 3D printer accessories such as Platform, Motherboard, Print head & nozzle, Extruder & stepper motor, Linear Guides, and many others. Moreover, the provider of 360-degree solutions also deals with Refurnished Printers.

Providing a Good Customer Experience is Paramount

For a business organization, to win customers, it is necessary to provide an excellent user experience, which ultimately leads to a satisfied customer. ANYCUBIC believes that 3D printing technology should be accessible and affordable for everybody rather than being rocket science. With such a belief system, its team always strives to not only bring something new to the market but also to make their offerings easy to use, as they did in the case of ANYCUBIC PHOTON. This product is one of the most affordable resin 3D printers that offer ultra-high details and that too with the least hassle to handle. Moreover, the first-timers are not required to do complex internet connection and debug, and just simply plug-and-play.

In addition to its innovative and user-friendly offerings, ANYCUBIC is also optimizing its supply chains, online markets, and customer service to offer the best value to clients. Notably, the firm’s after-sales and technical support team respond to emails within 24 hours worldwide, which helps their customers solve their product related issues. Besides, ANYCUBIC team also makes YouTube tutorials and runs Facebook support groups, which they think would make their brand stand apart in the long run.

Passion Turned into Profession

James Ouyang, the Co-founder of ANYCUBIC, is someone who has always thought of being the change rather than expecting it to be done by others. A Ph.D. holder in Chemical & Material Engineering decided to make the change and enter the new 3D printing business instead of being a lecturer. As ANYCUBIC was founded by a group of childhood buddies, initially, they knew nothing in detail about 3D printing except passion, which was the biggest challenge for them. Speaking of his team’s journey, James says, “It took us ages to make progress on hardware and software development.” However, he sees that as an advantage, because as a result of that scenario they could develop 3D printers totally from a newbie’s perspective and deliver products to meet the new users’ requirement.

Further, considering ANYCUBIC as a fruit of team efforts, James thanks his talented engineer team, as they did it together in the most arduous circumstances. Today, as ANYCUBIC team of around 300 employees is offering products worldwide, James finds it a bit challenging to manage everything and make decisions being a responsible person. Moreover, though additive manufacturing is going to be widespread in every industry in future, due to the overall high cost and lack of a perfect solution to specific applications, James predicts that only highly customized fields with good profits like aviation, dentists, and jewelers would firstly step into 3D printing.

Applications of 3D Printing Technology

“The idea of 3D printing houses attracts me the most as this would offer a quick solution to those homeless from natural disaster and to those who are struggling to find a suitable living place in big cities.”James Ouyang

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