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4Tune Engineering: Enabling Risk Management Throughout Life Cycle With iRISK™ Platform

4Tune Engineering

Over the recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has seen changes in terms of business as well as regulatory directions. Therefore, the development of risk management and lifecycle approaches to new and existing products has helped in bringing faster delivery and higher quality of therapeutics to the market. Moreover, they are assisting businesses to take advantages of more flexible regulatory frameworks, improve productivity and achieve overall better quality control.

However, to accomplish these tasks, enterprises (especially large ones with complex supply chains and long development cycles)require advanced collaborative technologies that enable experts to collaborate in risk management using prescribed workflows. This in turn, allows fast and reliable comparison of risks and a continuous flow of risk communication among the relevant stakeholders. To simplify collaboration and complete these tasks seamlessly, 4Tune Engineering (4TE) developed iRISKTM as a Cloud-based platform to bring easy knowledge sharing while maintaining a structured and consistent risk approach across the company.

Improving the Entire Product Life Cycle with Comprehensive IT Solutions

Established in 2004, 4TE develops state-of-the-art IT solutions focusing on operational excellence. It facilitates companies to decisively improve the entire life cycle of their products and processes with intelligent and industry-proven solutions. Moreover, 4TE offers valuable performance improvements to clients over their entire process-product lifecycles, using innovative Manufacturing-Sciences & Technologies (MSAT) services and products. Also, its proprietary platform iRISK—an excellent outcome of its expertise with Quality Risk Management – is the winner of an international award in 2017.

Refining Clients’Risk-based Decisions with the iRISKTM platform

The accomplished risk management solution provider’s primary target are clients from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other manufacturing industries such as fine chemicals and petrochemicals. UsingiRISK, 4TE enables its clients to quickly analyze, visualize, query, and compare risk projects for different products, processes, production sites, etc. Based on such information, iRISK leverages risk management to the point where risk-based decisions can be made in an effective way. Along with these decisions, iRISK guarantees its consistency too through its proprietary Workflow Designer.

A Pacesetter Persona Leading 4Tune Engineering

The Founder and CEO, of 4Tune Engineering, Jose C Menezes, is a seasoned professional with an experience of about 30years in different fields. At 4Tune Engineering, his major role is to strategize innovative offerings that align with the upcoming changes in its clients’ industry.

Likewise, Jose understands and foresees the pressure that markets and regulators would make to the industry’s operational focus on quality, productivity, time-to-market, and continuous improvement.He believes that the industry requires end-to-end strategies for commercial processes and a robust foundation for lifecycle management from early-stage product/process development all the way through manufacturing operations and clinical performance.

Galvanizing the Workforce to Meet Plethora of Needs

Employees are the most important asset of a company; an organization becomes what its parts make it. The team of 4Tune Engineering is composed of a highly qualified, experienced, flexible, and dedicated team. The versatile and capable team of 4TE has already built up a reputation among its multinational clients.

As an innovative market leader, 4TE believes and relies on its team to constantly strive for new ways to solve its clients’ problems. Moreover, to align the company’s mission with team members, 4TE is open to their ideas and empowers them to lead their innovation projects until fruition. Additionally, with more than 10 years developing IT solutions, 4TE prescribes its employees to work in multidisciplinary teams towards well-defined goals under pressure. This leads to meet the desires of its customers who are sizable companies working in one of the most regulated industries in the world.

Conquering the Challenges of Fast-Moving World like a Pro

In the modern business world, technologies have been a major factor for altering the way things happen and transfigured every industry for the better. Having major clients from the pharmaceutical industry, which is not only the most regulated but also a rapidly evolving sector, 4Tune Engineering faces continuous variations in clients’ requirements. It is a fact that making use of traditional tools, such as spreadsheets, to manage risks on a global level is just impossible and companies need solutions coming from a technological platform, aligned with their business process, and complying with the very specific regulatory framework they operate in.

In such a transforming environment, to rise to the occasion, 4Tune Engineering keeps developing its prime solution iRISK with a dedicated focus on the pharmaceutical industry.  In addition, to spread awareness of its market-proven out-of-the-box solution, 4Tune Engineering plans to increase its investment in marketing & communication efforts. Moreover, the company’s growing client portfolio (which includes giant organizations like Merck and Boehringer-Ingelheim) enhances its profile.

The Need for Young Talent for a Newfangled Perspective

Having seen several technological developments throughout his journey, Jose discovers the need for young generation to support the growth of iRISK. As the millennials’ choices of fields have become fancier by time, it is a bit of knotty task to get young developers. “In order to attract them, providing them with a good work environment in a great location is not sufficient, but making them realize the importance of the outcome of the work they will perform is fundamental” says Jose. By connecting their job to the direct result of making better and cheaper lifesaving pharmaceutical products to the population, he believes that he can create a driving force necessary to maintain the growth of his team with the younger demographics.