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Allgress, Inc.: Helping Organizations Reduce Their Business Risk With Less Complexity And Cost By Delivering Integrated Risk And Compliance Management Solutions

Allgress inc.

The evolution of change in every aspect of business has made conventional and time-consuming risk and compliance management no longer effective without automation. Staying in-sync with these changing trends, Allgress Inc. continues to evolve its award-winning Integrated Risk and Compliance Management Solutions to further streamline and simplify complexity in all aspects of risk and compliance management regardless of the use case.

Based in Livermore, California, Allgress is a global provider of automated next-generation integrated IT Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for organizations and their business partners to meet business risk objectives. Allgress’ solutions enable organizations to automate and streamline processes for assessment, monitoring, reporting and remediation of business risks with less complexity and reduced costs. Unlike other solutions, Allgress award-winning technology allows customers to derive quicker-time-to-value without an army of consultants.

Solutions Allowing Businesses to Easily Interpret their Risk and Compliance Posture

Allgress’ Founders and management team dedicate their efforts towards providing CISOs and other stakeholders with the ability to make effective investment decisions that align risk and compliance programs with their top business priorities. Moreover, their offerings allow clients to communicate the true value of those decisions so that senior executives can manage risk, fines, brand damage and meet risk objectives. Further, the cutting-edge, cost-effective, and less complex solutions also help users to move from a passive to a proactive approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with  quicker-time-to-value and ease. Additionally, Allgress delivers its solutions to each client so it can be deployed in a modular way with a standardized look and feel, producing sensible and meaningful outcomes.

Attributes that Make Allgress a Market Leader

Along with deep domain knowledge and experience of over 10 years, Allgress chooses the customer-oriented approach for winning clients and maintaining long-term relations with them. The company’s mission of providing customers quick-time-to-value through automation that is intuitive to use has not changed since its inception. The other aspect that has not changed is the company’s sole focus on providing an integrated platform to monitor and enforce rules and procedures to manage risk, compliance and security.

Risk and compliance platforms are typically complex, involving several consultants to coordinate implementation, customization, and usage of platforms within months or longer. Allgress has made these functions consistent and easy-to-use so organizations can better manage their business risk with less complexity by leveraging the same data and management functions across audit, IT security, compliance, and risk and vendor management use cases.

In addition to such beneficial solutions, the team at Allgress promises to save time, provide an easy to navigate interface, and rapid implementation allowing an organization to operationalize existing workflows, demonstrate compliance, and gain a holistic view of impending risk and remediate them if necessary in a matter of days. Furthermore, unlike other solutions, its offerings are available for every size of organization, right from the SMEs to the Fortune 500 Enterprises. Allgress eliminates the need for a large dedicated team by streamlining GRC processes in a single, intuitive platform.

Product Features Empowering Users

Allgress’ modular approach allows its clients to manage one or multiple disciplines of risk by utilizing the same easy-to-use functions independent of an organization’s size and maturity. Functions including data collection, analysis, policy and procedures, workflow, reporting and incident management throughout the application are implemented to receive a holistic, meaningful overview of clients’ risk posture over a business unit or an entire organization. Its product modules significantly help in managing audit, compliance oversight, IT security operations, enterprise risk, and vendor risk. For example, the policy & procedure module features support consistent central management so businesses can meet their business risk objectives. Moreover, the survey and risk register modules support the process of identifying and tracking risks.

Partnering with the Customers to Deliver Solutions that address Pervasive Challenges

Allgress’ client base is composed of customers across many industries. While dealing with such diverse clients, the team at Allgress not only delivers productive solutions but also partners with them regularly. Further, they start by understanding clients’ needs and requirements and then strive to produce solutions that match their expectations and solve pervasive risk management challenges. Moreover, collaborating with clients, Allgress consistently collects information about their use cases by conducting focus groups, regular customer calls, meetings, and continuously soliciting input on its customer’s portal.

A Seasoned Professional Elevating the Game for Allgress

Jeff Kushner, the Chief Marketing Officer of Allgress leads marketing for the company. He is responsible for the global marketing strategy, branding, positioning, and market communications. The enthusiastic leader brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in technology marketing and business development. Before Allgress, he has held several prestigious positions in various organizations and increased their revenue and market penetration. Notably, his efforts have been instrumental in advancing the development and adoption of application, compliance and risk management. “Allgress continues to lead the market with simplicity and time-to-value,” says Jeff Kushner, Allgress’ Chief Marketing Officer.

An Adept Workforce behind the Perfection

Employees are the bricks of an organization without whom the company is incomplete. Each brick of Allgress has been supporting it since its inception, and its workforce is the one that truly makes a difference to customers. Allgress’ employees come with years of domain knowledge and expertise. Be it a member of the management team or even a sales team member; it’s every employee from every department brings years of experience in risk, compliance, IT, security, and the GRC space. Moreover, every Allgress’ team member brings their unique experience and acumen to the table, which helps Allgress to deliver solutions that meet customer challenges of managing business risk. Apart from that, Allgress follows the culture of continuous learning and sharing knowledge. As a result, each member is always in the learning and contribution phase and keeps up with the continuous changes and advancements in the industry.

Standing Toe-to-Toe with Industry Related Challenges

Technological shifts are highly challenging for most industries. Allgress works hand-in-hand with organizations they serve to match their solutions with the evolving changes in technologies, regulations, and organizational requirements. Having already delivered an extensive range of solutions, its team continuously evoloves them and actively engages with clients for further expansion. Meeting requirements in businesses are uncontrollable at the same time unavoidable. Allgress works with customers and industry to reduce the burden of such challenges, it doesn’t hinder its path of continuous solution updates; in fact, its team strives to perform with the greatest degree of excellence.