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Technological developments and advancements have altered the industrial landscape. Web, Mobile and IoT software are rapidly disrupting and transforming entire industries. Ultimately, updated features, better products and latest hardwares are the end products of the digital revolution.

AndPlus is one of the United States’ leading software design & development firm. Trusted by major enterprises like Bloomberg and ESPN, the software development agency leverages current and emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to help their customers stay on the cutting edge of technology. The software development company leverages current and emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help their customers to stay on the cutting edge of technology. The multidisciplinary team at AndPlus ensures, that clients’ solutions are aligned with their business goals, thereby delighting users and boosting their outcomes. With cross-functional team of strategic, creative, UI/UX and technical virtuosos, the software development company takes the customers’ mission-critical challenges like their own till the end. Research & Development is in the company’s DNA. Along with their knowledgeable leader, the team loves to explore new technologies and enhance their learning capabilities.

AndPlus’s vision is to digitally transform every industry, they touch. The days of filing cabinets and paper are far behind, but many industries are slow to adapt. Allowing AndPlus’s team to implement emerging and established technologies alike can bring any business to the forefront. So many businesses are falling behind their competitors because they are slow to adapt. However, AndPlus is ready to change that  medieval scenario.

Pragmatic Engineer & Successful Entrepreneur

Sean Mahoney is the President and CEO of AndPlus. Sean has the mind of an engineer and the heart of an entrepreneur. He holds degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Since founding AndPlus in 2009, his passion for developing custom software solutions for clients, has fueled the firm’s high quality work and steady growth. Designing and engineering software is not a simple task and most companies are not equipped to handle a rigorous development process. That is where AndPlus comes in. Regardless of the diverse industry, preferred platform or use case, the trained multidisciplinary team is in-house and ready to solve the clients’ problems.

Accelerating Innovation

At the AndPlus Innovation Lab, the team is continuously exploring emerging tech such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain technology. The R&D arm of AndPlus feeds this new found knowledge into current and prospective projects, allowing companies to stay ahead of their competition in emerging technologies.

  • Product Roadmap: AndPlus designs a roadmap to understand the big picture and develop a strategic foundation that forms the rest of the project.
  • User Experience: At AndPlus, the team design products with a sense of how they built products, while keeping in mind their applications.
  • Agile Development: As technology is adaptable, the team of technical architects is trained to diagnose and prescribe the correct tech for each specific project. From Javascript frameworks to platforms as complex as BACnet, the company assembles the correct stack for the customer’s project.
  • Launch & Support: Lifecycle Sprints are essential for keeping up compatibility and iterating on an already solid foundation. AndPlus prides itself on releasing thoroughly tested, extensible and well-written software ready to be improved upon when the moment comes.

Ongoing Mega Projects

Some of AndPlus’s biggest projects are Bloomberg’s Vault, which is a big data management platform for one of the world’s Fintech leaders and the Link by AKC smart collar. These two products really demonstrate their range as software development experts.

Mindful & Skilled Team Members

AndPlus’s multidisciplinary team ranges from web development experts building custom web dashboards to mobile app engineers creating iOS and Android applications. The software development company has an in-house mentorship program, that allows designers/engineers with the resources to further their education. The management along with their team regularly conducts internal breakfast meetings called ‘Tech Tuesdays’, which is a way for them to collaborate on new ideas and better their practices as creators.

Extraordinary Work Culture at AndPlus

Under the guidance of Sean, the company has built a culture designed to bring the best out of their people and deliver impactful solutions for their clients. AndPlus invests in attracting and retaining talent who shares their commitment to service excellence and continually incorporating the latest innovations in the field. Every element of every project is conceived and brought to life at the company’s Greater Boston headquarters, in an office, purpose-built for collaboration all under one roof. At AndPlus, the team considers their clients as a part of their team. Therefore, they work side by side along with their clients to determine pricing and timeline up front, while keeping them in the loop throughout all phases of the project. The software development company follows a strict commitment to transparency.

Insightful & Comprehensive Approach

The AndPlus culture informs the approach they follow from ideation through product launch and beyond. The company has an impressive 90% client retention rate. The first step is ideation, where a vision for products is defined and strategies are formed as per the requirements of the client. Followed by creating and addressing items, complete review to clients’ and fine-tuning of products through QA, user testing and strong feedback loop. Lastly, iteration through performance measurement and complete customer support is given to help in maximizing the user satisfaction.

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