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In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment, no industry has possibly benefitted more from the overwhelming challenges in business than the Consulting industry! Given the VUCA variables, businesses have to ensure continued customer stickiness, timely raise and availability of capital, comply with the changing and demanding government regulations besides trying to scale, both organically and inorganically. Therefore, businesses are constantly looking to engage with the right ‘Consultants’ to help with strategic initiatives for growth by way of partnerships and synergies for better penetration and entry into new markets. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in particular is seen as an effective tool for businesses to try and achieve optimal market share in this cut throat competitive environment, in both Domestic and International markets. With deep specialization in M&A Advisory, ANOVA Corporate Services possesses extensive experience of providing an end-to-end M&A support to its clients.

The phrase Mergers and Acquisitions involves aspects such as corporate strategy, corporate finance, business valuation and structuring. It deals with the buying, selling and merging of corporates and their operations which can aid, finance, or help a growing company to mature rapidly. M&A inorganically provides a business with a potentially bigger market share and introduces the business to a more diversified market.

Distinct and Effective M&A Offerings from ANOVA

Successful M&As are the results of working closely with clients, learning their strategic, business needs and aspirations. ANOVA keenly follows the aforesaid strategy and liaises with advisors on the buyer/seller side to ensure smooth closure and transition. Additionally, to maximize value, minimize disruption, and avoid late surprises through the disposal process— the Chennai-based advisory company also provides Due Diligence (DD) & Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) services, including ‘DD Preparedness’ for Clients, with the intent of providing end-to-end assistance for M&A/Fundraise Advisory for corporates and investors.

One of the most important part of M&A is accepting or paying the right price for a particular business to maximize the post transaction value/synergies. ANOVA provides ‘Business Valuation Services’ that includes advisory to the top management, helping them determine the right price to pay or accept for a business. The company assists in share value evaluation by using relative valuation methods including comparables like Sales, EBITDA, and P/E multiples, to the optimal extent possible, while also considering the business synergies.

Encouraging Clients to Take Action with Effective Consulting

Presently, ANOVA works with MSME companies including early-stage startups. The essential aspect for such companies is to mature/improve with consistent growth. This can only be possible with the right mentoring, strategic transactions, having financial discipline, and addressing the crucial needs of its customers and stakeholders. This is where ANOVA plays the role of a dedicated pathfinder that helps its clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and supports them in:

  1. Assessment of the business position and future prospects.
  2. Providing the right valuation opinion and expectation that bridges the gap between aspirations and practicality.
  3. Finding the right fit between investor, investee and creating a philosophy-value synergy by the right match.
  4. Structuring the deal to ensure the right execution and transition during the said change.

Clients expect ANOVA to suggest appropriate corrective actions which can be practically implemented and are measurable, in a timely manner. Therefore, to fulfil its clients’ expectations, ANOVA spends quality time with to co-design and exercise (1) building an agreement about what steps are necessary, and (2) establishing the momentum to ensure these steps are acted upon.

“We work with the clients not only towards helping them act but also giving them enough support and momentum to achieve their objectives”, says Chandrashekar Kupperi, the Founder of ANOVA.

ANOVA Corporate ServicesInteracting with Clients to Provide the Best-in-class Solutions

As an Investment Banking company, ANOVA finds its forte in ‘structuring’ M&A transactions. Today, learning from their prior experience, the ANOVA team works closely with customers without impacting their independence and focus on essential operations. Commenting on his team’s efforts to offer the best-in-class solutions to clients, the Founder asserts, “We simulate the end result, mostly by citing appropriate illustrations, and are audacious enough to even agree on significant part of our fees to be based on a successful outcome.”

Therefore, such dedicated and well-executed/structured work has increased the trust among ANOVA clients and helped the company to build a strong association with its customers.

Moving towards New Horizons with Set Goals

In the coming years, to accomplish the planned targets, ANOVA has adopted 3 prime goals. First goal is to “be different” and help clients realize how ANOVA can build a positive impact on their businesses. Second is to “be committed” towards customer satisfaction and continuous business improvement, and the third is to keep working under changing circumstances while “being strong” to face the challenges confidently.

With aforesaid comprehensive goals, ANOVA plans to actively engage on corporate advisory matters with larger corporates including MNCs. The company will strive to get involved in larger M&A deals, enabling more cross-border transactions. Chandrashekar also has significant plans for ANOVA that will further help its clients to mature in business process optimization and increase their efficiency in financial information management.

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