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The medical device and diagnostic industry is constantly growing and changing with the new technologies that are being introduced in the market. This industry strives to create new and innovative discoveries to diagnose disease states as soon and as effectively as possible. There is a real need for continuous non-invasive measurement of blood sugar levels for diabetics and the 1/3 of the world population that is borderline diabetic. As a result, there have been various inventions to make the monitoring of glucose levels easy, convenient, and safer for diabetic patients.

Established in 2016, Alertgy provides the first non-invasive, wearable, continuous glucose monitor, and alert system to accurately measure blood glucose. Alertgy’s DeepGluco™ is a wrist wearable device for fully automated, continuous glucose monitoring, with pre-set alerts for low or high glucose levels, set by the patient.

Inspiration behind Alertgy

The true inspiration behind establishing Alertgy by the Founder and CEO, Marc Rippen was a personal traumatic experience. One Sunday morning Marc found his wife in a catatonic state in their living room, getting ready to slip into a diabetic coma. Through his quick realization that she was suffering from the effects of super-low blood sugar and his quick steps in correcting that, he saved her life.  After researching what was available for alerting folks like his wife of such occurrences Marc realized that none existed. The biggest unmet need in the diabetic medical device market was for an automated glucose monitor and alert system that was practical, non-invasive, inexpensive, and easy to use. Marc set up Alertgy to meet this challenge and in just a few months demonstrated that it was possible to beat it. Alertgy has developed a system that is very economical and most importantly meets the needs of diabetic patients as well as borderline diabetics.

Marc put together a strong team of clinicians, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and scientists, empowering each team member to give it their best. He considers himself responsible for the growth of the employees on an individual level, training them to think out of the box in solving complex problems, and helping them achieve their goals on both personal and professional levels.

Marc said that his background of being a field engineer who provided solutions to other companies has helped him lay the bricks for his company. The ultimate aim of Alertgy, as declared by Marc is to provide the billions of peoples whose lives are directly or indirectly effected by diabetes a means to save lives, dramatically improve the quality of life, as well as prevent diabetes on a global scale. Since the team is a crucial key for any leading company, Marc says he is blessed to have a strong creative and supportive team by his side. During tough times Marc provides the necessary leadership to pull everyone together to meet significant challenges. Alertgy employees are driven by the realization of the incredible world need for what they are developing and the good that it will provide in saving and improving the quality of lives everywhere. Alertgy has received many awards and other recognitions because of its ability to take on and meet the significant technical challenges in non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring.

Making Lives Better

The COVID 19 pandemic led to plenty of changes in the medical device and diagnostic industry. The diabetes management industry is slightly behind the revolution, due to ultraconservative government regulations in this space. The new initiatives in digital health and diagnostics should facilitate Alertgy’s ability to introduce its non-invasive, cost-effective, digitally-enabled continuous blood glucose monitor and alert system in the next few years.

Marc shares that the company has a tremendous opportunity to expand since diabetes is quite common all over the world. The millions of diabetics throughout the world need an easier and simpler way to manage and monitor their blood sugar, without the pain and hassle that today’s products bring. In the future, Marc believes that Alertgy can penetrate other medical disciplines and patients by applying their patented wearable sensor technology to detect other disease states in vivo.

Futuristic Patented Technology

Acknowledging the patented technology that Alertgy has utilized for the diagnosis of diabetes, National Institute of Health (NIH) had recently requested Alertgy to submit a proposal to develop a device to allow for detection of COVID-19 virus.

Realizing that they have a solution for rapid detection of COVID-19 and other emerging virus threats in the future, the team of Alertgy feels very excited: “We are blessed that our team consists of highly competent individuals who really care about our mission to better the lives of diabetics. The motivation is driven by doing something good that will be significant for all mankind,” Mark shares.

Future of the Diagnostic Industry

The company is expecting to step into a new era in medicine that will significantly impact the incredible growth and breakthroughs in wearables, cloud-based IoT sensor systems, AI applications, and digital health. Marc shares that the COVID 19 pandemic is benefiting the healthcare and diagnostic industries as it has forced the medical establishment to rethink how they can best manage diseases such as diabetes more effectively, remotely and digitally. “The long-term effect will be quicker acceptance and use of our technology by the core elements of the medical and insurance industries,” Marc asserts.

Alertgy is quite certain about the potential of the technology to track other metabolites and cellular markers within the body.  This will help Alertgy achieve immense success and be the premier leader in diagnostic technology.


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