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In 21st century, the modern industry has accelerated the way how business worked and sprinted a few years ago. The evolvement of industry has grown up to become a globalized and digitalized marketplace. With the marketplace getting amassed every single day, the mixture of tools also gets increased every few months. Here, some of the companies get acquired, while others get funded by Venture Capital or they sail alone like the independent players in the industry. One such independent sailor is Adalysis.

Being awarded as the Best Search Technology of the Year, to Best Specialized SEA Tool, Adalysis has been blessed with winning multiple US and European Search Awards. It is an automated recommendation engine that is used to improve user’s Pay-Per-Click accounts like Google AdWords and Bing Ads account.

Adalysis, Founded over Coffee

The award-winning technology that encompasses various areas of paid search management has its own prepossessing story in the making. Interesting as it sounds, Adalysis was co-founded by the two dynamic and fun-loving personalities, Emmanuel Gad and Brad Geddes over a cup of coffee. Emmanuel being the extensive developer approached the erudite Brad Geddes and founded the company. At first, the two examined the tool market and found out about the immense level of opportunity it had in the ad testing arena. Being initially launched as an ad testing speciality tool, with the help of Brad’s knowledge of PPC and Emmanuel’s development experience now has made the company to be one of the best management software tools.

Client Satisfaction

Since managing paid search accounts gets challenging, dominating the time out of 24 hours a day gets difficult. Usually, there is so much to do, but not enough time to get it done. Besides, what makes Adalysis apart from other platform is its facility to use long-term industry knowledge:

  • It provides proactive recommendations to remove the tedious work of analyzing the customers data to help improve PPC accounts.
  • It hosts all the data and scans the entire information so nothing is missed and clients never have to wait to see recommendations

For smaller clients, the recommendation helps the customers focus on what needs to be done. With experienced founders like Emmanuel and Brad, the software uses their help in recommending account changes, who does not have that high level of experience in AdWords.

Due to the customized recommendations that are based on the customers goals or mass changes, the enterprise clients enjoy the scale and flexibility available in Adalysis.

Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions provided by Adalysis

Being the most robust ad testing solution for PPC in the market, Adalysis strives in providing better quality features such as:

Automatic Checks and Alerts:

The custom built algorithms analyses the clients account settings and performance, thereby triggering critical or non-critical alerts, making the client focus on the improvements first. In this category it contains three kinds of Alerts:


  • It monitors the approved and enabled ads. Complies with the new AdWords format, to make sure the client can continually run tests.
  • Checks all the campaigns to let the clients know if they are missing out on any of the ad extension types.
  • Constantly monitors if the ad groups have few or many ads. Also points out the ad groups where test winners are unlikely to be found.


  • Ensures the account is efficient.
  • It makes sure that the negative keywords are at the correct level and format, so that the client does not spend budget on irrelevant searches.
  • Analyses the Search Terms and N-grams, frequency and performance for better account optimization.


  • Searches optimization opportunities for quality score changes and weekly drops.
  • Give alerts to customers in case of broken URLs of ads or pages and provides improvement opportunities.
  • Notifies clients account to continue receiving insights and optimization of the AdWords account.

Automatic Recommendations and Notes:

It helps in making plans and tracking optimization steps. Also adds custom tasks to help in the improvement of the client’s account.

A/B and Pattern Testing Tools:

For larger accounts, Adalysis enables optimizing, and getting insights, about the clients account. The testing tools allow automating the clients testing from entire account to the smallest detail. Even if the client has 100 or 10 million ads in the account, the system identifies ad patterns and lets the user take the advantage of sophisticated ad testing.

The Factors Responsible for Success

Behind every successful company, there lies a certain mantra which the company follows and tends to inculcate in their habitat. In case of Adalysis, the two founders have made it a point to listen to their customers. They launch small enhancements every week depending on what the customers had asked for. Adalysis tend to combine their customers feedback within the development loop in order to give the features that the customers generally need for their accounts.

The Future Challenges

Marketing has become one of the biggest challenges in today’s industry. Without it, companies generally lose their power of being at the top. As a bootstrapped technology, the marketing of Adalysis comes from the profit it makes. Adalysis healthy style of marketing is much smaller than the other VC backed and public companies. In order to combat that, Adalysis have entrenched themselves in the overall marketing community by speaking at conferences, participating in webinars and providing educational content across multiple platforms.

Word of Advice

The two founders, Emmanuel and Brad advice younger generation to inculcate the habit of making customers their first priority. To work on getting the pricing right. In addition, the founder adds, “Be aware of the market conditions right now, project where it’ll be in the future, and don’t overthink ‘the way it’s done.’

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