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ActivTrak: A “Smart-up” Tech Company


One of the best things about technology is – it is driven by innovation. One such company is Birch Grove Software. Their flagship product, ActivTrak, which launched in 2012, has revolutionized internet-tracking software.

ActivTrak is a one-of-a-kind business tool that provides unbiased insights into how companies can increase revenue, save money, work more efficiently, and create a more productive, engaged office environment by measuring and analyzing employees’ productivity and behavior.

ActivTrak: Invisible Tracking Agent With Remote Deployment

This easy-to-install and effortless program records through real-time monitoring how both on-site and off-site workers spend their time on the web and computer applications.

ActivTrak automatically starts collecting data as soon as you have installed the invisible agent on one or more workstations (directly, remotely, or via Active Directory). It has a very simple, intuitive dashboard allowing an authorized person to easily set alarms for user activity notifications and track multiple user sessions in real time from a single screen. The agent quickly collects title bars, URLs, and screenshots and can easily shut down applications or notify flagged usage to users.

One of the most popular features of ActivTrak is the fully customizable Screenshots that captures exactly what users are looking at on their screen. This is a transparent and quick way to analyze your team’s productivity, workplace performance and motivation. Furthermore, this software helps organizations to counter various cyber threats. The ActivTrak Alarms feature can be employed to be used for compliance enforcement, network protection, and insider threat protection.

Pioneers of Birch Grove Software

Birch Grove Software was founded in a living room by two professionals—Herbert Axilrod, who single-handedly developed the first version of ActivTrak, and Anton Seidler. Both very experienced in developing and selling business solutions, they are the driving force behind moving the company forward, building a solid foundation for ActivTrak’s future, and continually innovating their products.

The two believe in an open-door atmosphere at the office and continue their hands-on approach to the company as it experiences phenomenal growth.

Because ActivTrak is about understanding people and helping teams and companies reach their fullest potential, Anton and Herb are fully involved every day at the ActivTrak offices in Dallas, Texas. Their efforts to answer questions, assist customers, find solutions to road blocks and discuss ideas have led to a complete understanding of the internal dynamics of productivity. Applying their combined knowledge and the strengths of the team discovered through the ActivTrak software, Anton and Herb have fostered a thriving and collaborative company culture that generates pride in everyone on the team.

Squad of ActivTrak

Following their leaders, every member of the team takes a user-centric and innovative approach to ActivTrak. Goals are regularly set to improve functionality and add more features. They listen to their clients’ needs and desires and take the issues to their heart. The team then modifies their current feature set, or implements new functionality to make ActivTrak easier to use, and more tailored to their users’ needs.

For instance, some of the recent additions to ActivTrak are a mobile iOS viewer application, an on-premise deployment option, and Data Leak Prevention technology that includes USB detection, file copying, and image redaction for sensitive data captured by screenshots. All these features were requests from the users, and the professional development team at ActivTrak delivered in a sophisticated and swift manner. “If there is something you would like to see us do, just let us know. After all, ActivTrak users are what matters most to us,” is the approach of every member of this people-driven company.

Challenges Related to Growth

ActivTrak is a fast-growing company. Although its pace is fascinating, the team faces challenges regarding streamlining their quickly growing processes. One of their biggest challenges is to continue to grow with same momentum without any degradation in product quality, support, and user experience. The staff is committed to upholding every feature in the program and customer service in this quickly evolving space to a higher standard.

With the expansion of the business, expansion of the team becomes a mandatory requirement. As ActivTrak doesn’t compromise with the quality of their product, they won’t accept any alleviation in their future enlarged team. This, is indeed another challenge the company is about to confront. Nonetheless, ActivTrak’s competition with 54 Fortune 500 companies is attracting highly-qualified professionals, which will certainly help them assemble the perfect team.

Agility over Perfection

Over the years, ActivTrak has released multiple new features, interfaces, programs, and more. Although they haven’t always been perfect, the ability to minimize bugs, resolve issues quickly, and ensure they never happen again have been paramount. “It does not matter how many times you check your code—someone somewhere will break it. You must be trustworthy, professional, reliable, and maintain your expertise always,” say the professionals at ActivTrak.