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Abhishek Kumar

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It was the love of sci-fi magazines and books that led, Abhishek Kumar, Co-founder & CEO of Venture Care to aspire to become a scientist. Soon, with time he realized that he should not only be willing to embrace a profession but also the lifestyle that comes with it. This thought got Abhishek’s mind wandering as he had versatile interests and at that stage, it became very difficult for him to choose a profession which catered to all his different and sometimes conflicting needs. Eventually, Abhishek took up a job in business consultation to fulfill his financial needs and began to see himself grow in it along with being totally satisfied with all aspects related to it. However, yearning to create a path for himself, Abhishek felt that the only way to escape the mundane ways of working under a system was to design a tailor-made system himself. With an inquisitive nature and openness towards every opportunity, the Co-founder and CEO of Venture Care decided to follow his instinct and begin his own venture.

Bridging the Gap in the Existing Business Industry with Venture Care

After a professional experience in teaching and working at a leading M&A Firm in Pune, Maharashtra, Abhishek learnt that in order to start and grow any business, multiple business needs must be addressed which normally requires services and support from multiple professionals and firms. These multiple channels require a lot of coordination and is eventually less efficient in terms of both time and money. The zest to solve this business problem gave birth to Venture Care which is capable of taking complete care of any business, something that is very new in the Indian market today.

‘Comprehending life without struggle is a life without success’, Abhishek too witnessed his first major pitfall when his technical partner decided to quit right before the company was launched. Moreover, it was also important for Abhishek to have the right team as Venture Care deals with every aspect of a client’s business and since the existing team comprises of people from different disciplines, it becomes a challenge to keep them on the same page with proper coordination. Bestowed with a down-to-earth nature, the humble Co-founder agrees that during the initial phase of his entrepreneurial journey, he doubted his ability of becoming a successful businessman. Nonetheless, reflecting upon his inner strength of being good at forming relationships with people and nurturing them towards mutual benefits, Abhishek tackled every challenge that came his way with steely determination and powerful drive for success.

Till today, the seasoned entrepreneur and his team constantly face challenges with their clients as every client belongs to a different industry and has a different business problem. While Venture Care provides solutions to the clients, the skilled team also continues to learn a great deal in the process as well.

Venture Care: Most Reliable One-Stop-Shop For Business Needs

Venture Care is the first company that Abhishek started in 2016 after acquiring a six year old business solution company and took a different approach to provide the solutions required in times of today’s business needs. Venture Care is a single window solution to plan, launch and grow any business. It has four verticals such as digital, legal, finance & strategy and two desks viz startup desk and international business desk. Right from startups, SMEs to corporate, Venture Care has served all kinds of enterprises in the major industries.

Features & Benefits of Venture Care

  • One Stop Shop: Venture-Care provides all the services a business needs from idea to inception to the management, growth and closing.
  • Reliable: Trusted by 100+ ventures, Venture-Care stores all business information and data under lock and key.
  • Friendly: The friendly team behind Venture Care handles every project with precision and complete dedication.
  • Transparent: Venture-Care is upfront with its pricing and demands no hidden fees.
  • 24 × 7 × 365 Assistance: The team is available at the beck and call for its loyal customers for providing assistance and support.

Standing Tall in the Creative World

For any service provider, the most important success factor is the quality of services it offers. Quality comprises a lot of factors like understanding the client requirements, offering value added services, clear communication and transparency to name a few. All these factors help in forging relationships with clients. At Venture Care, Abhishek and his team make constant efforts to imbibe these values in the culture which make them stand apart from its competitors. Illustrating the role as the Co-founder and CEO, Abhishek asserts, “As the CEO, I need to be omnipresent and let my employees grow and learn from their mistakes at the same time. So, I focus more on the bigger picture and the strategies required to meet the organizational goals.”

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Existence of Creativity in Older & Younger Generations

According to the new-age entrepreneur of Venture Care, anything that is new and different is creative. Young generation brings in new ideas so people tend to perceive them as more creative. However, who are old today were once young and they have played their role in the evolution of the society. So, Abhishek feels that one cannot really compare but at the same time, today’s generation is privileged to have access to technology which can take an individual’s creativity to the next level and open a plethora of possibilities for them.

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