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For years, everything in the B2B cybersecurity space was primarily focused on the enterprise. They were the prominent target for cybercriminals as well as cybersecurity companies. However, in recent years, hackers have been increasingly turning their efforts toward small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Even though the enterprise remains a high-value target, they are also much more secure than their SMB counterparts. The SMBs are easier to breach and can be used as a back door to breach more high-value customers.

While the trend of cybercrimes against SMBs continues to rise, they remain largely unprotected and an afterthought for most solution providers. Aiming to change this notion, AaDya Security was established in 2019. The Detroit, Michigan-based cybersecurity company is on a mission to disrupt the cybersecurity industry by building a smart, simple, effective, and affordable all-in-one solution designed specifically for the SMB customer. The company envisions becoming the industry leader in providing advanced cybersecurity solutions that are accessible, engaging, and used by businesses of all sizes to protect their most valuable digital assets.

All-in-one Solution

Most SMB customers today lack the time, money, and staff to implement, manage, and maintain the multiple cloud offerings needed to achieve a strong security posture. AaDya believes that size or budget should not limit the businesses’ ability to combat cyber threats. Thus, it has created an all-in-one, cloud-based platform that is easy to install, easy to manage, and provides 24/7 enterprise-grade protection and support at an affordable price. It can be leveraged to protect any business, in any industry, with 1-2500 employees.

One of the most unique aspects of AaDya’s solution is it is built using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology. The comprehensive solution has all the key elements needed to combat the most common cyber threats including: single sign-on, password management, anti-phishing, and endpoint protection.

The solution is easy to implement and can be managed internally by either a technical or non-technical company champion. Using the interactive dashboard, the champion can easily monitor security behaviors for both the company and individual team members, run reports, access automated threat detection & remediation services, and one-click compliance mapping. This gives them the ability to respond to, and meet the high-security standards SMBs are now being held to by both internal and external stakeholders and customers.

JUDY: A Virtual Cybersecurity Assistant

At the heart of AaDya’s solution is Judy, a virtual cybersecurity assistant which is always working, always learning, and always at your service. She works behind the scenes to keep the client secure, and upfront to answer their questions and perform IT and cybersecurity-related tasks. Judy replaces the need to add an IT or security team member or contractor and—along with AaDya’s powerful business tools—removes the burden from team members, allowing them to access their work safely and efficiently. “Essentially, it’s cybersecurity that doesn’t feel like cybersecurity for a non-technical user, but is just as powerful as what’s being leveraged by the enterprise,” asserts Raffaele Mautone (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AaDya Security).

Leading from the Front

Like most founders, Raffaele manages multiple responsibilities including—fundraising, managing company finances, staffing, and leading the sales team. He has never been afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Under his auspices, AaDya was recognized as one of Powderkeg’s best companies to work for as a top-rated startup.

With the shift to remote work due to the pandemic, Raffaele believes it is more important than ever to stay connected with the team to make sure everyone has what they need to be successful. “Building a culture that empowers my team to be their best for themselves, their teammates, and our customers is of the utmost importance to me,” he adds.

Determination and Perseverance

Launching a new company comes with numerous challenges and launching the company during the pandemic added new challenges for Raffaele and his team. When they transitioned from being in the office to work-from-home, the company was in the middle of raising its second seed round of funding, getting ready to launch the proof of concept, and developing its go-to-market strategy.

While it posed many challenges, our team persevered and met our milestones in a way I could have never imagined, during the circumstances that none of us could have ever predicted,” comments Raffaele.

The shift towards remote work provided AaDya with an opportunity to build its platform during a time when the need for increased security and simple, effective solutions was never greater. The company managed to thrive through that challenge and ultimately create something that could help a segment that was hit hard by the economic effects of the pandemic.

Expanding the Reach

Raffaele believes the changes in the workplace due to the pandemic will last a long time. He adds that teams need to be more vigilant as they shift to working in virtual environments, as it  has opened up new opportunities for cybercrime. AaDya is committed to keeping its SMB customers safe as they navigate the new world of remote work and the ever-evolving threat landscape that comes with it.

The company is excited about its product roadmap which includes enhancements to its existing platform, a mobile app, and a more robust endpoint protection solution that will rival those currently used by the enterprise. AaDya has already begun to expand its reach through its new partner program to more quickly deliver this much-needed solution to SMBs, and has plans to go global, starting with bringing its solution to the Latin American market through new partnerships.

We see the next chapter as an exciting time full of ways to reinvent business and believe it will be a chance for small and midsize businesses of all types to grow and prosper,” adds Raffaele. In the coming years, the company strives to help SMBs navigate this new normal by providing the tools they need to stay one step ahead of threats.

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