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Angus Burke

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“A leader is someone who can see the big picture and have already mentally and visually thought out the process from start to end”, said Angus Burke, the Founder of EP Health during his conversation with Mirror Review. Coming from the athletic world, Angus always admired leaders in sports. Therefore, he believes that a good leader is someone who keeps calm under pressure and is resilient to the controversy like a sportsperson. According to Angus, the number 1 reason behind a failed business is internal stress. A leader needs to understand this to phase out the negative stress among employees which avoids the constant bumps along the way.

We interacted with Angus to know his journey with EP Health. In the following statements, Angus shares his opinions regarding topics like leadership, challenges, teamwork, etc. and explains how EP Health is adding value to its customers’ health. Here are the excerpts.

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Conquering Challenges is an Ongoing Process

What are the challenges you have to face and how you conquer them?

The list is ongoing! As a leader, I have to go through a constant wave of challenges regarding the product, marketing, sales, or finance. It’s important to stick to solid processes without trembling because of specific incidents. If you have a product offering that isn’t selling because of an out-bound marketing campaign, you need to invest the time, efforts, and resources to tweak the ad-copy, funnel, and have a large enough sample size until you can decide about the product’s market fit.

I think, to fight challenges, you have to analyze decisions with pros and cons and always come back to the common goal of the company. I know this type of work can only be done when you can effectively communicate your vision and message with team members and at the same time, listen to them for their ideas and constructive ways. Further, assembling all the effective ideas towards a common goal eliminates the challenges and opens the door to all new opportunities.

EP Health for Better Health through Better Engagement

Introduce us with EP Health and its contributions to the healthcare sector.

I have worked in health and wellness for over 10 years and truly understand the importance of diet and fitness in an individual’s life, specifically corporate individuals who get very little chances to stay fit from their busy schedules. After working with hundreds of clients online and seeing their progress with their fitness and diet, I knew I wanted to interact with a wider audience to spread a healthy message.

At EP Health, we follow a comprehensive quote that goes, “Better Health through Better Engagement.” The present corporate wellness landscape is too complicated and we provide a modern approach to fixing that problem. EP Health provides personalized and preventative healthcare that makes the lives of employees healthier and happier.

Via EP Health, we share healthy living and the feeling of empowerment with our clients. Our EP Health Modern Corporate Wellness program is designed by wellness professionals who help users to increase mindfulness, retainment, and morale. In 2018, we helped our clients to lose 72% of their body fat, increased their strength, and continued to strive to make fitness and health a long-term habit.

Dedicated Efforts from a Dedicated Team is all that Matters

Tell us something about your team? What is the importance of a team for a leader?

Our team is extremely experienced, passionate, and intelligent. It is vital for the founding team to be self-starters who see the long-term vision and understand that each day at a start-up will be different. We are always prepared for the upcoming events whether they are related to sales, marketing, or product development. I believe that team efforts are what count at the end and lead to an overwhelming success. Nothing comes without hard work. We focus on getting things done no matter what the circumstances are. We never give up on clients until we train them to live a healthy lifestyle.

I think a team leader has to constantly analyze the pain points of team members. As the company grows, C-level executives kind of become ignorant about employees and focus on more profits and growth. They have to understand that the team is their backbone which is supporting their profits and growth. There are numerous problems every team faces on a daily basis. Leaders just have to take a look and provide the optimal solution that will essentially cultivate a feeling of appreciation among the team members.

Driving a Healthy Legacy to Make a Healthy Impact on Individuals

How do you see the future of your venture over the next decade?

Initially, going forward and catering to the clients’ needs is our prime goal. As a startup and growing firm, we never stop innovating and improving ourselves. We will continue to grow and innovate and hopefully, make an impactful legacy on thousands of people! Every day, we work towards becoming better to fulfill our clients’ requirements. Additionally, I see a lot of improvements that can uplift our offerings and thus, we work hard to enhance ourselves and thereby empower EH Health platform.

My time in the sports industry taught me to learn as much as possible and therefore, I instill the same philosophy in EH Health. This greatly enabled us to assist our clients in every way possible and you can see the happy customers’ comments on our official website.

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