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Cloud Computing was introduced with the simple idea of eliminating the cost and effort of maintaining a physical infrastructure. This reduction of manual work is useful to drive more business efficiency by focusing on strategic initiatives. Since then, Cloud Computing has been a pivotal enabler of digital transformation. Today, Cloud is not just a tool to leverage business infrastructure but is being used at an optimum level to organize business goals. A recent survey by Forrester predicts that more than 50% of enterprises will be adopting applications, platforms, and services powered by Cloud in order to drive a digital revolution by the end of 2018.

Witnessing this rapid increase in the adoption of multi and hybrid Clouds within leading organizations, Aditya Garg, the CEO and Founder of Centilytics started the company with the idea to build a gateway that helps such organizations connect, analyze, and manage all their Cloud infrastructure within a single pane of glass.

Aditya’s Expedition to the Foundation of Centilytics

Aditya is an alumnus of Stanford University with a Master’s in Computer Science; with an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. During his internship, Aditya presented an automated Cloud project to the board and got the approval to start a completely new venture around his idea and established Centilytics in January 2017.

Being a 24-year-old young entrepreneur, Aditya believes in the youth power. He knows that young people with a lack of experience can be easily molded according to the company’s requirements. At Centilytics, the average age of the entire team is 24 with almost all hiring is done out of colleges. Aditya with his committed team follows a philosophy of making frequent mistakes but never repeat the same, helping them to create fool-proof solutions.

Fulfilling Clients’ Cloud Demands with Centilytics’ Productive Cloud Solutions

Centilytics is an intelligent cloud management platform which helps organizations on public cloud to manage, secure and optimize their cloud infrastructure. Being a SaaS-based Cloud solutions provider, the leading Cloud solutions provider delivers 5 major solutions, including Cloud Visibility, Governance & Reporting, Optimization & Resource Allocation, Security & Health, and Cloud Automation. Cloud visibility enables clients to know the Cloud cost, utilization, and events in a simple 5 click fashion. Centilytics Cloud Optimization and Allocation allows customers to decentralize cost by different cost centers and optimize them by over 40%. Moreover, its Security & Health Inspector helps with infrastructure performance and compliances like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001 etc. through an automated console. In addition, Centilytics Governance & Reporting removes any man-hours spent in creating reports or monitoring clients’ infrastructures. Furthermore, Cloud Automation enhances the business efficiency by allowing workload scheduling, lifecycle management, automated backups etc., which in turn reduces human effort on operational activities.

Achieving Success Peaks with Inspiration from Mentors

Aditya worked as an intern in one of the largest Cloud MSPs. While pursuing his internship, he found that most of the engineers were putting a lot of manual effort in managing their client’s infrastructure. To eliminate time consumption, Aditya developed a project to automate these manual tasks. During his project work, Prateek Garg and Dr. Madan Mohan helped Aditya. Prateek Garg has been in the IT industry for a significant time and understands the cloud ecosystem inside out. Likewise, Dr. Madan Mohan’s experience of teaching in IIM, Bangalore and his expertise in marketing has helped Aditya to build an effective marketing strategy for Centilytics.

Enhancing Client’s Cloud Experience with Future Proof Solutions

Aditya with Centilytics team is putting extraordinary efforts in the clients’ IT infrastructures, which reduces redundancy wherever possible and increases business efficiency. According to him, the future is to elevate clients’ cloud experience by delivering smart technology on the cloud. Furthermore, Centilytics is rolling out a really strong go-to-market driving value at the heart of the sell. With its dedicated team, the US-based company has put together a dedicated customer adoption team, focused on showcasing value to every individual customer and makes cloud cost-effective, secure, and easy to manage for every client. Having a high-resolution lens that provides a complete and granular visibility into clients’ ever-changing cost and usage of the cloud is the cornerstone of making cost-efficient decisions and, knowing how to control the cloud costs becomes a breeze when the right data comes together in a single dashboard. Centilytics’ cloud management platform helps organizations using public clouds to manage, secure, and optimize their entire cloud system under one roof. It builds a meaningful picture of all clients’ cloud expenses and breaks down the complex cloud billing into actionable insights.

Aditya’s Dynamic Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

While considering the huge landscape of Cloud Computing, Aditya advises young entrepreneurs that they should not be scared by the size of cloud industry. Today, most of the companies are working in Cloud Computing; however, an entrepreneur needs to bring better products to the market. While focusing on the actual idea, he should give equal or more attention to the working team. Entrepreneurship is all about motivation and focus, and having a team that keeps each other motivated, and helps employees stay focused. These are the most important values for an early stage startup.

Future of Cloud Computing from the Perception of Aditya

Explaining about the future of Cloud Computing and stating the importance of customized cloud solutions, the dynamic Founder of Centilytics says, “Cloud Computing and specifically Cloud infrastructure will commoditize in the next decade. Customers will be going multi-cloud and moving workloads seamlessly between the different hyper-scale providers based on need, cost, preference

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