AGILEUM: Supporting Companies to Prepare for a Digital Future with Flexible Oracle Cloud Services


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Businesses are witnessing a generational change with an increasing number of companies migrating to the cloud. The cloud pools on-demand resources that are accessible from a wide variety of devices, serving multiple customers and creating economies of scale. Moreover, the cloud provides security, elasticity, flexibility, and speed. Understanding the potential and convenience of using cloud solutions, AGILEUM, a market leader in IT consulting has adopted cloud computing to offer flexible services. AGILEUM offers Oracle Cloud solutions that are ingenious and affordable. Additionally, it provides a range of cloud services and technologies to respond to organizations’ changing needs. With these solutions, the leading IT company is helping enterprises towards cloud-empowered enterprise transformation.

Following Continuous Improvement Strategy

To upgrade the quality of its services, AGILEUM has adopted a continuous improvement process. It has built centers of excellence and these centers come up with new ways of working, new set of in demand skills, and adjusted delivery methodologies. Focusing on the quality of process, AGILEUM uses robust and sustainable technologies. Likewise, the leading cloud service provider utilizes standard methodologies, metrics, file structure and process and security audits. Because of these measures, AGILEUM can create an infrastructure for engineering, delivery, and execution. AGILEUM is also certified by the latest international standards that have introduced new ways of working and new perspective in its risk management processes.

CEO, Driving the Growth of AGILEUM

With the mission to aid clients prepare for a digital future, Sylvain Deslandes, the CEO of AGILEUM creates, plans, and drives strategy for the company. At AGILEUM, Sylvain strives to create a positive environment where his teams can accomplish their goals. Likewise, AGILEUM’s core values assist employees in nurturing and securing the necessary resources to enhance their skills and provide the right tools.

Staying relevant to clients’ needs and growing the interest of his team members are among the key rituals of Sylvain at AGILEUM. His daily contribution in balancing his clients and team members helps his company to go beyond customer expectations. In addition, he ensures that AGILEUM navigates successfully into a fast-changing business environment, where technology is rapidly evolving. Furthermore, to keep up with today’s speedy improvements, Sylvain regularly analyzes and rethinks AGILEUM’s offerings and skills.

Utilizing Social Approach to Generate Sustainable Solutions

AGILEUM aims to help its customers improve their operational performance and successfully manage their digital transformation. While transforming clients’ enterprises, AGILEUM understands that there has been acceleration in consumerism, technology, and sustainability. Due to such developments, every industry can gain benefits from it, but the lack of digital transformation is the major restriction.

To empower digital transformation in developing countries like Mauritius, AGILEUM is helping customers to take a step further and implement advanced infrastructure in their businesses. The leading Oracle Cloud solutions provider helps companies to stay agile and make better and faster business decisions. Currently, AGILEUM is focusing on the adoption of cloud solutions in the Indian Ocean and African Region. The company is also helping SMEs with products like NetSuite and creating open source business solutions and API factory.

Helping Clients Create Profound Opportunities for Businesses

With advanced data and analytics solutions from AGILEUM, clients can discover useful insights that will allow them to better understand their businesses, customers, and competitors. These insights will enable users to formulate tailor-made solutions for their clients. Further, AGILEUM’s skilled consultants transmute existing business operations, making them smarter, faster, and more cost-effective.

The leading IT solutions provider delivered projects based on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM cloud solutions. Here are the key benefits of using AGILEUM’s advanced data solutions.

  • Focus on the core business activities
  • Identify bottom-line performance improvements
  • Increase efficiency and best-practices
  • Improve operational excellence
  • Gain better access to technology

Striking Ahead of Competitors with New Achievements 

AGILEUM has a culture of continuously improving its solutions according to clients’ requirements. This culture has proactively helped the leading IT company to expand nation-wide. Today, AGILEUM is one of the few companies to successfully integrate cloud applications in Sub-Saharan region.

Recently, AGILEUM conducted the first regional implementation of best-in-class cloud supply chain management solution. It assisted in numerous financials cloud projects and rapidly enhanced its security services line for major players in private or public sectors.

The rapid growth motivates AGILEUM to offer improved solutions for its clients. Currently, the leading cloud solutions provider is scaling up by industrializing its project delivery and uplifting project outcome to be highly predictable. AGILEUM’s CEO Sylvain believes that his team is the backbone of his company. Therefore, the company also invests in enhancing the skills of its team members. As a result, these investments consistently improve AGILEUM’s offerings.

Adding Value to Solutions for Future-proof Projects

In FY19, AGILEUM will be essentially focused on creating new successes for its clients. It has upcoming projects around the integration of cloud ERP and development of interfaces with cloud-based or on-premises business solutions.

AGILEUM is bringing added value through its strong expertise, robust solutions, and innovative thinking. The leading oracle cloud solutions provider is also prepared for blockchain and AI’s disruptive impacts that are going to create new opportunities for its clients and team in the near future.

Secret of AGILEUM’s Success

“With our history and tradition of innovation, we follow a multimarket approach worldwide that created a strong client portfolio. Following our core values, we deliver over 500 projects per year which shaped our international recognition.”– Sylvain Deslandes

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